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Hi welcome to the Handyverse. We’re both really busy and in order to give ourselves some more time to
work on Handyverse projects we did a freezer meal marathon to help out at meal time, and we turned our freezer from this here
To this… stick with us
Okay, welcome back to our kitchen. Today we’re going to making a series of freezer meals for a whole month
And what are we making today?
We are going to make some
meatballs, chili
stuffed peppers, black bean burgers, lasagna, mini pizzas, pulled pork, chicken soup, frozen yogurt
breakfast burritos, breakfast cookies, and some banana bread, and it’s New Year’s Eve
so we’re going to try to finish all of this before the stroke of midnight when we turn into pumpkins
Yeah, and if you wanted to check out our website at we’re going to put the all the recipes,
Links to all the recipes and a compiled grocery list for everything that we needed for today’s
freezer meals. We only have a small freezer, so this isn’t something that you need a big deep freeze for
We have a small kitchen
Standard size fridge, but it’s just this small unit
freezer that we have. I don’t think you want to make so many meals that you need to use a deep freezer because the
idea is that you consume this food within a month because
Otherwise you’re gonna get freezer burns and the food does continue to rot, although slowly, in your freezers
so I think
limiting it to your
fridge freezer is perfect. One of the things we’re also doing is where we laid things out to try and make it as efficient as
possible today
Suzanne said we want to be done before midnight. I’m hoping we’re gonna be done a long time before that
So really the first thing for us is to get the slow cooker going because that’s gonna take the most amount of time
We have a few other things
We’re gonna put in the oven, but that’s only about an hour or so the slow cooker is going to be hours
So let’s do that first
Okay the pork is in the slow cooker for the next 8 hours
Now we’re going to move on next step is to get our chicken, roast our chicken in the oven so that
Eventually we can make our stock and our chicken soup
So now we’re just cooking the chicken we always like to do both by time based on the recipe, but also
using a
Probe to measure the internal temperature for safety reasons so it’s recommended to 180 for chicken. We have a ways to go. We’re at 36
Okay, so we’re feeling pretty good. It’s half an hour. We’ve got two meals on the go
See if we can keep the pace going the next we want to get the meatballs formed and ready so that they’re ready to go
Into the oven as soon as the chicken comes out
And Jason doesn’t like to touch raw meat, so it falls to me again. I guess
Okay so our timer went off on the chicken an hour and 15 minutes
But you can see it’s still not up to temperature so
Hence the handiness of the internal temperature probe at the same time we’re trying to get our chili going
Because we only have the one pot so we chose a chili recipe that’s really fast
So this chili can be will be done in about 15 minutes or so
We’re waiting for the last degree on the chicken and then we’re going to turn up the temperature and pop in our meatballs
Okay, this is definitely not a tutorial about how to cut a chicken or carve it properly
We are just taking off as much meat as we can to make our chicken stock so that we can make our chicken noodle soup
So now we’re just going to turn down the
Chicken that’s boiling in the water to make our chicken stock and normally we probably would just buy chicken stock
But since we’re going to be in the kitchen for several hours. Anyways. We’re gonna make our own
And then at about three o’clock
We’ll add
Vegetables and simmer it for a little while longer
Before we make our soup so the soup might actually be end up being the last thing
And now the meatballs are cool, so that’s the first meal that’s actually complete
And we’re going to freeze that about four per serving so this made
Six meals and we’re just going to put them in like little freezer bags so that we can
Thaw them out and throw them in with some pasta of summer evening for supper
Ok so now we’re going to make
Lasagna you’re going to make choose since we’re going through the steps, and this is a really easy lasagna
And something we were discussing we regret a little bit of doing all the recipes with ground beef
It seems to be a little fattier than we had anticipated, but it is what it is
Suggestion would be to look for a ground chicken or turkey
if possible and that would be a little bit healthier, but
It is what it is.
Pinguino chili! Okay, so it’s the afternoon and what did we finish?
Oh yeah there we go
Meatballs are done in the freezer if we were to do this again. I would
Double the quantity for meatballs because it felt like a lot of work for not a lot of meatballs
chili was sufficient that was lots and
So we did that lasagna, two lasagnas are done
That was worth doubling and the pulled pork is still cooking and the chicken soup is, well we’re currently making the broth
Okay, so now we’re making frozen yogurt so we can use up these strawberries that were hand-picked by the expert
Which you also know as Jason’s father?
Who you can catch in a couple of our other videos
It’s actually really delicious
two tips
We’ve tried to make it using a double batch
I wouldn’t do that unless you have a really big food processor took a while that I was worried
It was gonna get too watery. So we’re going to do it again, but just with a single batch this time
And we’re putting these in these
fantastic little tubs that from Costco we buy the margarine and save the
tubs which are dishwasher freezable and microwavable
This has been simmering for two hours, and now we’re going to add the veggies and the spices and then simmer it for another two
Next up black bean burgers trying to balance out all of that beef with some veggies
And you don’t want to overdo it because it’ll get mushy
Breakfast burritos
It’s starting to get dark outside and we’re starting to get tired, but now we’re gonna make stuffed peppers
We’re going to take that off
Cool it, let it cool. Yes. Let it cool before we wrap our burritos, so we’ll come back to this
And our broth is coming along another 40 minutes, and we’ll make the chicken soup
Okay, now, we just want to wrap up the burritos
We’re gonna wrap them in parchment paper
so all we need to do is pull them out of the freezer throw them in the oven for
I forget what it is… 20 minutes?
Something like that. We’ll put it up on the screen. It’ll be right here
We ended up having a bit more than we needed, we didn’t buy enough peppers so
We’re just gonna put the extra in
The trays since we have these little trays and we’re gonna bake them like that. It’ll still be good. It just won’t look as pretty
But they’ll be delicious
Pinguino peppers!
The soup is done. We have it in the freezer we
Put it in mason jars with the lids off
And if you do this at home make sure that you leave the lids off when you freeze it
otherwise the bottle might explode, so we’re
We’re still playing through this. It’s it’s been a long day, but we’re still going
we have three things left to do we need to do our mini pizzas our breakfast cookies and the banana bread and
We realized that we only have one pan and we we planned to make two loaves of banana bread
That’s going to take another two hours
So what we’re going to do instead is do one loaf of banana bread, and then a dozen muffins to go with it
Next thing we’re going to do is
Drain the juice off the from the slow cooker for the pulled pork and get that back in and get that finished off
Whoa. Whoa! Those are huge!
Okay, we’re coming to the end next up are some scrumptious breakfast cookies
Okay sixteen minutes later, we have our breakfast cookies all ready to go and they turned out pretty well so happy with those
We’re just gonna throw in some Ziploc bags drop them in the freezer put our
Banana muffins in the freezer and fridge and our banana loaf the freezer and last thing
Finally is the pizza so we’re gonna work on that now
There you have it long day, but now we have a freezer full of food, that’s good for
Hopefully a month
Should be longer depending on how much else we cook as well. If you want to see how we did it check out our website
at, where we’ll have the recipes
grocery list and more, thanks for watching
Hit like, hit subscribe and we’ll see you next time


  1. Your next cooking video he should do the cooking, not liking to touch raw meat is a copout you eat it so you should cook it.

  2. Love the video and appreciate the ingredients spreadsheet but any chance we can have a recipe for each? Video was hard to follow for some to determine which ingredient went in when 🙂

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  5. I don't understand this culture at all I mean it would cost you less than 1hour to cook fresh nutrious food everyday

  6. Just to save time next time cut the raw pork into small chunks cook on high for 3-4 hours always add only boiling liquid to the pot. As for the soup cut the back bone and wings off boil them for the stock at the same time you bake the chicken. Saves so much time.

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  8. You can also just put the raw chicken into the pot of boiling water to begin with, and skip cooking it in the oven at all.

    Boiling the chicken in the water will end up turning it into very tender, fall off the bone tender chicken!! Then all you have to do is pull out the bones with some tongs.

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  11. I cook full meals for a month and fill our tall freezer. All I have to do then is pop it in the oven to heat through. Great for busy families.

  12. This is the first video I've watched of you two. Usually the freezer meals I've watched are for large families, so this is nice seeing you two make freezer meals for, I'm guessing, just the two of you. I have a regular refrigerator like you with the small freezer. I like how you made some things that are not so common as a freezer meal such as a black bean burger and stuffed peppers. A lot of people make a lot of basic pasta dishes or Mexican dishes. I loved the breakfast burrito as well. I like how you use the sweet potato and spinach in that. That gave me the idea of using butternut squash, which I love. I myself would leave out the burrito to not eat so many carbs. Love your ideas. Great video. 😊

  13. Nice looking stove. Jason shame on you. Learn to touch raw meat (it really is not that bad) or use chefs gloves haha. Good to see you making your own chicken stock. If I make homemade stock which I definitely prefer (and it is so much cheaper than good shop bought) I freeze some in ice cube trays and then if need just a little eg to make a gravy to go with a "dry" dish like sausages I can just use as little or as much as I need. Too many people waste their chicken carcasses. So many things I like to eat here that you have made me hungry 🙂 I love how you put shortcut links to each item. I will be looking at your recipes on your site. Like your style and I have subscribed. Ps I agree with your own comments re the stuffed peppers. I love them but unlike the other stuff I don't think they freeze too well. I might freeze some stuffings seperate though depending on what it is. PPS poor Jason getting a bit of a hard time in comments haha. I am sure he did some sous chefing and an extra pair of hands always useful in the kitchen. I am also sure he has his other uses 🙂 Edit: I just looked at your site and yes Jason sure has his uses 🙂 Nice.

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    Why not use them in the soup? Just slice them up to begin with, into bite-size pieces instead of putting them in whole!?

  21. A much simpler way to make that soup would be to use a very large stock pot to make the soup in. (Or use a crock pot or instant pot.)

    Fill it about 3/4 of the way with water, and then place the chicken either whole into the water (or cut it up into pieces) & place them into the pot and then place the sliced carrots, celery, and onions in it, & herbs & seasonings (always use poultry seasoning with chicken or turkey!!) and then just simmer it for several hours.

    Then all you have to do is pull out the bones later. (No pre-cooking the meat, no straining out the vegetables you just will add back in later!)

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    Thank you.!!
    (Roswell, NM)
    My arms hurt from ALL the prepping.!

  23. Reading the comments and found out you are Canadian! Yes, so I subscribed. Altho it is a day-long project, it does save time in the end. Also it is a great bonding experience … or could something like that break a relationship??? Job well-done. I am a TW consultant and the latest gig is to host meal prep parties. What better way to create 5 different dinners for a family of 4 than with your friends?

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    Lots of good ideas here. We're going to have a day like this soon to prep ourselves for after our first baby is born and we're too tired to cook! 😂

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    1. How do you reheat the pulled pork

    2. How to reheat the peppers

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  38. Thank you for all of these great ideas. We are empty nesters now so I have to relearn how to feed 2 people again! One thing you can do is use your vegetable scraps in your stock. The peels and rinds hold the most nutrients sometimes and you don’t have as much waste. I keep a gallon sized freezer bag handy in the freezer and add my scraps as I have them and once it’s full I will make a batch of vegetable broth or bake a whole chicken and add those scraps to make chicken broth. You can freeze it in multiple quantities to use in different recipes.

  39. Easy cheesy bacon mushrooms, line a baking sheet with foil lay out the bacon like you mean it, de-stem your mushrooms, cut cheese (mozzarella is good) into squares to fit (you don't have to get/de-gill mushrooms) lay the mushrooms on the raw bacon even the stems unless you want to save them for another recipe, season if you wish or don't you can sprinkle with salt later throw them in the oven according to bacon package directions (slightly different thin vs thick ) and and another 5-7 min usually, serve with a couple slices of bacon (store excess bacon in Ziploc bag after cooling pour grease into container save for later use) and enjoy (caution adding too much cheese will cause spill over and sticking to the pan/bacon) grated Parmesan can be sprinkled on top for flavor ) keto diet friendly great appetizer or main dish thank you!

  40. You've made a fantastic video. Thank you for sharing. You certainly ended the year well and started the new year even better.

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  43. I LOVE this video, not necessarily for the ideas or recipes (although both are good), but because it absolutely refutes the "my kitchen is to small to really cook in." If I hear that again I will show them this video. When I had two very small children I had a kitchen as small, maybe smaller, than yours. I cooked every night, quite iften from scratch, plus I had an in home daycare for two years and cooked lunch and homemade shacks for the kids!

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