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top five superfoods for winter with a
little planning it is possible to eat
healthy to provide your body with plenty
of nutrients and your palate with plenty
of flavor all winter long also eating
healthy can protect your skin despite
dropping temperatures there are certain
superfoods that you must surely include
in your winter diet here are the top 5
superfoods for winter number one orange
oranges are one of winter’s best citrus
fruits they contain high levels of
vitamin C an antioxidant that several
cells of the immune system required to
perform their tasks especially
phagocytes and t-cells eating an orange
daily will reduce the risk of vitamin C
deficiency which may result in a reduced
resistance against certain pathogens the
potassium in them helps protect your
skin against harmful ultraviolet sunrays
the amino acids in them also benefit
your skin this juicy fruit is also very
low in calories enjoy fresh orange daily
you can also throw orange slices into a
savory salad number two carrots while
sitting under a blanket munching on a
sweet carrot or sipping hot carrot soup
is something that many like to do in
fact carrots are one of the must-haves
superfoods in the winter season you can
use carrots in salads and soups as well
as eat them as a standalone vegetable
for snacks and side dishes number three
beet roots bright red beet roots and
their green leaves not only add color to
your winter salad or soup dish but also
help you remain healthy beet roots are
packed with beneficial phytochemicals
and antioxidants that protect the immune
system by fighting off free radicals
that harm healthy cells and their DNA
you can eat this bright sweet root
vegetable baked steamed or pickled
beetroot salad and soup are also popular
number four eggs eating whole eggs
during the winter months is vital the
yolk contains over 90% of an eggs
calcium and iron and the white contains
almost half the eggs protein in fact
eggs contain proper proportions of all
nine essential amino acids required by
the body the body uses protein as fuel
to make antibodies that attack foreign
invaders and prevent infections whether
boiled poached scrambled or in an omelet
eggs are a great way to start your
winter mornings just make sure you do
not eat raw or semi cooked egg as it may
contain bacteria that harm your health
number five ginger when it comes to warm
beverages during the winter season
you simply cannot ignore soothing ginger
tea the antioxidant rich ginger is a
great way to give your immune system a
boost by reducing free radicals in the
body ginger also increases blood
circulation in the body that is vital
for optimum health
at the onset of a cold or the flu ginger
works as an effective antibiotic it is
also effective in reducing inflammation
and arthritis symptoms that get worse
during the winter months ginger also
helps improve digestion and supports
smooth and flawless skin
in addition ginger helps normalize sugar
levels which otherwise can affect your
ability to lose weight or eat healthy
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