How I Make My Favorite Hispanic Recipes

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– Hey, what’s up, I’m Brenda. I’m a Tasty producer and today we’re gonna be making my
favorite Hispanic recipes. (funky upbeat music) Tortilla espanola is a dish
that originates in Spain. They will eat it in gatherings,
mostly during the summer. They can eat it cold and hot. And the reason why I created this, it’s because my dad’s
family have Spain heritage. So realizing that this
is a very popular dish, I wanna explore that
other half of my culture that I haven’t been
really connecting with. So, when I made this,
it’s not only very simple but it’s very delicious even
though a lot of people here were not exposed to it. They’re familiar with this dish but the ingredients are so common that people of all kinds enjoyed it and ask me for the recipe
because that’s how good it was. And I thought well, this
is the perfect excuse to learn something new and to explore. And when I made it, I realized that it has a lot of commonalities with
the South American culture. Not only that but this simple dish has a lot of potential
to connect with people who are not even Latin American because the ingredients are so common. So, really, you have
don’t have to go to Spain to get a little authentic
taste of this culture. You can just grab a
couple of tomatoes, eggs, and then play with this ingredients and you will be eating
authentic Spaniard cuisine. One of my favorite
recipes called aborrajados because it’s Columbian
which is where I’m from. Also because it’s super
easy and delicious. So, this is the first video that I make which is amazing, it’s great. But get this, I’m making
this with Adam Bianchi which you probably know from Worth It. So, there comes a part where
we have to get the aborrajados and break it in half and get
that beautiful cheese pull and this dude looks at me,
the pressure takes over, and there I am breaking that thing as he’s looking at me like you can do it! And it happened. It was incredible. I managed to get a smile out of Bianchi. You know he never smiles while I did and I’m still in the books, on record, as the one and only
person who made him smile. (bell chiming) When we published it, in the comments, a lot of people were starting claiming this recipe as theirs. Meaning, Ecuadorian people were saying that’s actually Ecuadorian,
Peruvians, Puerto Ricans. So, it was really cool to realize okay, this is what I thought
was a Columbian recipe, it’s actually this Latin American recipe that a lot of people are
calling different names and making it in different
ways so it’s ours. It was kind of enlightening to realize that what I thought was ours
is really Latin American. And it’s so easy. Really all you’re doing is
grabbing some sweet plantains, frying it, flattening it, and then you put whatever you want inside. In Columbia, we put a little bit of cheese and sometimes a little bit of guava paste. It’s so amazing to see those
different interpretations of such a delicious, simple dish. And guess what? Not only did we get the cheese pull, it was one of the most successful videos that we had on Bien
Tasty so thank you Adam. Alright, you and I know that bread pudding does not belong to
Columbia or Latin America but it’s a very popular dessert. Because what you’re really
doing is grabbing any extra bread that you have laying around home and adding whatever you want. In this case, I noticed that
there was a little twist. People were adding a little
bit of dulce de leche which is flat caramel. And instead of just sugar and heavy cream, we were adding condensed
milk which has everything. It’s creamy, it has the sugar, it’s milky so you have everything
in this one ingredient. When this was ready to
go out, people tried it. There was this girl at
work, her name is Merrill. She never had it before,
not in this way at least, and she said, can I
just grab a little bit? Can I grab a little bit more? It was so popular and a lot of people were texting me for recipes and begging me to please make it all
over again and so I did. If you wanna please a big
crowd, this is your option. So, green plantain gives
us a couple of things. We char tostones also known as patacones in my country in Columbia. So, tostones is really just green plantain that has been fried
and then it’s flattened and then it’s fried again. So, as I’m going through
Instagram, I realize that there a couple of places in Columbia who are making this plantain cone and it’s super cool because now you have amazing, delicious plantain
with a filling on the go. Inspired by all of this
post and this new trend, I decided to bring it to Tasty. And to my surprise, it
was super successful. A lot of people from different cultures embraced this idea and soon after, articles from around the world started talking about this plantain cone, which again, not my creation but it was trending in my country. And now, the whole
continent knew about it. It was cool to realize that
by publishing this video, I was somehow highlighting
this little dish in a little tiny corner of a country and at the end of the day,
a lot of small business benefited because their
recipe becomes popular and it’s super cool because now you have amazing, delicious plantain
with a filling on the go inspired by all this
post and this new trend. (soft electronic music) Papas rellenas is very popular in places like Peru and Columbia. All it really is is mashed potato which houses whatever you want. It can be beans, ground beef, and that’s really the whole concept. So, I came to the United States
when I was about to turn 15 and one of the things
that I noticed immediately is that although people do
try to bring back the dishes from different countries, there
was something missing here. Now that I’m working at Bien Tasty, I get to share those dishes that I miss so much when I arrived. And I get to share them
with a lot of people in a lot of countries. So, it’s crazy how
things played out for me to be able to still work with my culture as part of my job. That’s insane. Every single dish, it’s an
expression of some kind. Maybe it’s a really fancy chef who wants to show off his
amazing culinary skills or it’s just a grandma in Ecuador who is really eager to
share her longtime tradition of papas rellenas, whatever it is. It’s a message in every dish. At the end of the day, you’re eating a little bit of someone’s story. Maybe it’s just a story of how this dish arrived to existence. Maybe it’s a story of the influence of other cultures to yours. Whatever it is, as a fan of
stories, of storytelling, I try to appreciate as much as I can and a new dish, not just for
its flavors and its looks, but for its origins. And that’s something that
I’m lucky enough to do in every single video
that I’m putting out there for Bien Tasty and I get to do it with a massive audience. Alright, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to explore non-mainstream
Latin American recipes then please, I beg you to try these ones, because they are delicious,
they’re easy to make, they’re affordable, and most importantly, you will be eating authentic,
amazing Latin American dishes. Try them. (upbeat electronic music)

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