FOOD TREND Recipe Relay Challenge | Pass It On Ep. 6

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  1. My God! Ben is so innovative. I never would have seen a pizza dough and thought, curry. Though I'm not British, so… But it looks delish!

  2. Please do a sorted ultimate battle themed around the Studio Ghibli movies? I would love to see where you guys could go with the variety in the Ghibli films!

  3. I would love to seem them try this again. I think a charcoal curry pizza would actually be great!…just maybe not as a pass it on lol.

  4. In the intro, I love how Jamie’s face turns from bright smile to absolutely stunned horror, as he realizes he’s going to be up last.

  5. PASS IT ON SUGGESTION: Theme: The Ultimate Carnival Food (think elephant ears, corndogs, donuts etc but they come up with one EPIC Carnival Food (savory/sweet or both). Order of Pass It On: Jamie, Mike, Ben, James, Barry. In my head this order could either be really really good, or REALLY REALLY BAD xD

  6. Can I just ask how itty bitty Ben and Barry and 2nd and 3rd in ascending age rose, and the BEARDED GOLIATH that is James is the youngest…

  7. I come back to this episode every few months just to see barrys cloud eggs!!! Don't know what makes me laugh more, his cloud eggs, or roasted pepper! Lol

  8. Mike clearly laid everything out for Jamie, and Jamie spent like 5 minutes just wandering around going 'what do i do?!' My face went through my palm and onto my laptop.

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