Ginseng Chicken Soup (Samgyetang:삼계탕)

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(upbeat music)
– Hello, everybody!
Today we are going to make samgyetang,
ginseng chicken soup.
Small Cornish hen I use
and ginseng, fresh ginseng.
One Cornish hen for one person.
So you need to finish your one person.
We are going to make a delicious,
nutritious samgyetang today.
These days at summertime,
how do you deal with the heat?
So hot.
In Korea, we eat this samgyetang.
During the summertime,
everybody feels exhausted,
they are struggling from heat.
But we need to take care of our body,
so lot of protein and with ginseng.
Everybody knows ginseng,
ginseng boost your energy.
Koreans think let’s
fight the heat with heat.
When you eat this hot
soup, sizzling chicken,
all the ginseng infused in this soup.
And then after eating,
you feel very energized.
Your body temperature,
of course, is going up.
But relatively, you feel kind of cool.
So this is samgyetang, we eat
this hottest days in a year.
Usually it comes end of
July and August, so hot.
Three hottest days, so
we call this sambok.
So chobok, jungbok, malbok.
It’s the first bok, second bok, third bok.
In Korea, like a bok
day, three hottest days,
always people are lining up
at the special samgyetang restaurant.
sweating, a lot of people,
while they are eating, they are sweating.
And also, the Korean housewives,
of course they make for
their family at home.
Are you ready to follow me?
I’m going to wash my rice, half a cup
for two Cornish hens.
And wash and rinse and soak.
Just grab like this.
Give a little massage.
So we gotta remove this
white, milky stuff.
Then, rinse.
Rinse a couple of times.
Soak in cold water.
This is, I’m going to
soak this for two hours.
This guy already two
hours gao exactly,
I started soaking.
I’m going to use this rice.
Now, I’m going to take
care of this chicken.
This Cornish hen, inside, we
need to get rid of this giblet.
This is giblet, don’t throw away.
Just wash and you can cook this
especially chicken
gizzard is delicious.
Also, you can make chicken stock.
Put some salt here, your palm.
Then, just rub like this.
I like to wash really nicely and clean.
So, now, very clean.
My chicken took a bath,
salt bath! Really clean.
Now I’m going to put it this.
Next, we have to stuff chicken.
Strain the rice.
Let’s cut the tips.
Garlic is ready.
Now, I’m going to use jujube.
You remember dried jujube?
I’ll use just only,
each Cornish hen, one.
So, one. Don’t think that I’m stingy.
If I use too many jujubes,
the broth color change
to like brownish.
What do we want is clear soup.
I’m going to use two.
And, ginseng.
I’ll use
Nice size. Two.
Cut this on the top, you see.
There’s like a top here.
You, too.
The reason I remove this
is, even though it’s very
expensive, is that if you
eat this, it’s going to make
your body too hot.
All prepared.
Cut it off. This tip!
Also, you see around here?
There is lots of fat. Remove this.
Also, I don’t want to eat this tip.
My mom said if you eat
this tips of a chicken,
just like a chicken, when you get older,
you really tremble.
I never eat this tip of a chicken,
but if you want to eat, why not?
Next one.
Oh! Lots of fat here.
Put some garlic and…
And jujube, more garlic
More rice
Just whichever first. It’s up to you.
Nicely, okay.
And, my next one also.
Jujube, more garlic
And, some leftover rice. Just put it here
Each Cornish hen needs four cups of water.
So, eight cups. Gently
And, cook over medium high heat
My chicken is cooking
now, I’m going to show you
how to make dipping sauce for this.
I’m showing you two different
kinds of dipping sauce.
First one is just a salt based one.
My second sauce is my father’s favorite
and also my favorite.
I always prepare these two
types of dipping sauce
whenever I make the samyetang.
Also, we’re also going
to prepare green onion
garnish on top.
Really, really make it
look special and tasty
I’m going to cut a few green onions.
I’m going to cover this
with wrap. Plastic wrap.
Then, make a sauce.
Salt, sesame seeds
Ground black pepper
This is sesame oil
This is one dipping sauce
Wrap this
My next one
Soy sauce
Maybe three tablespoons
White vinegar
This is honey but you can use sugar
Honey it just depends
on how much you like it.
It should be sweet and sour
Then, onion. I’ll keep this.
This is a jalapeno.
Any type of a green chilli
pepper, you can use.
This is another second dipping sauce.
Now, I’m going to wait until
my chicken is well cooked.
Chicken is now really nicely cooking.
The soup broth is milky, isn’t it?
I’m going to turn down the little heat.
Now, my chicken is done.
One hour plus ten minutes, I cooked.
Usually for one chicken,
it takes one hour.
But today, I used two Cornish hens.
To serve nice way, I
prepared two earthenware pots.
I heat up this pots with
just a little bit of water.
Never heat this pot when it’s empty.
I will transfer this to earthenware pot.
See, when you poke this, poke this
Easily come clean. Right?
The other one
If you think that
this broth is not enough,
just you can add water and then reheat.
Okay, wow, nice. Isn’t it?
We still have some leftover.
What we have to do is make it sizzle.
It just only took a few minutes.
Here you go. Samyetang!
Then, chopped green onion.
Look at that. Wow!
We don’t need knife even.
It’s falling apart very easily. You see?
Sesame and salt.
Wow, look at this rice and–
Oops. Rice and jujube.
And garlic.
It’s a garlic.
Onion and jalapeno and soy
sauce. Sweet sour sauce.
You know the jujube?
Inside there’s a seed, be
careful when you chew this.
It has a seed inside.
Very sweet
(upbeat music)
Spit out.
Today we made Korean ginseng
chicken soup, samyetang.
Make this samyetang and
this taste is really awesome
especially go with this
dipping sauce and kimchi.
All you need side dish is kimchi
Make this three times, at
least, during this summer.
Fight, fight this heat with heat.
We call this yee yeol chi yeol.
Enjoy my recipe, see you next time. Bye!


  1. Maangchi! can you please share what kind of soya sauce you use? in Malaysia, we have light soy sauce, sweet soy sauce and salty soy sauce. I dont know which one to use for your recipes

  2. There is 60year old ginseng chickn soup restatunt in Korea. If one of you visit Korea, I recomend to visit there.

  3. 영혼을 위한 닭고기 스프….한국엔 닭고기 스프가 넘처남 삼계탕 닭뽂음탕 누룽지 백숙 해물 넣은 황제 삼계탕 소소한 닭죽….냉책 온반 망치 이모가 저렇게 설명해도 알까? 한글 패치 70퍼 정되 되야 알듯 세종 대왕님 ㅠ 감솨

  4. Yup, the heat from the ginseng makes you sweat and that cools your body right down. This soup will also kick cold and flu's ass in winter!

  5. 망치언니, ^^
    요즘 저는 하루를 망치언니 영상보며 시작하고 밤에는 망치언니 영상보며 잠이 드네요 ㅎㅎㅎ
    어제밤에는 망치님 육포를 해봐야겠다고 맘먹었는데 오늘 아침은 또 삼계탕이 하고 싶어졌어요. 오늘 초복이거든요. 삼계탕에 간장소스도 새로 배우고 오늘도 너무너무 행복합니다. 건강하세요^^

  6. In Philippines we have this version called Tinola, but we use ginger instead and we put leafy vegetables and papaya

  7. Adorei esta receita como aqui no Brasil nós comemos comidas quentes no frio será uma boa para mim ..

  8. I have forwarded a lot of videos to my mom (who is a great cook) so that she can try cooking them. This is one of the food that I miss so much! The best samgyetang I have tried was in Hongdae in a restaurant called Baek Nyeon Baekse! I can still remember that first winter I went to Seoul. My godmother asked to meet in Hongdae and we ate there. I finished the whole bowl and finished my godmother's bowl as well. It was really, really good!

  9. I made this dish for my Korean in-laws. It turned out well. But my mother-in-law was surprised to have a whole chicken presented to her. "Usually, the meat is removed and presented separately," said my wife. I'm such a savage.

  10. I enjoy the video. . The preparation is direct and clear. . The kitchen is clean and well organized. .and you my good lady looking great

  11. Ukrainian caption was submitted by one of my viewers! Thank you very much! This video has captions in 15 different languages and all were done by some of you our volunteer translators! Thanks a lot!

  12. ㄹㅇ숟가락 들고 몰래가서 국물 한수푼 퍼서 내 입에 넣어버리고싶다 크으으응으ㅡ으으으으으으으으으 시원허다!

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  16. Omg, that looked delicious, only I would have removed that yellow husky skin from the chicken. Thanks for sharing, I know what we're having for dinner tomorrow😉😉!!

  17. Russian caption was submitted by Владимир Ляховой (YouTube)! Thanks a lot!

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