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so to start off our waffles I’m using
some egg whites and egg whites are great
because they help to build muscle
they’re loaded with b2 and it with
riboflavin and the key is you want to
whip them until you get soft peaks this
is the secret to making really good
waffles you want to make sure that you
use a blender or like one of these like
hand mixers and you whip them until you
get like soft peaks so this is what soft
peaks look like in case you haven’t seen
before they get thick and fluffy like
this then we’re gonna be adding in some
coconut flour you guys know I love a
coconut flour it’s high in protein high
in fiber if you want to use a different
flour you can use one cup of another
flour so it’s a 1/4 cup – 1 cup ratio
then I’m adding in 2 whole eggs here
great amino acids and those some almond
milk and almond milk is gonna help
because it’s dairy free it’s just gonna
bind everything together and well
basically it’s almond milk you can use
nut milk whatever kind of cashew milk
hemp milk that you like whisk that all
together and then I’m going to be adding
in a little bit of vanilla just for a
little bit of a flavor and you want to
make sure you get a good quality vanilla
extract and the miss optional but I love
adding in some collagen peptides
collagen is great for your gut for your
hair for your skin for your nails and I
love this because it doesn’t taste like
anything but you can literally put it in
everything coffee soup bakers and it
kind of just dissolves but it adds and
you know assets of protein I’m gonna put
the egg whites into our batter and then
you’re gonna fold it in until everything
is nice and combined and as you can see
the dough is not the dough the batter is
pretty thick because of the coconut
flour but don’t worry
it’s both supposed to be like so just
fold in those egg whites and then you’re
gonna be putting that into your waffle
maker and I highly recommend getting one
or putting one on your like Christmas
list or something like that you can get
them for like under $30 on Amazon so I
will link one down below that I use
while that’s cooking I’m gonna cut up
some strawberries of strawberries have
great antioxidants for you they help
lower your blood pressure and then I’m
gonna be adding in some banana as well
just because I feel like bananas go on
waffles and pancakes like I just they’re
my favorite fruit to put like
on top so I’m gonna put them on top of
that and I also melted it down some
almond butter and almond butter is great
because it’s full of vitamin E and it’s
lower on the glycemic index than peanut
butter and a lot of you guys ask what
that means and what that means is that
it’s not gonna spike your blood sugar
and spiking your blood Sugar’s bad
because it leads to like you get highs
and lows and when you get highs and lows
that’s when like your body stores fat
that make sense so you put the fruit on
top and those are your waffles super
easy and you can even make them in
advance and then freeze them and then
what I like to do is I just pop them in
the toaster the morning of super simple
super easy to make don’t forget to
subscribe and I’ll see you next time

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