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Going to make yogurt sauce to eat with the salad!
I saw that yogurt is used in a lot of low calorie meals! So I decided to use some!
Chop the onions first
Add Greek yogurt, plain yogurt and homemade yogurt
then add sweet ingredients like honey or maple syrup depending on your taste
and some lemon juice! Then mix all together!
You can add some salt but I decided not to
Decorate it with some basil and you’re finished!
I’m going to use oatmeal for the chicken tenders
Cook it in the oven at 180C for 15min to add extra crispiness
Add any herbs or spices of your taste on to a flat plate
I put a lot of pepper and Cayenne pepper to add some spiciness!
added some cumin because it goes well with the scent of smoked chicken breasts
some basil too!
add the cooked oatmeal from before
and mix gently with your hands!
I’m using smoked chicken breasts for diet meals lol

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