Full English Breakfast + London Borough Market = Best Traditional Recipe

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OK! welcome to London
behind me is London Bridge Station that somewhere up there
it is super foggy today somewhere up there in the fog is the Shard
building the reason I have come to London Bridge
is just here in the shadow of the Shard and opposite the station is
Borough Market And that is where i am going to get the ingredients
for today’s full English Breakfast The reason I’m coming to Borough Market is
it is arguably the best speciality food market here in London
Not just in London but the whole of the UK it would be Top 5 speciality food markets
in the whole of Europe Top 10 in the world
the key point is it is a great market so what ingredients am I getting?
Well the ingredients of the Full English breakfast is something that divides the nation
no one can agree what the key components of a full English are
And I’ve eaten in a lot of greasy spoon cafe’s and hotels all around the country and they
are always slightly different there are always variations
the reason for that is its a dish that has been evolving since the 13th century
traditionally it was a cooked breakfast was the preserve of the rich
the landed gentry and they used it as a display of wealth for
their guests that probably peaked in the Victorian and
Edwardian era where they turned breakfast into a fine art
form and put on huge buffets of amazing dishes
that we would probably think of as evening meals today
but then the period of conspicuous wealth kind of ended
at the end of the Edwardian era with WWI and WWII
and then post WWII and after rationing in the 1950’s
the full English became the breakfast of choice for the working classes
And the greasy spoon took the component parts of the wealthy Victorians and Edwardian’s
cooked breakfast and put them all on one affordable plate
right this is Borough Market here, its sort of in a maze underneath the railway arches
so lets pop in The first records of Borough Market and the
church next door that is today Southwark Cathedral date back to the medieval period
the market was a little further along the river and in a church yard but probably due
to development and building work moved out onto the main road we just crossed Borough
High Street in the 1500’s Its right at the end of London Bridge one
of the river Thames’s major crossings so its always been a busy road
And in 1691 the market was ordered to only operate on one side of the road to ease congestion
but by the 1750’s the increase in horse drawn coaches, carts and carriages meant the congestion
had become so bad that the parliament abolished the street market in 1755
so the market moved off the street to what was then the church yard on this piece of
land here called the triangle where it still is today
in 1862 during the construction of London Bridge station the train tracks were built
that run right over the market you can see the huge green pillars that hold
up the train viaduct obviously the market protested but the train
lines one however the train companies did compensate the market by building market buildings
and from then on the market became covered and no longer open to the rain
ultimately the market developed into London’s main fruit and veg wholesale market supplying
London’s independent grocers however the rise of the supermarket post world war two saw
the demise of independent grocers and street markets all over the UK especially here in
London by the 1990’s the market looked derelict and
a new wave of wholesalers that supplied restaurants and speciality food ingredients moved into
the warehouses the likes of Brindisa and Neil’s Yard dairy who are still here today they hosted
odd retail events and in the late 1990’s early 2000’s an artisan food market was begun originally
one Saturday per month it was popular there was demand for something other than supermarkets
and pretty quickly Borough Market developed into this arguable Britain’s most renowned
speciality food market one of the best in Europe and the World today
The market itself is open Monday to Saturday shut on Sundays except for special occasions
like the Sunday before Christmas OK the market is super busy on Saturdays and
its a Saturday today super popular with both Londoners and tourists
because you can buy produce here to cook at home but also for visitors to London there
is plenty of places serving up breakfast, Lunch and dinner on the market stalls and
in the restaurants here to sample at the market Saturdays are my favourite day to visit Borough
Market its the busiest day obviously the traders know it so they have the most stuff on offer
its early so its quiet now by lunchtime it will be buzzing with people which gives the
market an incredible energy and atmosphere the market layout is to some extent dictated
by the train tracks above with these open spaces connected by a warren of alleyways
and passage ways which really add to the markets atmosphere and charm
this the main square is the markets largest trading area with shops and stalls with produce
that includes fruit and veg, meat, fish, bread and cheese a whole eclectic mix of produce
and the spaces around the edges too and in the side streets they have food and produce
from all over the world and incredible array of British produce
OK I’m going to get meat from the Ginger Pig for my full English breakfast
they have got an amazing selection of sausages, bacon and hopefully they will have the black
pudding all manor of meat and poultry and game so lets go in
the Ginger Pig began over twenty years ago with a near derelict farm house and just three
Tamworth pigs and has grown into a farm with over three thousand acres of pasture and North
Yorkshire moor land and a handful of central London butchers shops
this was the first here at Borough Market and I’m pretty sure if you don’t see what
you need they can order it in for you importantly today they have a great choice of bacon and
sausages for our breakfast OK success
I managed to get all the meat for today’s breakfast from the Ginger Pig sausage, bacon
and black pudding I’ll show you what when we get home
lets get some coffee Monmouth Coffee sell beans ground or un-ground
and the queue is for a cup of their freshly brewed coffee
founded in the 1970’s for a long time it was the best coffee in town today they have strong
competition but Monmouth is still very much a firm favourite with Londoners
OK when I meant coffee, Coffee beans, I’ve got Monmouth’s espresso blend their is two
queues one for the beans there which is very short
and one that stretches around the corner most of the day is for cups of coffee it is that
good and that popular we can go home and make our own OK try and get some tomatoes and mushrooms from the fruit and veg stall here turnips Look at this amazing selection of different tomato variety’s all different shapes and
sizes even different colours I’m going to go for some of these really dark
skinned ones really dark red almost black called “Black Krim” they probably will not
taste all that different they just look pretty cool on the plate they have an equally impressive selection of mushrooms amazing colours and mushrooms
are the most amazing shapes so much choice in fact i’m not entirely sure which ones to
pick right now so i Think I will get one of their assorted little wooden boxes an assortment
of the different mushrooms varieties they have available today with some herbs
they look incredible OK success tomatoes and mushrooms from Turnips The smell of all the food is incredible you have the mix of fresh food and the food cooking
for instance here we have got paella cooking away right next to a sea food stall if it
wasn’t freezing cold you could easily imagine you were on the coast of Spain There are a few great pubs here in the market but its a bit early for the pub but you can
check out my other Borough Market videos if you want to see some visits to the market
stalls and some food you can try here and a visit to the pubs If you want to try Great British Fish N Chips you can pop to the fish restaurant here
OK I need some bread there is this bakery Bread Ahead they actually bake the bread here
and they have a bakery school so you can lean to bake bread here but there market stall
is in the market so lets pop there and get some bread for our full English breakfast Bread Ahead here is probably most renownedand most popular for their deep filled doughnuts
with some amazing fillings and you can also watch the bread being baked in the glass fronted
bakery just where we were around the corner they have a selection a fresh sour dough bread
cheese and olive sticks white tin loaf focaccia and ciabatta and patisserie I’m here to get
a white Sour dough all the cakes and pastries at Bread Ahead look amazing and they look
like they are selling fast too popular choice for breakfast there the croissant
and the sugar coated almond one at the back there looks delicious
today were are having one of these a large loaf of white sour dough and I think I’m getting
a large one OK white sour dough bread from Bread Ahead
market stall Now we need some butter to put on it OK I need some eggs, eggs are important and some butter so I’m going to head to the dairy
here Neil’s Yard Dairy They mainly do cheese but they also do some
amazing butters and they will have eggs too Neil’s Yard Dairy is the place for cheese,
they sell farm house cheese from the UK and Ireland, they work with about 40 different
cheese makers the cheese counter is the other side of the
store and the queue is to get in and taste and buy some cheese today
I’m just here for butter and they have a great selection of butter sweet cream butter, raw
butter, whey butter, cultured butter I’m going to get some eggs while I’m here
too OK success
eggs and butter from the dairy Neil’s Yard dairy
amazing looking cheese and amazing smelling cheese
right back to the market OK we have got all the key ingredients for
our full English Breakfast Sausage
bacon eggs
tomatoes mushrooms
bread and butter so lets head home and get cooking You can even but the frying pans and utensils if you need them here there is like a cook
shop just here on the perimeter of the market OK back from the market with my ingredients
for a Full English Breakfast now its been a foggy day here today
it was foggy when I woke up, it was foggy while I was at the market and it is still
grey and foggy out there right now so this is the perfect dish to brighten up
any gloomy day here in London now this is really going to be a mix of the
old and the new, modern full English breakfast that we have all grown up and grown to love
and using more traditional style ingredients the modern breakfast as I said earlier probably
developed into what it is today post WWII so post rationing it became the breakfast
of the people and greasy spoon cafes up and down the country were competing on price so
when recipes say get the cheapest white bread and use milky builders tea and very bland
sausages they are effectively trying to recreate the breakfast you would find in a greasy spoon
but the reality is you will probably never make it cheap enough or greasy enough so certainly
here in London it would be probably more economic for me just to go to the greasy spoon rather
than try and recreate it so I’m going to make the dish everyone recolonises the one plate
wonder that is the full English breakfast today but using ingredients that previous
generations the Edwardian’s the Victorians and their predecessors the kind of quality
ingredients they would have expected I did pick up some additions at the supermarket
on the way home probably got these in the cupboard but I’m
not sure they would be camera ready Tomato sauce, Heinz Tomato ketchup
HP sauce, the original and some Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauce
that will help the cooking So right lets see what we are doing
Coffee lets get the coffee machine on I think I will have an espresso first
I’ll make an espresso with the coffee and I’ll show you in a moment how to how I would
make a far simpler cup of coffee lets get a pan on and the heat on
I’m just going to use one big pan right OK like I was saying the key ingredients
sausage bacon and eggs beyond that everyone is going to disagree
and have a personal preference so from the Ginger Pig I got the sausage bacon and eggs
now bacon is different in different countries here in Britain most most cafes when you go
for breakfast and get bacon you will get back bacon so that’s what back bacon looks like
so in Britain that would be the most common type of bacon the most common cut of bacon
you will get for breakfast and so I got back bacon
now in America if your watching this in America your probably more familir with streaky bacon
now again people will arguee endlessly about which is best but just use both
they are different so we will use both we will have some streaky bacon and some back
bacon so that’s the bacon taken care of
now I got my sausage from the Ginger Pig as well Old Spot sausages so I’m guessing the
bread of pig is old spot two huge sausages maybe I will just have one of those
in a lot of cafes a lot of the now when people make normal restaurant dishes
they usually produce odd numbers it looks better on a plate one, three and five
the full English is slightly different a lot of places you will get two of everything so
two bacon two sausage two egg two whatever additions your having
black pudding this is another type of sausage made with blood it sounds slightly worse than
it is black pudding one of my additions to the sausage bacon and eggs
I got some eggs from Neil’s yard dairy nice fresh eggs
butter as well I’m going to use a little bit of this for
cooking and for the bread Abbey farm butter made from pure fresh whey
cream and salt added salted butter OK I got some tomatoes slightly unusual in
that they are black they should look pretty good on the plate probably red on the inside
when cut in half I will fry those
so that is one of my other additions and these mushrooms look amazing I’m not going
to use them all check those out
I have no idea what all of those are and I will not use them all
little bit of rosemary I would probably throw that in if I was not
sharing this but people will be outraged at that rosemary is not a sanctioned addition
to the full English So i’m having sausage bacon and eggs my additions
today are going to be tomatoes black pudding and mushrooms
now that means I can fry everything all in one pan first of all coffee
espresso Monmouth espresso I got the beans Monmouth
were one of the first wave of this generation of speciality coffee shops
we will stick those in the grinder grind up some fresh beans and make an espresso
OK whole beans into the hopper of our grinder I’m using an electric grinder we have a hand
grinder and the hand grinders work incredibly well obviously slower than the electric ones
the only thing we could not get the hand grinder to do was grind fine enough for the La Pavoni
lever machine other than that the hand grinder works perfectly well for all of our other
coffee machines OK I need to remove the porta filter and basket
from this coffee machine we are using today a La Pavoni lever machine and then fill it
with a dose of coffee and a level dose of coffee which means as you can see over filling
it and then levelling it off now getting the grind size correct for the different coffee
machines takes a little bit of playing about with the settings
too fine and not enough water will come through too coarse and too much water will come flooding
through and then well the machine is already set up
for that so we have already done the playing about and then tamping it again if you tamp
it too much if you apply too much pressure not enough water will come through and if
you apply not enough pressure too much water will come through so it takes a bit of practice
getting the grind just right so we are ready to go
lift the lever up and the machine will fill with hot water and then its just a matter
of pushing down and applying enough pressure to push the water through the ground coffee
OK a good looking cup of espresso Monmouth espresso I got there espresso blend
that’s delicious I’ll get cooking and then I’ll show you how
to make a far simpler cup of coffee with beans or ground coffee without having to get all
the gear to make shots right lets get cooking
OK first into our hot pan is some butter a knob of butter now its no secret restaurants
use loads of butter when they are cooking and there is a very good reason for that it
makes everything taste better so first up a knob of butter into the pan we will let
that melt down a little and then get our first item in which is the one that will take the
longest to cook our sausages now i got two sausages but they are massive
so I’am only going to cook one for my breakfast this morning
I’ll get that cooking while we prepare the next item which will be the black pudding
now again I’ve got a fair chuck of it too much for one breakfast
so I will slice off a couple of slices now most black pudding you get in supermarkets
the skin of it looks like a sausage skin you cook it and you eat it however this one I’m
pretty confident that skin is plastic some sort of plastic and not edible
either way I’m going to remove it someone i know and I will not mention any
names but someone I know they actually the first time they got supermarket sausages and
had to cook them for themselves they thought the skin on the outside was packaging and
they squeezed the meat out like a tube of toothpaste into the pan and then they told
everyone and they have never been allowed to forget it ever since OK the sausage and our black pudding has been
cooking away for a little while now so I pop in the bacon now this is the back bacon quite
thick slices here so first in the back bacon and my top tip for a great full English or
Fry Up use both types of bacon back bacon and streaky bacon so first up we are going
in with back bacon and then a piece of streaky bacon
again quite thick generous slices from the Ginger Pig
so yes one of each OK now our sausage, black pudding, back bacon,
streaky bacon are frying away I’m going to chop up some of our mushrooms to go in
now I will be honest I have no idea what variety of mushroom many of these are
So I will pick out some of the more interesting looking ones chop them up and pop them in
the pan OK this little selection of mushrooms looks
pretty cool interesting shapes there I will chop those into roughly even size pieces and
the mushrooms are like sponges so they should suck up some of those juices from the back
bacon the streaky bacon the sausage and the black pudding and of coarse some of that butter
which will make them taste incredable and now they are in the pan I want to slice one
of our tomatoes in half and get that in the pan and brown it off a little and get some
heat in there now I went for the black skin tomatoes pretty
confident on the inside they will be a little more red than they are on the outside
they look pretty cool so slice that in half and see what they look
like on the inside red more green than black on the edges put
those cut side down and brown them off a little bit
OK now everything is cooking nicely nearly cooked I can add the last of our ingredients
the eggs I will just shallow fry two of the eggs on the side of the pan
I will make room for them there I like my eggs my whites cooked so they are no longer
snooty and the yolks slightly runny but obviously everyone will be different some people will
prefer their eggs poached, some scrambled, I bet some people even have them boiled
The way people cook each of those is obviously personal preference too
and now the eggs are in last but not least obviously seasoning with salt and pepper but
importantly Worcestershire sauce which is going to make everything taste better
OK for those of you not from the UK wondering what Worcestershire sauce is
it is a unique flavor the exact recipe is a secret the ingredients
I can tell you include vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, tamarind, onions,
garlic, spices and some other secret flavourings the nearest thing I could describe it as it
mixing some soy sauce with fish sauce OK breakfast is very nearly ready
let me put the kettle on and I will show you probably the quickest and most convenient
way to make delicious cup of coffee at home cafetiere or french press they are called
now I bought beans earlier so if you buy beans you will need to get a grinder the hand grinders
are very good I have an electric grinder so you need to grind your coffee beans
let put a couple scoop fulls of freshly ground coffee
SO a couple of scoops of coffee in the bottom of the press
top with hot water pop the lid on and then you just press this filter down and
that is it probably the quickest and most convenient
way to make some freshly brewed coffee at home
we have quite a bit of kit to make espresso I will be honest
i costs a fortune to get all the gear and hours and hours of frustrating practice to
get it right i would definitely start off with something
like this it nice a simple even some of the if you really want hassle free a pod machine
would be a great thing we went through kilos of beans practising
with the espresso machines just to get it right and the grind right
this is hard to get wrong its not quite a s rewarding as making fresh
espresso but no where near as frustrating when you are trying to learn how to make it
either this is the espresso blend that I got from
Monmouth so you can tell the coffee shop what method of brewing you are planning when you
buy your beans and they will even grind them for you as well if you haven’t got a grinder
pretty good Obviously it is their blend for espresso so
it would be better if I got the blend for or a bean roasted specifically for a cafetiere
right I think breakfast is ready one thing I got is some sour dough from the
Bread Ahead bakery some fresh bread
now traditionally you would either have bread and butter or toast today as I have fresh
bread I will have bread and butter maybe tomorrow in the morning I will be using it for toast
got the amazing fresh butter put that in a butter dish
perfect OK lets slice the bread
look at that amazing fresh sour dough right lets put some of this fresh butter on
the bread OK here we go look at that
so we’ve got sausage
old spot sausage eggs
bacon key ingredients to a full English breakfast I’ve got back bacon and streaky bacon
I’ve gone for additional black pudding fresh mushrooms
they looked amazing and fresh tomatoes
we’ve got sour dough bread and butter and coffee
now obviously traditionally you’re looking at builders tea which is very weak milky tea
but personally I prefer coffee so lets plate this up
there is no pretty way of doing it well there is probably a prettier way of doing
it than I will OK so here is my full English breakfast the
basis of any full English breakfast sausage
bacon and eggs I’ve got the addition of black pudding mushrooms and tomatoes now the list
of additions people add to their full English are endless including hash browns, bubble
and squeak, eggy bread, kippers, pancakes, onions, corned beef, kidneys, kedgeree, omelette,
fried bread, toast, oat cake, English muffins, baked beans, tattie scones, Lorne sausage
and white pudding I’ve even seen french fries on the menu in a lot of cafes so as you can
imagine the scope for additions is endless OK right lets try this
now two traditional British sauces Heinz tomato ketchup and the original HP sauce
again opinion will be divided about which is best i like a bit of both
mix them up a bit getting them out of the bottle is the first
challenge a bit of ketchup also I cooked using Worcestershire
sauce If your not from Britain HP sauce some people
have said it is a bit like barbecue sauce kind of its one of those unique things its
a bit like Worcestershire sauce again very unique flavour secret recipe you really have
to try it first up lets try the sausage
sauce That’s delicious
yeah really strong taste of pork there unlike cheaper sausages
lets try a bit of the back bacon nice and crispy
I got smoked they do smoked and un smoked and you really get the smoky flavour
and right the streaky bacon really intense flavour again I got smoked
definitely recommend that top tip back bacon and streaky bacon
lets try this black pudding, the Ginger Pig black pudding
that is incredible good quality black pudding you can really taste a little bit more well
it tastes more than the inexpensive type a little bit I guess if you have never had
it before the nearest thing I could describe it as is like frying liver pate
lets try the tomatoes the black tomatoes they taste just like normal tomatoes
and the mushrooms the mushrooms looked incredible in that box
no idea what varieties they were a mix up really interesting flavours there
and the eggs from Neil’s yard dairy I may have overcooked them a touch messing
around with the coffee at the end I prefer a slightly runny yolk I must admit
delicious right sour dough bread from Bread Ahead
dip that in the egg yolk and fresh butter
that is amazing as well right I will tuck into this and I hope you
enjoyed this visit to Borough Market a look at how to make hopefully the most incredible
full English breakfast money can buy here in England in London and until next time
Toodles! Fresh coffee
Right until next time Toodles!

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