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– So, check this out. I’m Trevor James here, today
I’m with a local friend. We actually got a couple
more friends coming soon. We’re at Hooters in Chungju
China on Christmas Day to try some of the Western food. We’re super hungry and
excited to try it out. – Yeah, let’s go. – Okay, let’s check it out. That’s what you come here for, right? Western food. (electronica music) Wow. – What’s happening here? – Look at this, look at this. Wow. Christmas. ♫ He knows if you’ve been bad or good ♫ So be good for goodness sake ♫ Oh, you better watch out. Wow. – Woo! – So, it’s Christmas, and they’re gonna do a Wish You a Merry Christmas song. Check this out, look behind me. ♫ Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle all the way ♫ Oh what fun, it is to ride ♫ On a one-horse open sleigh ♫ I’m here for the beer ♫ And the ball bustin’ band ♫ Gonna get a little
crazy just because I can ♫ You know I’m here for the party ♫ And I ain’t leaving till ♫ And if I gave them half a chance ♫ For some rowdy romance
you know they would ♫ I’ve been waiting all week Thank-you, wow, look at the Ketchup. It’s in a heart shape, the
Ketchup is a heart shape. Wow. Yeah. Like (laughs) yeah. (speaks in foreign
language) wow, thank-you. Awesome, look at that burger. That’s a true burger. So, that’s a huge burger. (speaks in foreign
language) wow, thank-you. Awesome. I’m a little distracted here, okay. Take a look at this, so we’ve
got two beautiful dishes here. This is (speaks in foreign language). Wow. I got a beautiful bacon
shredded burger here. This is a test of Western food in China. It’s just like back home. Crispy bacon, the bun is nice and soft. The meat tastes really
just juicy and satisfying. Wow. That brings me right
back home on Christmas. Which is exactly what I wanted. Now, we’ve got the (speaks
in foreign language), right? So, this is hot and numbing,
Sichuan style chicken wings. Shredded. Let’s try a bite. It’s spicy. Wow.
– Wow. – It’s really spicy. – Oh my god, my face is burning. – Yeah, but it’s good, thank-you. But it’s good, right? – Can I drink that? – Yeah, you can drink it, here you go. – I’m glad they chose this. – What a decision to
come here on Christmas. I’m just really happy to
be here on Christmas day. Tasting Western food in
China, what an environment. Just for the food, that’s
the only reason we came. (mumbles), do you want to do the Macarena? – Okay.
– Okay. – So, we’re gonna do the Macarena. I forgot how to do it. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. Macarena. ♫ Hey, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena ♫ Hey, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena ♫ Hey, Macarena! ♫ Hey, Macarena, Macarena, Macarena I can’t do the Macarena. (“Macarena”) ♫ Hey, Macarena! (“Macarena”) ♫ Hey, Macarena, aye! ♫ Macarena, Macarena, Macarena ♫ Macarena, Macarena, Macarena ♫ Macarena, Macarena, Macarena ♫ Hey, Macarena! (“Tik Tok”) (“Mickey”) – Woo! ♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♫ And a Happy New Year ♫ Good tidings we bring
to you and your kin ♫ Good tidings for Christmas
and a Happy New Year ♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♫ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♫ We wish you a Merry
Christmas and a Happy New Year ♫ And a Happy, and a
Happy, and a Happy New Year – Woo! Happy New Year!
– Merry Christmas! – Thank-you very much. Thank-you so much for watching
these food and chow videos. We just gotta say Merry
Christmas here from Hooters. Merry Christmas! Bye-bye. – Bye, bye
– Woo! – Thank-you. Thank-you so much for watching
these food and chow videos. This was a once in a lifetime thing. I’d never thought I’d come
into Hooters for Christmas but hey, it’s Christmas in China and we wanted Western food, and we got it. This was a really fun experience. I recommend it. Leave me a comment down below. Come on, leave me a comment now. I love hearing from you,
subscribe if you haven’t already because I love having new subscribers from all over the world, okay? Thanks, guys!


  1. Trevor Dude! You are GETTING DOWN with all this! Nice video as it is a change from all your others. Keep having fun and practice your dancing!

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  3. 1. Trevor with Chu Chu 2. Trevor with Ting Ting 3… with Bing Bing 4…. with Bling Bling 5…. with Cling Cling 6….. Etc etc etc . Finally Trevor Got BOOM BOOM ….😀

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