Gay, but not gay, in Breakfast at Tiffany’s from A History of the Art of Adaptation

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The characters exist, right?
They are true.
However, in real life George Peppard’s character,
Turman Capote, in the book, the character’s
That’s why the 2 of them never end up together.
It’s not a love tory.
It’s a friendship.
It’s a buddy story between a gay man and a
This is “Will & Grace” before there was “Will
& Grace.”
The problem is, you couldn’t do that onscreen.
So, how can we show he’s doing something wrong
sexually that isn’t being a homosexual.
He’s a gigolo.
Just like she makes her money from rich men,
he makes his money from a rich woman who “keeps”
him and buys him suits and that’s the perversion
that he’s allowed to have onscreen and it’s
with Patricia Neal, a famous actress back
in the day.
And I always thought that was so sad because
they make her out to be this little old lady.
She’s not that much older than he is actually
at this moment.
So, that’s kind of funny.
So, that’s a huge change and to Truman Capote
a huge loss in his particular story.

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