Healthy Food Financing in Austin

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It’s pretty alarming that one in four of
my neighbors doesn’t know where their
next healthy meal is coming from and a
lot of that is because they don’t live
anywhere near a grocery store.
They are buidling all of these buildings, all these new homes. We need a full service grocery
store down here.
I got two cans of spam, make sure we got enough, a can of mixed vegetables, a bag of rice
and a loaf of bread. And what was that, four or five items? Oh, and a bottle of soda and it
came out to close to $22, so you know
that’s kind of expensive for meal for a
family of four five. And they can’t do
that everyday. I doubt it’ll be very
little leftovers, you know for the next
day, for family of four or five. So it’s important for
those people to have affordable access
to food. We talk about childhood obesity and
this is what we’re talking about parents
don’t have access to healthy food for
their children. Thus, they’re having to
feed them canned goods like what I
picked up today you know this is full of
sodium but it’s better than not having anything at all.
In communities where we
see limited access to healthy foods we
also see struggles with diet-related
chronic diseases
we’re talking about high blood pressure,
obesity, heart disease and stroke in
addition we see unemployment which means
that even if someone has access to a food
store they don’t have economic access to
the healthiest of choices.
Healthy food is fundamental for my community
I’m Barbara Scott I’m the President of
the Colony Park Neighborhood Association
and I live in a food desert. The nearest
store to me is two-and-a-half, three
miles away and thank goodness I have a
car, because otherwise how would I get there?
Everyone should have access to healthy
foods. We should have access to fruits and vegetables,
the proper grains, we need a store that
will address each ethnic group that we
have in that in the community, not just
one ethnic group. And we also need a
larger store that will come in and not
take advantage of the people have
already been taken advantage of.
Healthy food financing and a healthy cornerstore initiative can really change our city and the way we eat.
Not only will we see improved health, but
just imagine if there was a grocery
store behind me just how many jobs that
would bring to this neighborhood.
Plus neighbors wouldn’t have to wonder how
they’re going to get to the store that
day because it would be just steps from
their home, which also equates to
physical exercise. Increasing access to
healthy food can revitalize a
neighborhood in so many ways.

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