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So here we are in Panasonic’s Healthy Food Experience area. Not only are we showing off fantastic new products, we’re allowing customers to enjoy the end result as well. So I’m here right now with a brand new bread maker. And this bread maker can not only make breads, it will allow you to make jam, comport, cake, and now with the brand new rustic dough recipe, you’ll be able to make all your favorite dough. So, let’s go to the customers and get their reaction. Who would like some bread? Sir? -Thank you. More than welcome. Would you like some bread, sir? -Thank you. -Anyone else like some lovely fresh bread? There we go, guys. And as you can see, here at the booth today everyone’s enjoying their fantastic fresh bread. So here we are looking at Panasonic’s brand new slow juicer, the MJL500. This is a compact machine, so it’s ideal not to take up very much of your workspace. And also because rather than actually being a spinning blade, it’s actually a screwing mechanism, so it will be able to extract more juice and also keep all the vitamins and minerals inside. Now the screwing mechanism has actually been made out of metal as well to make it durable and long-lasting. And in the same respect, we have the blade systems. And the blades have actually been engineered in the same way as a Japanese samurai sword, making them very sharp, long-lasting and durable. But it’s not just about making fantastic juice recipes. We’re also going to supply you with this accessory, allowing you to do frozen recipes as well. Such as smoothies, sorbets, and other fancy fantastic recipes as well. So you can see, being a screw juicer, it’s actually ultra quiet, ultra compact. The pulp that comes out will be exceedingly dry because it’s extracted all the juice. And you’ll be able to use the pulp on your jam recipes and your baking as well. But let’s get the customers’ reaction on how they’re finding the juice. Well, the other brand new product being showing here at the show is the new CS894 Combination Oven with turbo steam. The steam element is now allowing you to steam vegetables, meat, fish, and other dishes as well for the most healthy recipes possible. And here on the stand we’re actually providing customers with a taste of the experience from our brand new machine. Of course, we can actually combine the steam element with our combination oven, microwave, and grill technology as well. And of course with the auto-sensor built inside it’s going to make cooking very easy and enjoyable. So we’re just getting the end result out. Let’s take a close look. And as you can see beautiful, crisp, healthy vegetables came directly from the turbo steam device. And what we’re going to do now is we’re going pass out to the customers and get some reactions. One of the other fantastic products being shown on the Experience stand is the fantastic new multi-cooker. This is going to allow you to bake, cook, fry, steam, and stew all in one fantastic device. The lovely thing is you’ll be able to do your prep work, throw your ingredients in, and the clever temperature control will do the work for you. And having up to a 24-hour timer on the device means you’ll be able to tell it when you’re getting home and your dinner will be ready and waiting for you. And then you’ll be able to utilize the steam element to clean the machine back. And then you’ll be able to put all your ingredients in, set the timer, ready for your breakfast in the morning. And here on the stand we’ve actually been cooking ratatouille. And the great thing is with the ratatouille and the slow pre-heat element, you’re not going to lose any of the goodness and nutrients from your tomatoes. Let’s go see what the customers think.

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