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Hey there Munchies!
Welcome if you’re new, I’m Alyssia.
Today I’ve got some simple and tasty recipes
to share with you:
homemade GRANOLAS.
Whether granola is a part of your healthy
or you just love having a crunchy snack around,
these healthy granola recipes are so tasty
and SO easy to make.
I’ve got 3 different granola recipes for
different tastes and lifestyles—
a traditional sweet granola, a savory granola,
and even a low carb granola!
First I’m sharing a traditional homemade
where you’re in control of that added sugar.
I combine rolled oats, pecans, almonds, pumpkin
seeds, sunflower seeds,
golden raisins, cranberries, maple syrup or
honey, coconut oil, vanilla extract,
cinnamon and a pinch of salt.
Mix it up,
and then transfer to a pan lined with parchment.
Bake in the oven.
You can stir it halfway through,
but if you like larger pieces in your granola,
just let it be.
Allow to cool completely before breaking it
up and enjoying!
I love serving this one with yogurt that’s
slightly sweetened with maple syrup
and cinnamon!
It’s also great as a snack as is.
If you want more info on this cool storing
hack with the mason jar and applesauce container,
check out my crazy yogurts episode!
I’ll link it below.
This granola is crunchy, sweet and so satisfying
as a breakfast or snack!
This is just one of the healthy breakfast
recipes in my new Vegetarian Meal Prep eBook,
which is full of meal-preppable recipes for
lunch, dinner, and snacks, too!
For all of these recipes, you can really use
any nuts and seeds you prefer.
They all have different health benefits AND
will keep your granola interesting!
So feel free to get creative and switch up
the ingredients in your own homemade granola.
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Next up I’ve got a SAVORY granola—and
it’s oil free!
I whisk together yellow mustard, apple cider
vinegar, tahini, maple syrup,
sriracha, garlic powder, onion powder, fresh
thyme, dried oregano,
cinnamon and salt and pep.
Then I add in the dry ingredients—oats,
cooked quinoa, chopped almonds,
chopped cashews, sesame seeds and pumpkin
Toss to coat,
and transfer to a pan lined with parchment.
Bake in the oven, and I do recommend stirring
this one to keep it from burning.
Again, cool completely before breaking it
This one is great as a snack, but it’s also
fun to make a savory parfait with Greek yogurt!
You can’t beat salty-sweet snacks!
Can I get a thumbs up?
The last one I’ve got for you is actually
a LOW carb granola, which is pretty cool!
If you’re curious about how a low carb lifestyle
I do have a Keto 101 video that breaks down
the basics of low carb and ketogenic diets.
I mix together walnuts, pecans, macadamia
nuts, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds,
sunflower seeds, coconut shreds, ground flax,
unsweetened cranberries,
erythritol or sweetener of choice, fiber syrup—
which is optional but I like it for caramelization—
coconut oil, cinnamon and salt.
Transfer to a pan lined with parchment and
Break it up once it’s cooled and enjoy!
SO delicious! If you’re on a low carb lifestyle
and missing cereal,
breaking this granola up and enjoying with
some almond milk could do the trick!
This recipe is from my new Low Carb Meal Prep
where you can find 35 meal-preppable recipes that
are ALL low carb!
You can find both my Low Carb and Vegetarian
Meal Prep Recipe eBooks
at, and you can save
10% on ANY eBook or package of your choice
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I hope you enjoyed these homemade granola
What ingredients would you use to make your
dream granola?
How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions?
Leave a comment below and let me know!
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Enjoy the weekend!
If you try one of these granola recipes,
post it on social and tag me!
I will see you here on Monday, and remember,
it’s all a matter of Mind Over Munch.


  1. Alyssia….LOL. I read Garlic 3 ways and I was like heck ya that Alyssia is soooo creative. Then I see the GRANOLA…(sorta) and grab my glasses . Ahhhhhh granola still super yummy. Lmao. Happy Friday Eve…lol. Have a great weekend. I think I better make an eye appointment sooner than later. 👏😸

  2. I love your vids!!! And oh my god!! I didnt know that granola was so easy!!

    I'm a huge granola fan and I love to eat it as cereal!! Or with fresh fruit

  3. Great video once again, Alyssia! I've never ever tried granola, so I'm definitely giving this a try, 2018 will be all about exploring new tasty and healthy foods :)Also, I just checked the channel and I can't believe we're already at over 600.000 subscribers!? The munchie family has grown so much, I remember back when you had like 300.000! You guys deserve millions, thank you so much for the inspiration and fitness motivation. I wish you even more success with Eat The Pizza Show in 2018.

  4. Hi Alyssia, I love your Video recipes but could you possibly make a video on how to make healthy meals for 1.
    I love healthy recipes but my husband does not and its hard to make meal prep or just a dinner just for one person. It would be great to see a video with tips or how to…thanks

  5. Somehow you always come out with videos about things I'm thinking about! I was just sitting here eating my granola thinking to myself, man, I wish this wasn't sweet. And BAM! ✅ Savory granola to the rescue! Can't wait to try it 😊

  6. Ooo I want to make the low carb granola! Quick question: is the ground flax used as a binder (like a flax egg)? I don’t have any ground flax seed, but I have everything else 😋

  7. I am making the low carb version now… looks amazing. How much coconut oil? I didn’t see the quantity in the recipe.

    Thanks for all that you do. Your recipes and videos ROCK….

  8. Hi, I ordered the Meal Prep Recipes – Low Carb Edition – do you mail out the book or am i suppose to look up somehow LOL

  9. Hey Alyssia- great granola recipes, which I’m keen on trying out soon.
    Regarding storage for these granolas- can they be kept in the fridge or at room temp in air right containers? And would last approx how many days?


  10. I'm currently doing 30 days vegan, and the granola recipe I've been using for a year isn't vegan (uses butter and honey) so I'm so happy about this!

  11. I'd add some Lily's (no sugar added, Stevia sweetened) chocolate chips to that low carb granola. Or any of them, really. Yum! 🙂

  12. Yuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!!!!! I love granola and its so good on oatmeal, and I'm so happy your uploading more often, anyways have an amazing day and weekend

  13. Do you habe nutritional values posted anywhere(low carb one)? thats helpful for those of us following strict calorie or carb count diets. thanks

  14. Love the low carb granola…what would the macros be? I didn't think you could have dried fruit,I'm still figuring keto out that's why I'm asking,…

  15. I am not a huge granola fan. I especially don't like dried fruit of any kind (raisins, "craisins", etc.) – it's a texture thing, I guess. That savory granola, though; THAT caught my attention. Glad I watched through the first recipe to see the second. In fact, I may try the traditional recipe and just skip the dried fruit!

  16. Great vid! Dream granola has to have almonds,, coconut, sesame seeds, a little salt and a little sweet from maple. My New Year's resolutions have been a lot easier since I have been doing a lot of cooking and freezing of healthy breakfast muffins. Low sugar, whole foods, some low carb, all higher protein.

  17. I’m loving your low carb recipes! I’m 9 months pregnant and have gestational diabetes, so your recipes have been a life saver! Can’t wait to try this granola!

  18. I didn't even have resolutions at the beginning of the year. They popped up in my head a few days afterwards, but now, I've been waking up half an hour early and stretching in preparation for my first year of dance for a week straight. I plan to keep going with it, too! I'm 13 and love your channel, Alyssia! You're so original and have such cool recipes!😍❤

  19. I love granola, but almost all store bought stuff is made with wheat, and I'm allergic to it. I've tried making granola before, but this seems easier. I'll have to try again.

  20. I love the variety! But I have a couple of questions: How long can these be stored for and what is the best way to store them? How can you know if it has gone bad? I'd like to make up a big batch but I don't want to make too much and have it go to waste…

  21. I love these but I don’t like any fake sugars or Stevie’s etc so sometimes I find it hard to find low carb recipes that don’t include some other sugar substitutes

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  23. I would really like to hear your opinion/experience with fibre syrup! I only just recently discovered it from your videos, and upon further research I was amazed I haven't heard more about it before? It seems pretty dang great- low calorie, sugar free, natural, vegan, no weird chemical aftertaste, works just like sugar/syrup, contains a lot of fibre, etc. the list of benefits could go on! But I'm just confused as to why it isn't more popular then? It seems like a really amazing sugar substitute (especially if it doesn't have the weird stevia aftertaste) so why isn't it used *everywhere*? It doesn't seem that awfully expensive either :/ I have no experience with it whatsoever so I would love if you could share your thoughts about it. Pros/cons?

  24. Do you have a suggestion for a tahini replacement? I'd normally use peanut butter but I feel like that wouldn't taste good with mustard and sriracha 🙂

  25. Highfalutin low carb did a test on how different sweeteners affected his blood sugar. The fiber syrup shot it way up. It may not affect everyone that way but it’s worth looking into if you’re doing keto.

  26. Aslyssia can you do a video on spices and herbs we should have buy and where you get them from?
    Im starting out & im overwhelmed what i should buy thanks

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