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Good morning, are you hungry?
Good because I’m about to rustle up some
and as I’m ENGLISH it will be a full
English breakfast. A full English
breakfast sometimes simply called a full
English is a hot meal, it has been cooked
and usually we cook it in the frying pan
so some people will refer to it as a fry
up. A fry up. Do you fancy a fry up? Now
this is breakfast and breakfast is of
course served in the morning but do not
be surprised if you see a full English
breakfast on the menu in a cafe or in a
pub but it would usually be called an
all-day breakfast but it consists of the
same items. Now before I start cooking
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Firstly the ingredients. No full
English breakfast is complete without
bacon. These are these are called bacon
rashers, so they might ask you how many
rashes you would like on your breakfast.
Normally you get one or two. Bacon is
normally cooked in one of two ways it’s
either fried in a frying pan with a
little oil or you can grill it under the
grill. Then we have eggs.
On a full English breakfast the egg is
typically fried however there are many
other options to choose from. You could
go for a boiled egg, which is where the
egg is put in its shell in boiling hot
water until the insides are firm. If you
opt for a soft-boiled egg then it’ll
mean the yolk, the golden section, is
still loose, but if you opt for a
hard-boiled egg you boil it for a little
longer until the inside is firm…but
that’s no good for dunking. Alternatively
you could opt for a poached egg. I
personally cannot poach an egg, it’s
quite difficult, it’s where you remove
the shell but still manage to keep the
egg altogether and you cook it like a
boiled egg just without the shell. It’s
very difficult. Or you can opt for
scrambled egg. Scrambled egg is where you
mix the egg with milk. You stir it all
together you put it into a hot pan and
then you keep stirring until it starts
to cook and becomes lumpy and fluffy and
delicious. How do you like your eggs?
Fried, boiled poached or scrambled? Next
up we have sausages.
Whoops. Pork sausages which can be cooked
in the frying pan or under the grill
or in the oven even although I think
that takes longer. Then we have something
called black pudding.
Now despite the name this isn’t sweet,
this is a savoury cut of what looks like
a sausage but it’s made of congealed
pig’s blood, hmm. You would cook this in
the frying pan for around six to eight
You’ll also find on the plate mushrooms
and tomatoes, as far as I know you fry
the mushrooms and you bake or grill the
tomato. A firm favourite with many are
the baked beans. One of the biggest
brands in the UK is Heinz baked beans.
Now this is a sweet little addition to
the breakfast plate. This obviously can
be cooked in a pan or warmed in the
microwave. And to finish it off you’d
have a couple of slices of toast, these
are referred to as rounds of toast I
don’t know why.
So one slice is one round, two slices two
rounds. How many rounds of toast do you
like? And the toast of course is normally
made in the toaster but if you don’t
have a toaster then it could be toasted
under the grill. Oh hang on before you
start eating there’s just one more thing
that will complete the breakfast and
that’s a cup of English tea. It’s a great
way to start the day.
Perfect, now I hope you’ve enjoyed
learning about the traditional English
breakfast I’d love to know what your
traditional breakfast is or if you have
a full English do you do anything
different? Let me know in the comments
below. If you did enjoy this then please
do give it a thumb up, don’t forget about
the wonderful offer with italki and
if you do take a lesson with them or if
you have in the past then please let me
know your experiences down in the
comment section below. Until next time
enjoy your breakfast


  1. In my lessons, when talking about food and countable and uncountable nouns, I always dedicate part of these lessons to the Full English Breakfast. But it's much more fun when it comes with a video. So thank you very much. The other YouTubers speak too fast and in a way my students are not able to understand.

  2. Thanks Anna for another great video lesson. I also prefer eating hot meals for breakfast rather than today's offers like conflex with milk or cheese sandwich. The full English breakfast seems to be a good option for me but one thing I don't like about it is, I assume it takes time to complete it.

  3. From what you cover in this video, one thing I could make difference between, which is "under the grill" and "on the oven". Is there any differences between them? thanks Anna……

  4. My full English, sausage, egg, bacon, beans and a fried slice, or toast, and maybe hash browns as well if they're available, oh and mushrooms too, sliced and fried. Many people like tomatoes too, and black pudding. Add a slice, or two, of buttered bread, and a cup of Yorkshire tea. Basically a full English is all or any combination of the above. Enjoy!!

  5. OMG terrible breakfast for an Italian, 😅 we have totally different things, but modestly I think that our cooking is better. 😉😉

  6. No, no, no, no, no, sorry! As an older Brit who has eaten many Full English on a Sunday morning and at greasy spoons everything is fried, including the tomatoes. In addition, toast is an extra. What goes into a Full English is fried bread cooked as the last item in the frying pan. A full English should also be fried up wither Beef Dripping or Lard. It is heart attack country, but the flavour cannot be beaten!

  7. Now I wanna eat breakfast. 🍳 I’m hungry. 😋😋 thank you Anna for sharing. Now I’m gonna cook breakfast. 🤗🤗🤗

  8. Thank you for this wonderful insight to English breakfast culture!
    I have been to England for several times and as a vegan I was living on tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and Quaker oats 😀

  9. Let me share a funny incident when I was in Bristol, UK. I was staying at JW Marriott Hotel. The first morning I went to have breakfast. So I was checking all the food items available for breakfast. There was Black Pudding as well. So I though it might be something sweet. So I took one to taste. When I had the first bite it didn't feel sweet. So I asked one of the waiters there what is it and he said I don't know so let me ask the chef and he came back and told me it is made out of pork and I didn't like what he said as I don't eat pork. But good thing was that they were letting people know what is it made of as there were many other Indians as well. So I mentioned it because in the video you said although it sounds like sweet but it not, exactly the same happened to me…haha 😀

  10. Ma'am if you don't mind I would like to request you to tell all the meaning with subtitles what you say

  11. Your presentation style reminds me of that 'Learn English' with Ricky Gervais and that guy with a head like an orange. Nice fry up though.

  12. Hello Anna. I' m an old lady ,I really enjoy your lessons. It"s a kind of therapy. THANK you very much.

  13. And usually, nobody calls it a 'full English breakfast' at home – it's just a name for a fry-up on a menu at a restaurant for tourists.

  14. Everything looks really good except I would pass on the beans (yuck). In Canada and the USA, we would have home fries with our breakfast. Also called home fried potatoes, hash or hashbrowns.

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