Healthy Food Swaps Your Kids Will Love!

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– Cooking for kids can be tough, cooking healthy dishes that
kids actually want to eat can seem nearly impossible. Here to share a few
favorites from her new book 100 Days of Real Food, fast and fabulous, please welcome Mom, blogger and New york times bestselling author, Lisa Leake to the stage! – Thank you. – [Travis] Welcome. – Thank you for having me. – Well, so tell us about the book. – Well so the book, I wrote
it really for busy families who want to cut out processed foods, they want to feel better
about what they’re feeding their children, but they don’t feel
like they have the time, so I developed the quickest
and easiest real food recipes that still taste really good to make it possible for them. – And the key there is, as we always say, healthy food can taste good. – Absolutely. – You brought some dishes
with secret ingredients – [Lisa] Yes. – [Travis] Starting with – [Lisa] Pancakes. – [Travis] Pancakes. Okay. Am I allowed to give it a whirl? – Yeah, you want to do
that before you see the secret ingredient? Go right ahead. Do you like it? – Who doesn’t like pancakes? – I know, it’s hard to
go wrong with pancakes. – Who doesn’t like pancakes. (applause) – So the secret ingredients
are oats and applesauce. So these are applesauce oatmeal pancakes. And if you combine the oats
with the whole wheat flour they’re 100 percent whole grain. And the sweetness from
the applesauce makes it so you don’t have to add any refined sugar and they’re so good. – And what a great thing to
send the kids off to school with – Yes. – Because it’s going to
give them sustained energy throughout the morning. – Yes. And you know sometimes
I even pack breakfast for lunch to literally send
my kids off to school with. So these freeze beautifully. You can double the recipe
while you’re making it and then I cut it into little
strips in their lunchbox and put a little yogurt for
dipping sauce and they love it. – Speaking of strips, these are, are these nuggets? – [Lisa] Nuggets. These are nuggets. See what you think. Ready for the secret ingredient? Oh good, good. This one is a little more of a surprise. Cauliflower. So basically it’s whole
wheat bread crumbs, and Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper and then you just put them
in the oven and I think this is a great way to give
kids a good first impression of a new food. I don’t think it’s good to
hide from them what it is Let them know even when
they’re done eating that they were eating
cauliflower so they know it’s not so scary and
maybe next time they’ll have it roasted or in pasta and they’ll have a good first impression.


  1. that looked good I'll definitely try it…but are the pancakes made with canned Apple sauce… ….if yes what about the other stuff that's in it??????

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