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DANICA MARJANOVIC: You are beautiful, if you have stretch marks. You are beautiful,
if you have stomach rolls. You are beautiful, if you have cellulite; like that doesn’t
determine your level of respect from others. DANICA MARJANOVIC: My name is Danica Marjanovic and I run a body positivity Instagram account. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I started my journey of
body positivity probably about a year ago. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I blog about my body because I’ve suffered quite low self-esteem my entire
life, pretty much. It’s a really strange, almost embarrassing feeling to stand in front
of a mirror, naked and say, “I’m beautiful.” COMM: Danica has battled with body dysmorphia disorder from a young age, becoming obsessed
with her appearance and weight. COMM: In her late teens, she lost a considerable amount of weight – but never felt happy
about her body. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I’ve always had a curvy body so I think that’s what also played
into kind of like my body dysmorphia that even when I was so slim, I was probably about
size 10 on top. To me that was still not good enough. DANICA MARJANOVIC: So, when I look at photos
from back then, I can remember the exact kind of like emotion that I felt at that certain
time. And I just remember being really unhappy and really miserable. DANICA MARJANOVIC: Yes, I am self-obsessed
but I’m very self-critical. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I went through a really nasty break up, which kind of brought to the
surface a lot of mental health issues that I’ve been like battling with for years that
I had never really got the right help. I had to quit my job, I had to move back home, into
my mum’s house. COMM: Danica’s break-up acted as a catalyst to start her on a new journey of body positivity,
acceptance and self-love. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I wanted to start posting about body positivity online. I kind of thought
to myself, like, what was the scariest thing I could do that would challenge these insecurities
that I had about myself. DANICA MARJANOVIC: My blog helps me deal with my mental health firstly, because well showing
my body obviously is helping my self-esteem, which is a huge impact on my anxiety and my
depression. I kind of see it as like my online diary. DANICA MARJANOVIC: The comments I receive
thankfully are predominantly very positive, saying how I am helping them or how they have
never thought about being confident in themselves and this is helping them because of this. ANNA MARJANOVIC: Danica has changed in that she is still really starting to realise her inner confidence. ANNA MARJANOVIC: I love her Instagram, I check
it, as a big sister I check it every day. She is sharing a really great positive message. COMM: After searching for body positive inspiration
online, Danica has stumbled upon a body confidence modelling event and decided to enter. DANICA MARJANOVIC: So, Ms Curvaceous is
the audition I’m doing tomorrow. It’s a modelling competition based for women sized
12 and up. And it’s just all about encouraging woman to feel confident, if they want to get
into the modelling industry. You know, I’m not a model; I’ve never done a catwalk.
I’m going to have to be walking in front of judges. That alone is going to be really,
you know, big deal for me. So, I’m just generally excited to go to the audition. THEO ILORI: Started Ms Curvaceous UK initially
because we wanted to represent curvier women within the fashion industry. This was in 2010-11
when you really didn’t see any plus size models. As years went on, realised how much
of an impact it was actually having on people’s life in terms of their confidence. THEO ILORI: At the auditions, we want someone
with a lot of character, we want someone who is able to catwalk and to pose but we understand
people are doing it for the first time. So really, it’s about how well they have taken
on what they have been taught today. DANICA MARJANOVIC: I think of just learning to like own it. Theo who has been speaking
is so, like, well equipped with everything that it takes to just own your confidence
and it’s just amazing like anyone who is struggling with like body positivity, this
is kind of like the ideal thing that you should be doing. DANICA MARJANOVIC: It just like, it’s so
nerve wrecking, someone like analysing your like, entire body like that, because
obviously that is like what I struggled with. But I’m really proud of myself for
doing it. DANICA MARJANOVIC: Two years ago, I couldn’t walk down the street without having a
panic attack. So from coming from that level to being able to walk in front of people and
being proud of my figure. DANICA MARJANOVIC: To now be up to UK size 16, it’s possible to learn to love yourself
at any size.


  1. Lets be honest guys,, She looked 1000 times better when she was skinnier.. Al those "love messages" below are obese people trying to convince each other that being overweight isnt bad or unhealty .. but the truth is that it looks bad, its unhealthy.. ofcourse their are people who have a fetish for fat girls but their are also people with a fetish for people who are disabled.. The reason why people like her start liking being fat is because of social media.. Likes from other obese people or a few possitive comments..

  2. STOP CONFUSING LOW SELF CONFIDENCE WITH BODY DYSMOROHIA. Body dysmorphia is horrific and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I broke my own nose because of it. It goes beyond just being unhappy with yourself. Stop confusing the 2!

  3. Never seen anyone happy with gaining tons of weight. I think she is great! If ur happy then it's better that then to be misserable so do u girl 😙

  4. Well i am commenting over commenters leaving some positive people who mind their business every commenter on barcroft is doctor and i guess they all have not even suffered a cold ever coz they are so healthy….

  5. I have a cousin who is overweight and got into the body positive movement stuff and now because she thought being fat was okay and healthy she's in and out of the hospital due to kidney disease from being overweight… stop normalizing this

  6. 1) Her being happy with her body isn't "promoting" anything.. but 2) I really don't understand why people have to be naked in the name of body positivity

  7. Is it I or more and more people are thinking that to eat healthily and to exercise is kind of a punishment? And the "solution to the problem", is to let it go? I lost my best friend to obesity-related diseases, so don't tell is ok to be fat. Life is at stake.

  8. You can live as you like, but for the record its not healty. You are beiutiful and so sexy, but someday in your life you will be regret, your weight its damaging your body.

  9. I'm from London Wales but
    Your so helpful for me
    Thank u but daring
    Why let yourself go by that

  10. Good for her, but she should be a little more worried about her health. I am slimmer than she is, and yet, I'm medically obese, and I have health problems. Maybe now she's young, and her body still supports all the weight, but after 30 she'll start to have all sorts of troubles. PS: she's absolutely NOT a size 16 !

  11. Y'all saying you care about her health when you don't even know about her and she probably won't cross your mind ever again. Shut your buns, she's happy, and so are others because of what she's been through and where she is now.

  12. I am an advocate for ALL women feeling great about themselves. However, it is my belief that this "Body Positive Movement" has mislead many women. If you are body positive it doesn't mean you allow your body to become unhealthy. Heart disease is the number one killer of women, therefore it is essential that ALL women take care of their health! Healthy has to be the main focus here. That includes being mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually well… We have to be honest and not let this movement place women at risk for acute and chronic health issues. I wish her well.

  13. Self love is taking care of yourself. It is not letting yourself become obese and then encouraging other people to accept their obesity. That is just wrong.

  14. I can see her soul and character is amazing, but… Her body is no, sorry. Beautifull for me means healthy. And this is not healthy.

  15. Everyone get ready! imma say it!…

    She looks beautiful, and I'm glad she knows where her body needs to be for HER to be happy.

  16. Young lady you good don't let no one tell you otherwise ain't nothing wrong with a plus size lady shade in the heat warm in the winter and I think plus size women are more affectionate!

  17. It's amazing how obtuse some people who profess to be in the medical field are by looking at Danica and saying she's "obese". So bloody ridiculous and utterly foolish such statements are, obviously you don't know that someone bigger can be 100 times healthier than a slim and or small person. It depends upon lifestyle practices, not every thick or big woman / person, is bigger because they eat a lot or eat greasy foods or lead a sedentary lifestyle. Some are naturally bigger genetically, having bigger bone structures, and yes even having a stronger fat content in their bodies, but it is healthy for the human body to possess a degree of fat tissues. Danica can walk can't she? She can get herself out of bed or any other reclined or seated position can't she? So what's all this nonsense about being "obese". The true definition of that word doesn't apply to her in anyway based on what is displayed in this video. So grow a brain, and a heart before you make insensitive and uneducated remarks. She is beautiful, womanly in shape and feminine in nature. what a real woman should be. And for good measure from my stand point, she has lovely big beautiful foonkie legs!!

  18. I don’t know what I am ! If I could look like this or just be skinny I would be ok . I’m just in the middle I guess ! She’s still pretty tho

  19. So basically she’s using this as an excuse or a reason as to why she got fat instead of just admitting she ate too much

  20. being obese is not healthy although, she’s beautiful and as long as she isn’t on the verge of a heart attack i’m okay with that

  21. I've seen a lot of this in the comments, and I just want to say that there are different kinds of healthy, regarding weight. Someone could be exercising daily, be eating healthy, and take great care of themselves, and still be overweight. Someone could never exercise, eat junk food all day, and be very skinny. (I'm not saying that said skinny person is leading a healthy lifestyle, it's just their weight.) Its all determined by things that you usually have no control over. If you do have a high BMI and decide to loose that weight in unhealthy ways, sure you may look good, but you are taking a huge toll on your mental and sometimes physical health. So maybe for that person, being obese is better for them, as long as they know what they're doing and still take good care of themselves. They are happy, and healthy, and that's what counts. Looking skinny and slim on the outside doesn't mean that you are healthy, and there are many reasons why someone would be obese. If I am wrong on any points or need to clarify something, please let me know. I just want to help people understand this.

  22. I suspect it's hard to lose weight for fatties, partially, because they're hooked on their terrible diets. Sugar is extremely addictive, so when they need to lay off on the junk, their body's endorphin level drops like a brick. This leads to the (former) fatty becoming extremely depressed on the healthy diet and quitting, which leads to gaining all the weight back and more. And so the destructive cycle continues.

  23. You're beautiful 😍 but you have to lose weight because this isn't good for your health.
    I wish you read this comment
    I ❤️ you

  24. if you are beautiful, you don't need talk about it or show it. By show and share your pic online just force people accept your fatness. But deep down in your brain you know you are not beautiful and you are FAT. Be realistic!

  25. How do you go from needing to gain weight to needing to lose weight like that if you would’ve gone somewhere in the middl how do you go from needing to gain weight to needing to lose weight like that. You should have stayed somewhere in the middle

  26. So honestly what do yall think is "fat and unhealthy" she kinda inspired me to feel comfortable in my own body. I am 170 pounds and 5'3 at age 24. I have copd which makes it hard to breathe so working out a little at a time is fine but not really enough to really see big results. I really hate my body i was 135 pounds 2 years ago and yes i over eat to make me feel better inside. But even skinny people can be unhealthy. It just all depends.

  27. She's trash. Look into her, she shames women that want to lose weight or live healthy lifestyles. She's nothing but an attention seeker whether she was a size 10 or a size 16.

  28. Sad she had body dysmorphia i had that too but girl you went from very fit and good looking to what obese? Becoming what you feared isn't the solution!

  29. I've spent the entire day crying because of how much I hate myself. This video helped me stop crying. I'm so proud of you for embracing your beauty ! You are amazing goddess !

  30. She had such a gorgeous body, what a shame. & just like losing weight doesn't cure body dysmorphia, gaining a ton of weight wouldn't either. She needs mental help & a proper diagnosis.

  31. Anyone body else got hard wood watching this?
    Come on guys, I could not be the only one! I know many of you did too.

  32. 2-3 times per week gym and a slightly better diet would do wonders for these women. Feeling alright with themselves is one thing and they are indeed free to chose their lifestyle and diet but really just few minor, no major but minor, changes in their lives would bring a lot of improvement. They need not be model-like skinny, but with a few kilos less they can look alright. And they will feel the difference.

  33. There is a difference between curvy and fat.
    Curvy: hourglass figure
    Fat: plus size, obesity

    This video is fat. It's unhealthy and not beautiful.

  34. Does body positivity mean you have to always post half naked on Instagram ? I’m just saying ! I work out I love my body but it can still be seen in clothes . I don’t have to be in my bra and panties online lol .. smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

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