Food Desert in Austin, TX – Access to Healthy Food Should Be Around the Corner

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Hi, I’m Pkaye Washington. I’m also volunteer with the American Heart Association
and a resident in South East Austin
We’re out here in this area. We don’t have very many grocery stores. We’re known as the food desert.
We’re gonna see what I can find for dinner
A food desert is defined as an area with no major food stores within a 5 mile radius
In an urban area, it’s 1 mile
My neighbors and I rely on convenient stores to get what we need and we’re not alone
In Travis county, there are 5 zipcodes that does not have full service grocery stores
Let’s head to the convenient store right here to see what we can find
For dinner recipe today, we’re having
baked chicken, green beans, rice, dinner rolls, and fresh lemon for ice water
We talk about childhood obesity and this is what we’re talking about
Parents don’t have access to healthy foods for their children
What’s a poor mother to do
Let’s see what we can find and see how much we gonna pay for the convenience
I’m trying to find some chicken breast of course they didn’t have any
baked chicken or anything. But I saw spam
Let’s go into this place
and see what I can find for dinner today
Okay, let me see what I can do with this
That was for just one meal and it was over $20
for just one meal
So, a family of 4-6 can’t do that everyday and survive
You know, the average income… they can’t
So, food desert down here is what we are along with five other zipcodes in the area
We need to do something about this
Okay, let’s see what we can come up with
I’m getting ready to cook dinner but let’s revisit my original menu to see what I was going to cook before I went shopping
I was gonna cook baked chicken, string beans with rice and dinner rolls and have some lemon for ice water
Convenient store #1, I was able to find some rice
got spam, mixed vegetables, no rolls so some bread, and pepsi
Convenient store #2, hm
Chef Boyardee can, and some spinach, and I got some rolls
I figured I make some garlic bread
Not very healthy. No fresh vegetables. I just deal with canned stuff and kinda expensive
but that’s what we have to deal with out here. We’re in a food desert
and it’s very difficult for families to afford to be able to eat like this
I call convenient stores sodium city sugar town and we need more vegetables up in there somewhere
We need to do something about it so it’ll be a lot more convenient for us to have fresh access to food and vegetables
and it won’t be so expensive
But in the meantime, this is what I have to deal with for this evening
So, I’m gonna see what I can do with it
Thank you
Join us in supporting policies that improve access to fresh, healthy foods in our community

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