German Breakfast : Das Frühstück

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Good morning!
Since we’re hanging out in Germany these days
we thought we would show you what a German
breakfast looks like. We’ve setup the table
and as you can see it consists of a lot of
different breads – like we have a few buns
here – and also meats. Germans like to have
salami, ham and just different deli cuts for
breakfast. We also have a few different cheeses,
smoked salmon and – of course- you can’t forget
It has been a very nice change in diet since
we left Asia. Yeah, I’d say. It is quite the
feast I must say as well. This is a completely
different type of meal from what we were having
in Asia. Most of the time in Asia we would
have meals and breakfasts consisting of rice,
noodle dishes and sometimes dim sum. This
is a much heartier type of meal.
One of the big changes since leaving Asia
is that we’re actually eating all of our breakfasts
at home at the kitchen table. Whereas in Asia
we were often going to a little market or
like little street stalls where they prepare
the food in front of us. In a way it is kind
of nice just rolling out of bed in your pajamas
and being able to eat at home without having
to get dressed. With your bed hair and everything.
Anyways, enough talking. It is
time to dig in. Yes.
That concludes breakfast. We certainly took
care of things and now we just have empty
plates in front of us. And a whole lot of
dish washing to do.


  1. This was so fun! I found your channel via Tastemade and have subscribed. Looking forward to following you!

  2. The German bakeries (I hope still small mom & pop) I hope u try a lot! Many are "rustic" breads/pastries. Don't forget gelato ice cream! And UFO sour wafer candies, and "spaghetti ice"!!'
    Gelato ice cream that looks like spaghetti topped with raspberry sauce for the marinara white chocolate for the Parmesan!!!! Argh now I want some!!! Beam me over & I'll do the dishes . Lol

  3. @Jepppedk , LOL.  I've really got to learn to stop looking so creepy on camera 😉

  4. Great Video!! I've been following your videos since both of you were still in asia.. Nice documentation. Keep it Up guys! 🙂

  5. I love continental breakfasts, meats, cheeses etc. If you visit England though you have to try a proper English breakfast; you'll need to run a marathon to burn off the calories but so so tasty! Do you have any plans to visit here?

  6. You certainly did look creepy on this one Sam – once knew a cat named Sam, by the way……dishwashing?……bummer……interesting video though, sort of different…….as if you are like…..slowing down……..looking for peace, perhaps a home………kids, volvo, JOBS!………omg……..:-)… had to come…….:-)

  7. Sammy, I wish I hadn't watched this before going to bed, that stare is going to haunt me all night. Please don't do that to me on Thursday!

    Anyway, nice vid guys!

  8. I figure a good hearty breakfast fixes you up for the day. I still can't get used to watery rice soup in Thailand.

  9. I laughed hard when I saw how non-German you eat your buns. No German would ever eat it like that. It's like eating a burger with a spoon. This is how you do it: How To Do : Ein Brötchen aufschneiden

  10. Samuel, you look so grumpy in this video 🙁 like you're upset at filming your breakfast instead of feasting right away lol!

  11. While you have a great meal there, eating it with Philadelphia cream cheese is criminal! Next time, try some Quark or Frischkäse. Both are very similar to cream cheese, the latter being closer. They offer a bit of a different taste, and most importantly, aren't from America. 🙂

  12. the german breakfast looks delicious. When ever you want to know, how is like a mexican breakfast just let me know

  13. the first time i had a german breakfast.. was in a german hospital after having surgery.. i just wanted to go home and have some chorizo and huevos ramcheros u.u

  14. I know you want to kill us chucky please don't I feel violated I'm calling the cops in the name of the father son holy spirits

  15. There's a German saying: "Eat like an emperor in the morning, like a king in the noon and like a begger in the evening" and it's true. I love eating breakfast when I have enough time for it. Me for example, I prefer Apfelpfannkuchen or Rühreier (scrambled eggs), but I only eat them on weekends. But well, to the emergency I enjoy a delicious cheese sandwich ^^

  16. When the guy dosent talk he looks like he wants to rape me but when he talks he sound like he has a gun to his head

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