Healthier school food

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It’s really important that we ensure
that school meals have got the highest
nutritional value for young people
within Scotland but we need to make sure
we’re keeping pace with developments
and I’m consulting on some changes
suggested by a technical working group
that have looked very closely at what we
need to do to school meals to improve
their effectiveness for young people.
The consultation proposes reducing the
amount to sugar that’s involved in
school meals within Scottish
schools, it also argues for an extension
to the availability of fruit and
vegetables as part of the meals that are
available and also the the structuring
of a correct balance between red and
processed meats and other foods as part
of a balanced diet. Now what we’ve got to
do is make sure we consult widely and
engage widely with a range of different
stakeholders to make sure that these
messages can be taken forward.

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