Funny Monkey Doo And Cute Cat Enjoy Breakfast Outdoors

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Hello, our dear friends
Today, Mom let Doo and Miu go to the sun
The morning sunshine is good for Doo and Miu
The place to sunbathe of Doo and Miu is a bean garden near the house
But because of the bad weather, beans do not bear fruit and people do not take care of them anymore
Doo and Miu play around and wander around the garden
Doo finds some beans and eats them
Before going out, Mom prepared breakfast for Doo and Miu
And this is the meal of Doo and Miu
Doo eats some cucumber and 2 pieces of pear
And Miu’s breakfast is a few steamed miniature fish
Doo runs back very fast when his mom calls his name for breakfast
And Miu always plays and is very lazy to eat
When Miu takes Miu to breakfast, Doo eats most of his diet.
Miu only eat good food. He is a gourmet cat
Do you think Doo and Miu are cute?
Thank you so much for watching
Have a nice and happy day

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