Greek Breakfast in Santorini, Greece

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all right good morning for that Trini I
would say we’re up bright and early but
we’re not it’s like 9:00 in the morning
yeah this is actually one of the latest
days we’ve broken up since we’ve had
some real answers but today is not not
one of them but today we’re gonna take
you guys out for a typical Greek
breakfast yep this was actually kind of
hard to find but we finally tracked down
a restaurant that had great breakfast on
the menu yep
so yeah we’re gonna go pick up your dad
pumpy okay oh please awake this time
then we’ll waddle off to the restaurant
together let’s do it
there’s home for the week and pump he’s
ditching his glasses he’s like I don’t
want to wear those you can’t wear the
glasses on camera no no yeah Beckett oh
there you go
there he comes here he comes he’s all
printing quality shower
hopefully hungry oh yeah yeah oh yeah
but a coffee this morning so I’m all
ready for that traditional Greek
breakfast accent let’s do this do that
all right so we are starting breakfasts
on my dad and I both ordered the exact
same thing we are getting the Greek
breakfast and so far a few items have
we both have orange juice as you can see
over here we’ve got a bread basket to
share which looks awesome
we’ve got cake that we haven’t tried yet
and of course we have coffee double
Greek double Greek coffee and while you
while he was making it he asked how much
sugar you want and you asked for medium
unit so perfect oh that’s really good is
it has ever tasted anything like that
before yeah I think it’s super cool how
they bring the coffee in this little
oh yeah reminds me of Turkish coffee and
boggy and coffee so you still have the
coffee grounds right at the bottom so
you’re not to support the whole thing
into the copy have to leave a little bit
yeah so a good start to the breakfast
you want to try the cake for us you can
just you can even just pick it up if you
want I’ll just I’ll just use my fork
here okay gentlemen gentlemen just take
a little piece sure look like it’s got a
little like chocolate rim and whoo
almonds do good all right time to try
that orange juice I see I believe it’s
freshly squeezed it sure looks like it
smells like real oranges it realizes
that’s a good sign is it good is it it
is really good I mean
how many times you’ve had other orange
juices yeah nothing like freshly
squeezed I know I’m getting hungry over
here into you I think the hard part is
coming just sitting here quietly hey I
haven’t even eat I got the the Greek
yogurt with walnuts and honey then we’ve
been having this as a dessert in a lot
of restaurants here in Santorini and
Athens – it’s a really popular dessert
and it’s also what I’ve been eating at
home for breakfast we bought some of the
Greek yogurt
yeah I’ve been adding Greek yogurt is so
cheap to buy in the grocery store guys
is a great budget travel tip if you’re
here in its roll so it’s really Greek
it’s sour and creamy and thick how’s
that it’s perfect is it perfect it’s a
perfect combination because of yards a
little bit sour
yeah onion have the sweet honey drizzled
all over really nice nutty flavor to get
a chance to try that on this trip the
Greek yogurt with honey oh I’ve had
Greek yogurt every breakfast with my
cereal yeah he moved buying his
groceries and we’ve had it with FIGS
with figs and honey as well yeah that’s
right you can get creative with the
toppings but the most typical is
definitely walnuts with honey without a
doubt so good so good so good and for my
drink I got some mountain team yep not
entirely sure what that means mountain
mountain seed from which mountains we’ll
never know what’s the highest point in
the British Isles yeah fill us in if you
know that I is there
it’s good to thank you complain just not
Greek oh great no and I also didn’t
order every Greek separate either I’ve
got a cappuccino pepper oh you know I
will try that now
breakfast it’s here this that stopped us
at that before I even try that I’m gonna
try my cappuccino ok just probably any
cold even a little bit of caffeine
little boost oh that’s good it has a
really nice and I had probably had my
worst cappuccino ever yesterday at this
hole-in-the-wall in the old port Liz
every instant yeah there’s a really bad
at this every instant coffee for my
cappuccino so it’s nice to have a real
one it was outside the natural
definition of cappuccino yeah I’d say it
wasn’t even close it wasn’t even close
okay and so what I’m having for as part
of my Greek breakfast as well as salt
also my dad has a system to passata
so you can see it has feta cheese in
here it has tomato and of course it has
egg so it looks that looks wonderful and
I think there’s been some cracked pepper
bramble eggs but like oh my gosh I like
that’s like next-level scrambled eggs
I’m wishing I’d gone for something
savory – that’s so good the credit the
feta just gives it like that extra
saltiness and the richness of having the
the cheesy feta in there and then to
have the egg and the juiciness of the
tomato kind of complements that that
saltiness it gives it a little bit of
sweetness and juiciness I find that
delicious has also come with a nice
little side salad too and the only thing
enough for me to try now mrs. Brattle
maybe lower if it be sir I forgot like
here’s an old bread look at me look at
all the options I have there’s different
jams different marmalades there’s honey
just butter so I’m not gonna take all
the time to spread it I’m just gonna try
the bread just bread bread bread for
all its Rafi sometimes right
super-crunchy definitely homemade really
the quality presence so far this
practice has been outstanding
it’s so nice to try I’ve never tried
this this just this before so this is
completely new to me what’s amazing I’m
thinking just kind of great great start
your breakfast and no no we’re just
gonna put a big dent in it all right
Audrey you’re gonna try this is your
first time I got a little bit of the
eggs from a salmon George yeah looks so
we’re at the sharing is carrying stage
pusher arm we split it all up
we gave if we give dad some Greek yogurt
do as well that’s just wonderful I think
that’s my favorite thing on the table
right now
yeah the tomatoes and the feta mix
together kind of reminds me buddy
a little bit – yeah like it’s somewhere
between shack sugar and scrambled eggs
yes and an omelet yeah exactly it’s just
like a combination of those yeah so what
do you really think of breakfast so far
dead enjoying it it’s amazing amazing
isn’t it I love the diversity of it yeah
I love the diversity of it man and it
just comes back first yeah
have you tried the Greek yogurt yet
mm-hmm I have one more I love what I
love all the ingredients honey
Greek yogurt so good tasty the way hey
well first I’ve got to mention that
we’re all really full that was a very
big breakfast
and we were all just like discussing
amongst ourselves that was the best
breakfast that we had on this entire
Europe trip we’ve kind of generally been
eating at home usually that was to go
over to have a really gourmet breakfast
like this like to have all those
different items like yogurt the thread a
dish all the nice coffees and drinks
it’s just outstanding
absolutely outstanding the other thing
that we really like too is a setting
here there’s a nice garden setting and
then there’s another section where
there’s an open terrace which is where
we work and then you can also go inside
there’s also an option to dine indoors
as well and in terms of the price point
that came to 33 euros for the three of
us so it wasn’t like a super cheap
breakfast but you know we are on we are
on Santorini so prices are a little
higher in terms of the quality of the
food everything was outstanding and if
you’re if you’re visiting here
especially if you’re staying in here and
you’re looking for a place to have a
really nice breakfast or brunch highly
recommend coming here it was just
outstanding so we will see you guys in
the next food video Tata for now and
there were two things I forgot to
mention about this place that that
you’ve pointed out yes off camera the
freshly squeezed orange juice was
outstanding yeah and the soft jazz music
in the background it was like it just
makes you sing I know cheering you
almost makes you want to leave you
almost want to sleep after that so
anyways this is in a really mellow mood
for the whole day exactly way to start
today so this is the final
tah-tah-tah-tah guys

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