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We believe that Cheese is very healthy.
But store bought cheese is processed cheese.
And like any other processed food,
it has chemicals and preservatives.
So come, let’s make a ‘Healthy Cheese Spread’
without any preservatives and chemicals.
For the cheese, we need just one ingredient
and that is Cashew nuts.
I have soaked these cashew nuts overnight
and now let’s grind them.
I have used cashew nut pieces.
We have to grind them anyway so
big cashews aren’t required.
These are comparatively cheaper.
Add some water to it.
Now, we are at the most difficult part of
this recipe, which is to turn this knob.
Our cashew nut paste is ready.
Transfer it to a glass jar.
Make sure you don’t add more than
2-3 tbsp of water, otherwise it will be watery.
Now, don’t close the jar tightly,
just let the lid cover it.
And keep it aside and allow it to ferment.
If the temperature is high it will take 8 hours
or in cold temperature it takes 12 hours.
So ferment this as per your weather.
I have already kept fermented cashew ready.
To this, we’ll add 1 tsp salt.
And mix it well.
Our cheese is ready.
But, I’m making another variation for you
and that is ‘Herb Cheese”.
For herb cheese, we have
our fermented cheese.
To that, we’ll add some garlic.
A good amount of black pepper.
And mixed Italian herbs.
This has red chilly flakes, oregano,
thyme, basil.
Mix all this well.
Our herb cheese is ready.
Both our types of cheese spread are ready.
You can use these as dips, or in sandwiches
or just spread it on bread.
It can also be used in baked dishes.
If you need more motivation, flip the box
of cheese at home and read it’s ingredients.
After that, decide which cheese
you’d like to eat.


  1. Mam but exact same cheese jo rennet ke through Banta hai wo kaise Bana sakte hain…I mean this version looks really healthy but ye as a spread use ho Sakta hai…but agar Hume grated cheese use karna ho to kya kare?

  2. OK so although I had no idea what she said I was able to follow her base looking at what she was doing. Vegan cheese spread looks awesome

  3. I like it tq for sharing the recipe it was unique and can u let me shelf life, I feel it's a sauce not cheese spread but the healthier one😃

  4. wow….thanku so much mam for sharing this cheese spread …,adding herbs is the best part of this video☺☺☺god bless uh

  5. it is really very nice and without preservatives but does it taste same as bazar vala cheese spread ? I will definitely make this spread thanks for sharing

  6. Dairy breaks me out so bad. I avoid it as much as possible. So I made this cheese with sunflower seeds, added some nutritional yeast and red chilli flakes. It's crazy how much it tasted like normal cheese. Thankyou for sharing😍 Waiting for healthy version of Gajar Halwa and Bread ✨

  7. Mam, Super..Thank you so much…Iam going to try this.As we are in Germany and now it’s winter so Mam could you please tell me approximate temperature for warm and cold? Mam then could you please also tell the procedure how to make the cheese as solid slices?

  8. Hi guys! Those of you who do not understand Hindi, we have added English subtitles for your convenience. You can turn them on by clicking on the Subtitles/Closed Captions button in the bottom right of the video player. 🙂

  9. Ma’am kaju ka paste aapne banaya usko 8 hr fermented hone ke baad salt add kiya phir isko aap cheese spread kaise kehsakte ho ??cheese toh aapne milaya nahi ??
    Banai kaju ki chatni ☑️ aur keh raheho ke cheese spread

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