Healthy Or Not: 5 Surprising Health Foods You Shouldn’t Eat!

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  1. It's too bad that someone as intelligent as Marie Forleo has somebody as stupid as the Food Babe on her show. People, the most dangerous chemical you can take is drinking the Kool Aid from these people.

  2. You know food babe air is also a chemical so is water my kids tried the new Kraft Mac and cheese and hated it! Thanks food babe

  3. omfg. They have no clue what a health food is. Why are you naming fructose you dumb bitches. Health foods are almonds bananas tomatos salad that is a health food don't say that what you named are health foods do your reasearch. You just want views that is all.

  4. Awesome! Love this. Would have been more great if we could see the products on the table (so we can see what the packaging looks like)

  5. She has no idea what she's talking about. The FDA makes sure our food is safe. Instead of fear mongering about random ingredients, why doesn't she focus on something that actually matters?

  6. I hope you're aware that she's a puppet, paid by these very corporations as a PR move for better press on their companies.

  7. Um…The bread that she showed, she said doesn't contain flour, its just whole grains. Yet the definition of flour is; a powder obtained by grinding up grains, and used to make products such as bread.
    Am I missing something here? (o__O)?

  8. i hope she eats her back pepper as whole buds. we would't want to "destroy" that beautiful plant by grinding it to bits by processing it!

  9. Thank you for this great video! I'm definitely going to avoid this foods and check out food babe's website.

  10. Please everyone! I love that this video is created and you are great at hosting Marie. Keep it up! But you MUST MUST MUST please MUST check your BLOOD TYPE. Not all of us can eat the same diet or drink the same things. I CANNOT CANNOT do lemon water especially if it's meant to cleanse— too acidic for my body. People with certain blood types cannot eat just a plant-based diet or you will get sick! You really need to figure it out yourself. Now, yes, ORGANIC is great but not everything that says ORGANIC is organic. Educate yourselves on colors of labels. This foodie girl gave good info but missed out some things that we really need to know. I hope she is adding what I said in her blogs to people. The fallacy is that people are telling other people, VEGAN is the way to go but trust me it's not for everyone. Vegetarianism is not for everyone. Read up about Flexitarianism. I see people like doctors also interview this foodie girl but really I hope these interviews add real medical aspects to her findings.

  11. Regardless of what you may think about the interviewee's criticsm of these foods she had discussed, the info is legit (do your own research to find out if you don't believe me or her.) The info presented here has been simplified and shortened because, obviously, due to time limitation for the interview. Another thing I thumb-up for is the alternatives that are recommended here … now these are truly the real gold! 🙂

  12. Oh dear, as much as I love love love Marie TV, I felt that the guest in this episode is nothing more than a health guru wannabe.. First, appendicitis is a bit of a paradox really and even at present the causes of it are unknown. I'm from Europe and appendicitis is not a rare thing in children, who are perfectly healthy and eat a balanced diets. When she said "avocado has protein added to it" I stopped watching the video. 🙂 Sorry, I am a nutritionist and when people say nonsense like this while positioning themselves as very knowledgeable my ears bleed. :))) Avocado is great, but with 4g protein per 100g product it's not worth being mentioned as a source of protein and as this may confuse people. It's an excellent source of fat (approx. 77g per 100g), also has some carbs to be more detailed. Final comment: lemon juice even mixed with water taken on an empty stomach is so not for everyone and should not be spread out as a universal health advice on how to stay healthy. I won't dwell into technicalities, so in short people who have sensitive stomach lining (who may not even have any symptoms or concerns at the time) can develop very unpleasant stomach problems. Overall, I don't think healthy eating advices should be given by a person who doesn't know nutrition.

  13. Subway stopped using that dough conditioner. She is more or less correct about Agave syrup. But the fructose content of corn syrup can vary depending on the formulation. Regardless it's good to avoid due to its high fructose content. In my morning coffee I use sucrose; plain old granulated white sugar. I am not sure coconut sugar has any real advantage over regular sucrose.

    I don't know much about carrageenan; so I can't comment. Frozen yogurt should be avoided due to the dairy content. Dairy contains Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1); which is a risk factor for cancer.

  14. I love the idea of people taking sovereignity over their food from the big companies BUT, I can't help but cringe everytime I hear a new health guru speak so losely about nutrition (I particularly gasped in horror after hearing how this lovely lady talked about fructose!) I know biologists who would love to give advice to people on tv, but unfortunately they're too busy doing the actual studies :/ sad how nutrition now revolves around losing weight and not gaining health.

  15. Just a few things on this video. It's old, but might as well:
    1.) The pronunciation was mentioned of a particular ingredient that Subway no longer uses in its breads. However, what does the pronunciation of an ingredient have to do with its effects?

    2.) People seem to think that natural is automatically healthy and that artificial is automatically bad for you. Really, natural just means it occurred in nature and artificial just means we created it. What does that tell you about the ingredient? Nothing at all. Everything can be deadly in a high enough dose. Ever hear of overhydration? It's drinking too much water – it screws with the electrolytes in the brain, and can kill you.

    3.)Vani mentioned Gatorade being full of salt, sugar, and chemicals. Considering the purpose of the drink, it makes sense that it would have a lot of sugar and salt in it. It's designed for people who exercise intensely, such as football players or just athletes. When people sweat, a lot of things are lost, including salts and sugars. I take issue with the use of "chemicals" here. Chemicals seem to be that buzz word that people use – "oh don't drink that. It's full of chemicals." Well, yes it's full of chemicals because everything is made of chemicals. Your body is full of chemicals. Water is a chemical. Everything is a chemical. Stop equating chemical with "bad for you."

  16. For just telling 5 food you took 25 mins?! Opened the video and closed to right away and searched for another!
    Dear plz save time 🙂

  17. Thank you for being brave and in this, cause,,,we need so much person like VANI, ….in almost every field to improve as real human beings and stopping being robotic consumers and or doers of things that are not good for ourselves

  18. Best nutrition info… Eat CARDBOARD! that's Super low carb & doesn't spike insulin. LOLSeriously, you can't eat anything if you live like this. one word for Ya MODERATION!!

  19. I think this is the first marie forleo video that I actually didn't finish. Eat a salad instead of the bread? genius.

  20. Here's 2 people who has 0 scientific nor nutritional background saying 'ewww, that's disgusting', 'I can't even pronounce it, why am i eating it' and other things 10 yr-olds would say. Yet over 200, 000 views, are the general population really that gullible?

  21. I really want to eat healthy not just for loosing weight but to be healthy. I have 3 kids and a budget. My question is are they any way that we can eat healthy on a budget? I've tried and it's hard! I want to buy veggies and fruit but sometimes we have to just buy can goods cause we just don't have the money. I think it's so unfair that healthy foods are so expensive, specially when we are trying to eat better. Money shouldn't be an obstacle.

  22. seriously? this woman works FOR these big corps, she gets paid to spin news to make the public believe that these compose re making positive change. she's doing a great job pulling the wool over peoples eyes.

  23. I just heard that Subway has changed their bread, and have no doubt it was thanks to Vani… and Marie! So awesome, keep up the great work!

  24. I love it when you say "the money will follow". I am so so soooo scared of not making and it is awful. So easy to realize that the job will always be there, but so hard for me to actually realize all i need to do to "change the world" through my passion… I could seriously sit here and watch every single episode at once!

  25. Hi Food babe…You mention about electrolyte, sea salt+baking soda to made body less acidic. But according to Dr. Berg (search youtube) we should made our body acidic not alkaline. Which part of body you mention here?

  26. I think by watching this my IQ just dropped!
    PS what's with the fake southern accent thing Marie does? Is she trying to be cool or funny or is that just an american plastic woman thing?

  27. Did she really say palm sugar is dried sap off the tree? So much confidence without doing the proper research.

  28. hi marie, I am in a long term relatiionship and I always speak about breakup though I do not want to!, whenever i get a problem. i don't know the reason for that and I wanted to qiet saying it and certain harmful words

  29. Holy fuck these people are stupid. Whole grains are one of the healthiest sources of nutrition your body can absorb. For them to say that whole wheat bread is unhealthy is just fucking absurd.

    How can anyone be so uninformed as this??

  30. This video was AMazing ! I definitely realized how blind I am to believing ads! I need to be more investigative about my food.

  31. I like this. (And what I noticed is that you are both here doing your good thing, not perfect; but even with naysayers, you are making a positive difference & inspiring as best you know how.. and helping bring out the good in others & the world, and connecting us.. Thank you!)

  32. loved the discussion. the one thing i will always do now is check the ingredients on the packaged foods i buy! and make sure they are good for me and dont have harmful substances or chemicals in them.

  33. My biggest insight is how bullshit this all is; people don't need to change their diet, they need to heal their wounds…

  34. I eat organic food for more than 7 years now…
    vegetarian for 2 years now…I do not drink milk for 6 years but I still eat some cheese and only in a summer time I have an ice cream once a week…
    I do not use agave sirup but I did not know that is so bad for your health…

  35. I interviewed Dr. Thoma Freeman, he just turned 100, and has the Freeman College named after him at Texas Southern University, where he has been for over 70 years. He is the person who trained Denzel Washington for the movie "The Great Debaters"..after we wrapped up the interview and some convo I asked did he think he could outdebate me…. And he said I doubt it…

  36. You know there is a mountain in the Himalayas called Machapuchare.. And the Tibetans say that the most generic term for a Tibetan is Indian… Isn't that interesting that it's so similar to machu piccu

  37. 2012 was really about 2 things… One positive and one negative… Humans level of awareness is raised because of our procession into the galactic photon belt… Photo means light.. So thermal bodies or bodies in fire get a boost to thier luminosity ..the ability to gather and process more information …. And 2nd aspect is the Mayan jaguar priests insidious "nightscriprt"…which is designed to dumb humans down analytically… So we become more intelligent but less deductive….. We become more like enhanced intelligent predators… And that's where we are at

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