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Hello everyone!
I am very excited for today’s video because
besides being a very requested subject I have
partnered with Sadia over at Pickuplimes to
deliver you two videos that will help you
get healthy and eat well during your years
in school and university.
In this video I will be talking about general
tips on how to manage your time in order to
shop for groceries, meal prep, pack your lunch
and overall making healthy eating a priority
and Sadia will present you with some recipes
for study snacks and general healthy ingredients
that you should incorporate into your life.
I will link her video down below, so you can
get started with your healthy eating habits.
For me, good time management is crucial to
get to eat healthy every day if you are not
living with anyone else and have to take care
of your own meals.
Every friday, I do some brainstorming for
recipes for the next week.
I try to mix things up and create a routine
where some of my meals can be completely cooked
during my meal prep and others are cooked
on the spot.
This allows me the freedom to be able to cook
during the week, which is something that I
really enjoy, but also still be able to eat
something healthy on those lazy days.
By establishing all of the recipes, including
breakfast and snacks, that I want to be cooking
next week, I am able to create a thorough
list of ingredients.
I have a very strict grocery shopping schedule
– I order most of my groceries online and
all of my food for the entire week arrives
at my doorstep every Sunday night.
Shopping for groceries online also allowed
me for something else: I stopped buying things
because of my cravings since when shopping
online I search for the things I need, and
I am not driven for the packaging and the
things I see in the shopping aisle.
That allows for a quick shopping trip and
also allows me to narrow down the scope of
things I need and am actually going to consume.
On the other hand, I end up saving a lot of
If I have a very specific budget for groceries
to respect each week, shopping online makes
it way easier to respect it, as I am constantly
seeing the total amount of money I am going
to pay for the items I’ve added to my shopping
cart and won’t end up surprised during checkout.
If I pass the limit I set out to myself I
can always go back and remove things from
the cart and even search for cheaper alternatives
just by filtering the results and ordering
items by price.
Overall, I recommend everyone to get into
online grocery shopping if you lack the time
and have the service available.
In case you can’t compromise to that system,
try to schedule a very strict
After I know when my groceries will be delivered
I schedule a block of time in my calendar
each week to do some meal prepping and this
usually happens either Sunday night or Monday
For meal prepping, I usually do a batch of
guacamole, baked sweet potatoes, tomato sauce
and some chili or curry every week.
Those are staples that are almost consistently
on my fridge and then I mix things up and
do some occasional cooking.
You have a lot of freedom with salads and
rice bowls, for instance, where you can combine
tons of different ingredients and leftovers
from your fridge.
I usually make sure that I have a couple of
staple ingredients to prep my salads each
week, like fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes
and parlsey and then I build up from there
according to what I have around in my fridge.
Although I am lucky enough to be able to lunch
at home during most days of the week, I sometimes
have the need to quickly grab something to
eat in my lunchbreak between classes.
In those days I either pick something up from
my meal prepping and pack it in airtight containers
or cook two portions of dinner the night before
and pack one of those portions to take with
me to university the day after.
Sometimes I also create my own salad or rice
bowls with some leftovers.
I have created a companion blog post that
you can check out with more details on this
I will link the types of container I’m using,
how I pack for lunch, a few more details on
meal prepping and grocery shopping an so on.
You can find all of that down below as well
as a link to Sadia’s video.
I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video and
I will see you next week.


  1. I have smacked a like on this video without even watching it because you are so awesome…😃😃😃

  2. Omg such a brilliant video! I’m no longer a student but these tips all still apply. Planning your meals in a Friday is such a good idea 🙌

    Thanks for making this 💓💓💓

  3. Those vegan buffalo cauliflower wraps on Pinterest looked amazing! My favourite place to go for recipe inspo! Thanks for sharing your tips, Mariana 😀

  4. Great video! I'm so happy that you made it with Sadia, that way I've found someone portuguese!

    By the way: Já subscrevi 😉

  5. Mariana, conheço o sotaque Brasileiro de longe, Haha.. Onde você mora e por que só faz vídeos em inglês?! Também sou estudante de Direito, gosto muito do seu canal e adoro suas dicas de estudo❤️
    Just in case I'm wrong, wich I highly doubt, are you Brazilian? If not, what country are you from?

  6. I'm subscribed to both your channel and Pick Up Limes and when you posted videos on the same topic I though the world went crazy! Now I see it's a collaboration 🙂 It is as cool as when Sadya collaborated with Jenny Mustard, or when Jenny Mustard made a collab video with Cheap Lazy Vegan.

  7. Hi Mariana. Watching this video after Sadia's. Great idea with using pinterest to plan for meals. I have also tried online shopping for groceries and it does help not to get distracted from sticking to a grocery list. However i also try to reduce plastic and packaging and i have noticed that online shopping always left me with loads of plastic bags, more than I needed. Also I noticed that when i selected something that was lower price for an item, if the item is out of stock at a grocery store they usually replace it with a higher priced one. I stopped online grocery shopping because of all that. I just force myself to stick to my list at the grocery store and carry reusable cotton bags with me for produce.

  8. I followed the link to your page provided by Sadia and I'm so glad that I did! I have subscribed and look forward to watching more of your videos.

  9. I literally found Pick Up Limes yesterday, and today it collaborates with my favourite studychannel

  10. Great video as usual Mariana! Excellent idea to collaborate with Sadia, you both create high quality content 👍

  11. You both are literally my favarorite youtubers of all time!! I am so happy you did this video!! Thanks from Argentina

  12. Hi Mariana, just discovered your channel through Sadia's and I'm very happy to realize you're Portuguese! So Am I 🙂 All the best for your channel! Parabéns pelos conteúdos que apresentas no teu canal. Vou subscrever!

  13. Very good tips but isn't ordering stuff online all the time bad for the environment because of the extra wrapping in plastic and the gas emissions of the delivery man? I prefer shopping by walking to the store with my own bag made of fabric >:)

  14. Wonderful online video! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to detect this amazing contents. We make Travel & Food videos as well, across the world, and so we are habitually hoping to find inspirations and so concepts. Thank You.

  15. Don't close food container unit the food is completely cooled otherwise it could be a good culture for some bacteria !

  16. I am subscriber of both Marina and Sadia before their collab and when Sadia posted Marina posted a hour ago but didn't understand that it was a collaboration.
    I am a jock!!!

  17. Vim aqui ter através da Pick up limes e ao ver este vídeo percebi que és portuguesa. Muito bem! Óptimas ideias.

  18. I follow both you and Sadia so I was pleasantly surprised to see this collaboration! Great and informative video as always. ❤️

  19. Thank you for the super helpful video and blog post Mariana!

    It may not really be related to this video, but can you please make a video on how you plan and use the 'time blocking' method?

  20. Great video with wonderful tips 🙂 that pasta dish looks wonderful. Did you get the recipe of the sauce on Pinterest?

  21. Parabéns pelo canal! Incrível como o mundo é pequeno e cheguei ao canal de uma portuguesa através do Pick up Limes que já sigo há algum tempo:) A Sadia é fantástica e já fiz algumas das suas receitas. Como também uso o meu bullet journal para me organizar, sinto que me identifiquei com alguns dos teus vídeos que vou continuar a seguir* Mais uma vez, parabéns 🙂

  22. I'm new to this channel but very familiar with Sadia's and I love it, so watching this collab was like AAAAHH! OMG LOOK! 😃 hahahha so cool! Greetings from the Dominican Republic 🌴 love the content of both of your channels

  23. Oi, Mariana! Adorei o vídeo!
    Uma coisa que me atrapalha na ideia de comprar online é o uso desnecessário de saco plástico, sabe me dizer alguma alternativa ou serviço em Portugal que evite isso?

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