How Raw Food Can Improve Your Energy Levels – Sadhguru | World Health Day 2019

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When we say health, if someone says you have no ailment, it does not mean you’re healthy.
When you wake up in the morning, are you feeling alive and bouncy or not?
The word health comes from the word whole.
You must have a certain sense of wholeness of body, mind, energy and
the fundamental nature of your existence.
If all these things are in alignment, now when you wake up in the morning,
you feel like you’re just born.
If this happens to you, then that means you’re healthy.
One simple thing all you girls can do is,
bring forty to fifty percent of the food in its raw form.
That is it’s alive, it must be a live cell.
It can be a vegetable, it can be a fruit,
it can be a nut, it can be sprouted gram.
At least forty to fifty percent, the food
that you eat must be alive.
You eat dead food and you want to live – this
is a little difficult thing to do because
you have to raise the dead now.
When you cook the food…
to digest the food – all the ingredients necessary
for digestion are not in the body alone,
the food also brings these enzymes.
When you cook the food, you are largely destroying
these enzymes.
Minus the enzymes when you eat,
now the body has to struggle to reconstruct that part that’s been destroyed,
and then only it can digest.
Normally first one, one and a half hours after
eating, it tends to take the body down.
After that slowly it recovers.
Have you noticed this?
So food is for energy, but we are making the
food in such a way that
it takes away energy in the first one and a half hours,
only after
that, slowly it comes back.
Anyway, however good your digestive process is,
still you can never reconstitute all the enzymes that we have destroyed by cooking.
Only partly we can do that.
If your digestive process is very strong and
you reconstitute about forty to fifty percent of what’s been destroyed.
If it does a little timid kind of digestion,
it’s much less.
So whichever way, if you are eating cooked food,
fifty to sixty percent of the food that you are eating is generally going waste.
But the body has to still process that.
And the amount of energy that it spends and
the amount of trauma that it goes through is very big.
Palm Jaggery
Food means many things to many people but
essentially, for the body, it’s the fuel
If you put the right kind of fuel, this (Referring
to the body) will be on in a certain way.
If you put the wrong kind of fuel, somehow
it will manage.
I’m not telling you, eat this way, eat that way. Just experiment and see, all right?
Just experiment and see
Tonight if you go, instead of eating whatever cooked food, just eat fruits and see
Tomorrow morning, you will not need an alarm bell, you’ll wake up before the alarm bell.
And you will see – all these eyes will not be sticking like this (Gestures), like that (Gestures) –
you wake up, instantly you’re bright and alert.
People do not know what it means to be at
absolute ease within their body.
Ninety-five percent of the people do not know
this, unfortunately,
because you put the wrong kind of fuel.
You can keep this body like breeze.
Simply it goes ahead of you, you don’t have
to drag it wherever you go,
it must float ahead of you.
You can do this, just putting the right kind
of fuel.
World Health Day


  1. Meat is only causing blockades in your body. The toxins get stuck in your body, you can’t process it and your body can only create a sickness to get rid of it..

  2. It really works! I used to sleep 9 hours at night, take naps and feel lazy. Now I see that laziness is the lack of energy. I am sleeping 6 hours a night and no naps or laziness, just energy and joyfulness.

  3. I agree with you without a doubt Sadhguru as I am on fasting during Navratras. During the daytime, I eat only fruits and a glass of Lassi. I can't even imagine myself feeling such rejuvenated in a long time! You are a genius. I could relate myself with the video just because I'm experiencing the same within myself.

  4. Sir Plzzzz make a vedio on-
    Why it is happens when a person died and after few times it came back to the same body?????

  5. You should rest and digest after eating. My animals do the same. Even if you eat raw food, you should just rest after eating.

  6. Haha, you don't need an alarm. That's for sure. If I would eat fruits for dinner, I would wake up at 3 am to poop. Even he said that raw fruit takes 1 to 3 hours to digest. Don't eat fruit in the evening if you don't want to be woken up by the poop monster way before you're rested.

  7. I agree with Sadhguru on this. I have recently tried blending some raw Cruciferous vegetables with leafy greens like Kale or Baby spinach with Kefir milk and some water, so the Kefir milk isn't too thick for my Nutri bullet to mix. But I don't like the taste of it. 🙂

  8. 🍇🍎🍅🥑🍉🥕🍒🌽🍓🥝🍍🌶️🍐

  9. I eat about 60% raw. My body operates better now than when I was a teenager. I’m more flexible, need less sleep, can think more clearly and feel lighter in so many was.

  10. Generally the day when their is a lot of work ,I eat only alive food.
    It doesn't set inertia in my body and keeps me alert.
    😀Thxx Sadhguru

  11. My whole world has changed since I’ve changed my whole diet. I’ve stopped eating meat thank you mystic master.

  12. Sadhguru help!
    Some of them are telling me that pesticides are on the vegetables. At least fruits ok like banana or orange. What yo do please help. Thank you guru ji

  13. Sadhguru is such a blessing for the country.. I don't agree with his views on the courts though.. (about outsourcing the judiciary to groups of untrained citizens.)

  14. Eating 50-60% Raw food is not meant for every (body) constitution. Some bodies need to eat more cooked food to process all the goodies in the food properly. For sure, eat more plant-based food and reduce meat consumption, but don't make it all raw food 🙂

  15. yes! sadaguru ..I will follow your healthy strategies ….thank you a lot sadaguru…a name of peace in this straggling life .

  16. Nothing new!! This has been profeyssed by Ayurveda thousands of years before. Go through vaghbada sookthas. If you want latest , you can go through the books of Swami Shvandanda . Or The lecture series of Swami Nirmalandagiri. And Rajiv Dixit't lectures too.

  17. Sadhguru this diet plan is definitely healthy and I want to follow that but nowadays pesticides used on all the food items leave us helpless.. Things which look healthy are made unhealthy by such way.. 🙏🙏🙏

  18. Raw food is great especially grown without chemical weapons of mass destruction…..
    We as human beings in the evolution derived our needs from plants…….
    Let us live with nature…
    The message ancient sages is very simple….
    Follow nature, live, love and die for nature….
    Please explore your self…

  19. Meat should also be consumed as raw as possible.
    Vitamin B12 is directly linked to mental health. The source of B12 in your diet is probably meat, 90% of it is destroyed if you cook the meat well done.
    You should only drink food, so not drink water. You can drink vegetable juice or dairy. Milk is a living fluid with bacteria, enzymes, proteins, fats, sugars, and other nutrients. All of those beneficial things arent there because they’re destroyed if you drink cooked/pasteurized milk.

  20. he didn't say nothing different from a nutritionist or alimentar pyramid, because you had to eat 5/6 portion of fruits or vegatables in a day, and that's probably like the 40%

  21. This man really seems to care about the world's future, He's not just a businessman like most social influencers. Man is a frugivore.

  22. I’m on week 2 no meat. I’ve completely cut out anything processed. Although today I’m not feeling too well I won’t go back. I definitely feel much better.

  23. I don't think so. I feel much more tired than I was before. How many you agree with me? I've tried with these like almost a year. Hasn't worked out. How many of you agree with me?

  24. If you are vata type. Experiment eating only raw food on yourself for 10 days, you will end up destroying yourself for the whole life, unless you strictly follow routine for months to balance the doshas.
    Experiment this and see. Ayurveda never recommends raw diet to vata Dosha
    He has some great speaking skills which pretend that he also has some knowledge.
    Trantriks have been harming people since ages, no matter what he says he is none other than a tantrik. "BEWARE PLEASE".

  25. I read inner engineering by sadhguru. I ate raw food of about 70% of the total plate. Within a week, my skin became clear. My eyes brightened. I lost about 12 kg in just one month. It was a wonderful experience. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible for me to continue because I was a college student and it took lots of efforts to arrange raw diet. But, trust me guys, it definitely will change your body and mind in a good way. Try it. It's worth it!

  26. My body is producing so much heat i can't bear my own heat. I think it's high time that i should start raw vegan diet.

  27. Good advise 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻

  28. What a sentence eat a dead food n want to food n dead food very well explained guru jee..thanq Soo much 🙏

  29. Ok i am interested in trying but question: vegetables like eggplant broccoli and others that need to be cooked? Potatoes?

  30. I respect him and agree to almost everything he says. I followed this too and today I have chronic Tonsillitis and my doctor says it's due consumption of raw food.

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