Healthy Egg Muffins For Those Busy Mornings. Make-Ahead Breakfast Recipe!

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– Hi, this is Renee
Selzer and welcome back
to our whole series about how
to get kids to eat healthier.
In today’s episode we’re
going to cover egg muffins.
These are super easy,
you can make them ahead
of time and freeze them,
or you can just make them
and then eat them on-the-go.
Because we’ve all got to go drop kids off
at daycare, or events, or school
and it’s just really tough
to always have to make their
breakfast in the morning.
So this is super nutritious,
great way to get kids started,
and be sure to check our our video
about a healthy breakfast
to get your kids going
and ready for school and
concentration and all that stuff.
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So I want to go ahead and
introduce Maria Rivera.
She is a chef and friend.
She’s a personal chef in Orlando,
so we’re super luck to have her,
and she’s gonna walk
us through the recipe.
– Perfect.
I love these because I
hate when I have to get up
in the morning and run somewhere
and then have nothing to eat.
So these I can make at
the beginning of the week,
I can just grab one on my way out, or two,
and then I have food ready to go,
fuel that’s actually something
that I’m not gonna crash in five minutes.
They’re also great because
they’re really customizable.
So if you have one kid
who doesn’t like peppers,
and you have another kid
who doesn’t like mushrooms,
you can make two different ones.
And it’s perfectly fine,
make them all ahead of time,
label them, and you’re good to go.
– Oh, I love that.
And you know, some days
you’re just in the mood
for mushrooms, some days you’re not.
– Right, exactly.
– Alright, well let’s get started,
and I’m excited to try
these when it’s all done.
– Great.
(cheerful music)
Okay, so we’re going to
crack some eggs here.
I always crack my eggs on a flat surface.
I think it makes less, you
get fewer shards of egg shell.
You don’t have to worry so much
about dust getting in there.
So we’re just gonna crack, we’re doing
eight eggs for 12 muffin cups.
We’re gonna put a whole
bunch of add-ins in there,
so we don’t need to worry about the egg
coming all the way up to the top.
Although if you wanted to
just make these primarily egg,
you probably wanna do
one egg per muffin cup.
And we’re just going
to lightly whisk these,
I’m just breaking up those egg yolks.
They don’t have to be perfect,
you can still have some
of the whites showing.
(cheerful music)
I’m gonna use a ladle, and
I’m going to fill these first.
(cheerful music)
Okay, so we’ve got our
muffins ready to build.
So the great thing about this
is we don’t have to
make them all the same.
So we can use, this is some ham.
We’re gonna put a few
pieces of ham in here.
This one.
We won’t put ham in these three over here.
And we’ll just do veggies,
so we can do some mushrooms.
We can do some tomato.
So I’m gonna add a little bit
of salt and pepper to all of these.
Because again,
if you don’t put salt
and pepper in your food,
it doesn’t taste like anything.
And these are going to
go in the oven at 350
for 10 to 15 minutes until they
start getting kind of puffy
and they’re all the
way done in the middle.
And then you can pop them out
of here once they’re cool,
and you can either eat
them right at that time.
Or you can put them in the refrigerator
and have them for meals all week.
These are great for if you want
to put them in an English
muffin or tortilla,
or you can just eat them just like this.
I’m going to just plate them,
you can see how easily with
this silicon baking sheet,
they just pop right out.
There we go.
– So I’m so excited to try these,
and I can’t wait to start making
them regularly every week.
This is gonna save us so much time
as we’re always in a big
hurry in the morning.
So, yay!
– Me too.
– Alright, just gonna grab and go,
just like I would in the morning.
– A little warm still.
– Nice and hot.
These are amazing, you have
to have your child try them.
The recipe is gonna be in the description
in the video below,
Maria’s info is also going
to be in the description.
Make sure you leave your comments,
subscribe, find us on Facebook,
and YouTube, and Instagram
and really we’re everywhere.
We’re so excited to keep
bringing you these videos,
and enjoy and can’t wait to hear about it.
Alright, bye everybody.
– Bye.

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