Healthy Recipes: Quick & Easy Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

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Hi I’m Jamie Eason
and I’m in
kitchen today
to show you how I make my
Turkey Meatloaf Muffins.
You’re gonna need
a large bowl for this,
because we’ve got
a lot to mix up, okay,
but the nice thing is is just
one big bowl for everything.
The first ingredient we’re gonna
need is a cup of
quick-cooking oats.
So we’re
gonna dump those in.
Then you’ve got all these
ingredients that we’re gonna
mix in with it.
We’ve got
2 tablespoons of garlic.
Now, you can either use
the powdered version,
or you can use
the minced version.
I’ll show you what–I’ve
got it over here.
Here’s the minced garlic.
Now, this one seems to be okay.
If you read the ingredients,
it says, “Garlic, water.”
It says, “Phosphoric acid,”
and no preservatives.
So this one’s okay.
You could probably use this as
an option, but some of them,
be really careful.
Read the label.
They actually have oil in them.
It won’t be real prominent.
It won’t say it on the top.
So you’ve gotta really
check out those ingredients.
This one’s actually rare
to be just in water.
So that’s an option, too, but
we’re gonna use the powder
’cause it’s just
as good that way.
Okay, then we’ve got
1 teaspoon of salt.
We’ve got 2 teaspoons
of pepper, black pepper.
We’ve also got 2 teaspoons
of a dry mustard…
just dry, yellow mustard.
And sometimes if you’re
looking for dry yellow mustard,
some people will not be able to
find it in your standard jar,
kind of like this one…
You’ll have to find it
in sort of a box.
It looks a little bit
more like the pepper,
but it’s in a darker box.
So I’ve noticed it’s hard to
find sometimes, and that’s why.
And then we’ve got
a half teaspoon of cumin.
Cumin is a really smoky spice.
It’s really good for you.
A lot of these spices are
antioxidants so they’re
really good for you.
If you’re not using a lot
of spices in your food,
you should start doing so.
And then we also have
a half teaspoon of thyme.
Thyme is used a lot
in poultry dishes,
whether you’re making chicken,
turkey, or anything.
And then our last ingredient
is the one that makes
the whole dish, so this is not
the easiest to find,
so this might take
you a little while,
but it’s very well worth it.
It is 2 teaspoons of
a chipotle pepper seasoning.
Here’s–let’s see
if I can find it.
Here’s what it looks like…
so hopefully you’ll be able to find that.
It does add some
heat, so be careful.
If you’re not big on hot things,
then maybe only add
a teaspoon and a half or
something like that.
But I really think without it,
they’re a little more bland,
so you definitely want
the heat in there.
So that’s it.
So I’m just gonna use my
fingers and kind of get it all
incorporated and mixed up…
This whole recipe
is pretty much about
using your hands,
so all right.
That looks pretty good.
Oh, and before I
really get messy,
I’m gonna take this off…
So put that to the side.
All right.
The next thing we’re gonna need
is going to be chopped onions
and chopped celery.
Now, this is pretty convenient
’cause it just comes
in the package
in your produce section.
I’m all about quick and easy,
and this is what I’m gonna do.
I hate chopping onions,
so we’ll open that up…
and if you were to chop it,
you’re gonna want
to do a cup of everything,
so quite a bit.
You know, you really can’t
overdo the vegetables,
and if you’re not a fan of
celery, you can use red peppers,
green peppers,
anything you want.
But celery and onion seem to
work really well for this.
But the more veggies you add,
the more moisture there’s gonna
be in your dish, so overdo
the veggies instead of under.
Put that to the side.
All right.
The next thing we’re
gonna need is meat.
Grab these over here.
For this recipe, you can either
use extra-lean ground turkey,
or you can use extra-lean
ground chicken breast.
Either one will work
really well, and actually,
even beef will work,
too, so get that open…
Dump it in.
And I’m using probably–I would
say this is about probably about
2 pounds of meat.
So dump that in, and it
doesn’t have to be exact.
That’s the great thing about
this recipe is you kind of do it
all to taste.
You just dump it all in
and see what you get.
Then the next thing we’re gonna
need to add some moisture is
gonna be 3 egg whites.
If you’re not concerned
about adding any added fat,
you can actually do a whole egg
in there, but for this purpose,
we’re just gonna
use the egg whites.
There’s one…
Egg number two…
and egg number three.
Now, before I really get
my hands in there and get dirty,
I’m gonna make sure first that
I have my muffin pan prepped,
and I’ve already set
the oven to 375 degrees,
so make sure you preheat it and
that it’s ready to go before you
put them in.
Rinse my hands off.
All right, so we’re
gonna prep this,
because I don’t want to have to
stop it the middle with goopy
fingers and do it.
So I’m gonna use my canola
oil or olive oil spray,
and that is 12 muffin tins.
It should make about 12.
Sometimes it goes a little over.
It just depends on how big or
small you make them.
You want to spray ’em pretty
good just to make sure they
don’t stick.
And to save my pan, ’cause
I hate when they get gross,
I always, always, always
wipe the excess off the top,
’cause they will get pretty
grodey if you start making these
a lot, which is what I do,
because I always have these on
hand and in my refrigerator,
just ready to go.
You can actually keep this
recipe completely frozen in your
freezer and just take them out
one at a time and microwave them
if you want.
All right.
So that’s ready to go.
I’m gonna set that to the side.
Bring this back and get busy.
So take any jewelry off.
This is pretty
cold…So all right.
Starting to look pretty grodey,
which is exactly what we want.
You don’t want to over-mix
meat too, too much.
You do want to make sure you get
all the spices incorporated and
lift it up and get all
that stuff out of there.
If you over-mix meat, though,
it tends to get a little more
tough, so don’t go crazy.
Just get it all in there.
Now, the nice thing
about this dish, too,
is that the muffin tins are what
keep it in its serving size.
So it’s all nice and
portable that way,
and it’s got your carb and
your protein all mixed in one.
Now, it is a low
amount of carbs,
so you could still
eat them in a pita.
You could add a few rice
cakes or something to them.
Every time I flip it,
I’m still seeing spices,
so I’m making sure.
All right.
Don’t want to over-mix,
so I’ll stop there.
All right.
Now we’re gonna put
them in our muffin tin,
and I’d say do about
a racquetball size.
Let’s see.
That might be a little larger
than a racquetball size,
but not too bad.
We’ll see how that looks.
Sometimes you’ll get all the
way through and have to steal
a little from the other one
to kind of make ’em even out.
There we go.
You don’t have to be perfect, but…
Another thing is
that the fact
that they’re
in a muffin tin,
this is essentially
just a meatloaf.
The difference is most
meatloafs have, like,
a ketchup base kind of in them,
whether it’s ketchup
or tomato sauce or something
inside of ’em.
We’ve kind of left that
out and just put the eggs
and a lot of veggies in there,
so they’re not quite as moist.
You can, if you want to, you
can actually do what I call
a thumbprint.
Push it down in the middle and
put like a ketchup or a barbecue
sauce or something in
them if you want to.
They get a little slimy and a
little bit messy to take with
you, so only do that when
you plan to eat ’em at home,
I think.
Okay, we’re doing good.
Not looking like I’m
overdoing it yet.
Oh, the beauty of having
them in a muffin tin,
not only is that it’s
the right portion,
but the moisture from
the veggies stays confined in
the little tins,
so it tends to keep the
meat from getting overly dry.
Because, you know, extra-lean
ground turkey has no fat really,
so really kind of just gets
overcooked pretty easily.
There we go.
Exciting stuff
watching me do this, I’m sure.
Okay, it looks like I actually
maybe have–I can make them
a little bit bigger, so make the
last one and then we’ll add
a little bit to a few of ’em.
Now, if you were to cook
these and measure them out,
they would usually be about
2 and a half ounces each,
so that will come to, you know,
a pretty good serving size.
Like, a male might eat maybe
three or four of these,
where a female would only eat
two would be your serving.
And each one of these, depending
on how large you make it,
is gonna be like about 78
to 80 calories, or you know,
maybe a little more if
you do too large of ones.
These might be more like 80,
’cause I’m making ’em
pretty big.
I think those packages, I didn’t
check the exact weight of them.
May have been a little bit more
than 2 pounds, but that’s good.
I’d rather have more than less,
and these are really lean,
so they’ll be good for us.
So that looks pretty good.
Rinse it off.
And so to continue with
the macros, about 80 calories.
Maybe like 2 grams of fat.
You’re looking at 4 carbs
and about 11 grams of protein,
and that’s for one muffin.
So you can get 22 grams
of protein for 2 muffins.
All right.
These are ready to go,
looking pretty good.
Stick them in the middle rack,
and we want to cook
these for quite a while.
You never want uncooked turkey,
and so depending on how hot
your oven gets, I’m gonna
put mine at about 40.
But you might have
to play with that.
Go a little over,
go a little under,
and just check
them as you go.
All right.
So we’ve got 40 minutes to
wait, so go watch a sitcom
or something and we’ll
come back and check ’em.
All right.
I think these are about
done, so check ’em out.
They’re looking good.
Let’s pull ’em out.
They smell good.
I’ll put down my potholder so
that I don’t burn the counter.
So they look pretty good.
All right.
Now we just need to
give ’em time to cool.
I suggest that you take them
out a little bit before they’re
completely cool and put
’em on a paper towel.
I just fold it up on the counter
and I put ’em on there and allow
the juices that have kind of
accumulated in the bottom to get
a little bit dry, so that I
can put ’em in a Ziploc baggie,
keep ’em in the fridge for any
time that I just need to grab
something to go, or just looking
for something good to eat.
So hopefully you like the
Turkey Meatloaf Muffin,
and hopefully you’ll come back
and check out more recipes
with me.


  1. Have never even tried this before let alone make it. Might have to try making it, looks like a great protein packed meal.

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