Flight from Death | Pathfinder: Knights of Everflame | Episode 2

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(adventurous music)
– Welcome to the second installment
of the Knights of Everflame,
a special eight-part adventure
to celebrate the launch of
Pathfinder Second Edition.
I’m Jason Bulmahn, Director
of Game Design at Paizo,
and one of the game’s lead designers.
I’ll be your host and game
master for this session,
but before we begin, let’s
take a moment to introduce
our players and their characters.
We’re gonna start over here.
– I’m Rachel Seeley, I’m playing
the weirdo Linnaeus Linen.
– I’m Erika Fermina, I am
playing Tariel Windhaven,
your half-elf bard.
– Hi, I’m Aki and I am
playing Lis Shorbuckle,
your wildwood halfling ranger.
– Hi, I’m Gina, and I’m playing
your dwarven barbarian, Omelette.
– I’m Jeremy Steven Walker, I’m playing
Ikyulys, the champion.
And my fellow knights gifted
me with some lovely new dice.
– Oh, better.
– Thank you.
– May these ones roll at
least marginally better
than the last ones, all right.
– Yes, they will, they will, I believe it.
– When we last left our
intrepid band of adventurers,
six strangers were loaded
on the back of a wagon
bound for Last Wall.
There you were set to be trained to serve
as Knights of Last Wall.
Your host for this journey
was Lieutenant Andla Ellisent,
and her plucky dwarf
companion, Private Carr.
Together, the eight of you began the long,
arduous journey north.
Shortly after departure, when
stopping for the first night,
Lieutenant Ellisent took
you all out to test you,
to see what you were made
of, and she had you fight
against a rather vicious earth elemental,
that if I recall correctly,
tried to drive Ikyulys
down into the ground like a spike.
After dealing with that elemental,
you continued making your way north,
taking a detour around a
village called Rustler’s Coffer
that the lieutenant seemed
to be not interested
in exploring in any way, shape, or form.
But you continued making your way north,
running afoul a caravan
that had been destroyed.
There were ominous signs
there, old blood, no corpses.
Strange markings in the grass.
Weren’t sure what to make of it.
Neither was the lieutenant,
she said she would send
a patrol down to investigate.
And you continue to push north.
The next day, as you rounded a bend,
your destination finally came into sight.
Castle Everstand, standing
far in the distance,
was where you were to be trained.
But when you saw it, it became clear
that this was not a place
where you were going to receive
any sort of instruction at all.
The castle was on fire, the
town outside, Squirestone,
was in riot and panic, flames coming
from many of the buildings.
the lieutenant urged your wagon forward,
rushing the group of you to the town
and the besieged castle.
Even though no army was visible,
something was clearly terrible
happening inside its walls.
When you arrived, you
found most of the village
strangely empty, but there were signs
of struggle and conflict.
Buildings were aflame, blood
poured down the streets.
Arriving in the center of town,
you found a shrine, a
small temple to Iomedae,
being besieged by six walking corpses,
three skeletons and three zombies,
bashing at the door, trying to get inside.
You sprung into action,
slicing apart zombies,
battering skeletons and
smashing them to the stones.
After doing so, you were able to find out
what was inside, what the
skeletons and the zombies
were desperately trying to get after.
There, over almost two dozen villagers,
were huddling, hiding, an aged
priest watching over them,
with his ill-fitting mail
and old rusted sword.
His eyesight failing him, he was ready
to give up his life to protect them.
But now you were here.
Lieutenant Ellisent took in the situation.
She knew what she had to do.
She asked you to kneel.
She asked you to recite the vows.
She knighted you.
She gave you the last order she would
probably ever give you.
She ordered you to take the refugees,
take them from this place, lead them south
to where she was born.
Out of Last Wall, take them to Nearnathas.
In Northern Nearnathas, there’s
a small town called Cassen,
take them there, take
them away from danger.
the lieutenant and the private
grimly gripped their blades
and turned to the castle.
It was their duty to go inside and protect
and find any of the brethren
that they left there,
leaving the six of you, and I should note,
you are also with a plucky
halfling named Lucky.
– We love Lucky.
– Yeah, he’s great.
– For yourself.
Your friend.
– Leaving the six of you–
– He’s grown on me.
– Leaving the six of you to
escort a horde of frightened,
terrified villagers south to Cassen,
along with their aging priest
and one half-orc private
who was assigned to protect them.
So, that is where we are going to pick up.
Our adventure begins just a
scant minute after that moment.
You’ve escorted the villagers
away from the town itself.
You got to the edge where your wagon
was still waiting for you, your
horses that were tied to it,
skittish, frothing from all the activity,
as you drove them very hard to get here,
but also, it’s pretty clear,
those horses are pretty
equally excited to be
away from the burning town
filled with walking dead.
So, you were able to load
some of the injured villagers
into that very easily
and make your way down
the hillside road that
led from Squirestone
back out to the plains.
So that’s kind of where we are picking up,
at that exact moment.
You’ve escorted them down the hill,
you’re leaving the town behind.
The flames continue to spread,
you occasionally hear odd cries
echoing from the distance.
What would you like to do?
– What sort of cries?
– You hear an occasional shout or scream,
but it sounds really distant and echoey,
like it might be coming
from inside the keep.
– Oh.
– Oh no.
– We have been told to
do a specific thing,
we cannot go back and
break our, disobey orders
on our very first mission,
it is not a good idea,
I can see what you are thinking there.
– No way, I’ve been given
an order by the lieutenant,
I would never break that vow.
I’m a knight now.
I follow my duty, and these
people need protection,
and that is what my god does, protect.
– The townsfolk are all
kind of looking at you
with expected eyes.
The priest, whose been
loaded up on the wagon,
he doesn’t move too quick,
his name is Sir Falmer,
that was mentioned briefly at
the end of the last episode,
I just wanna make sure you had it.
Sir Falmer and Private
Uncure are guiding the wagon.
In the back are about
half a dozen villagers,
who took pretty nasty wounds,
they have like bad leg wounds,
or like broken arms or something.
– I’m going to be on
there healing as we go.
– Absolutely.
Sir Falmer says, so you’ve been ordered
to bring us to safety, that’s–
– And that is what we’ll do.
– That is well.
So, where are we going?
– We are headed to Cassen.
It is a town in the south of–
– Northern border.
– Northern border of Nearnathas.
– Do any of you have the Society skill?
– I do.
– I think I do.
– No.
– Sure.
– Yes.
– I do.
– Those of you with Society can go ahead
and give me a check.
– It’s just a one, but I’ve got it.
– With a d20?
– Yep, go ahead and roll a
d20 and add your skill bonus.
– That’s 12 for me.
– I have a 21.
– Rolled an eight.
– Well, I mean, that’s a number.
– I have a 21.
– A 21.
All right, that’s quite good.
So Lyss, you have a sense of
the geography of this region.
You’re at Castle Everstand,
and Cassen is far to the south,
kind of in the middle of the Fangwood.
There’s a river that bisects the forest,
and it’s called the Turindel River.
So you are to the west and
north of the town of Cassen.
Getting there can be
done a variety of ways,
you would think.
You can travel overland
and stay out of the forest
until you get south to the river
and then follow the river to the town,
you can certainly do that.
You could also try and try your luck
through the actual forest, the Fangwood,
that’s the more direct
route, but it is also
through a pretty dense forest.
You can also kind of split the difference
and see where that takes you.
But that’s the choice
that sits in front of you.
– I explain this to the party,
since we are all here
together and we are a team,
I feel as though we should
make this decision as one.
We have a few choices before us.
We could go overland, it will
take a little bit more time,
but it is probably the safest way,
but there’s also the most direct path,
which is straight through the forest,
or we could mix and match and
see how we feel about that.
But it is really–
– Do we know what’s in the forest?
– Bears.
– Bears.
– Yes, the biggest
problem with the forest,
though maybe not so much
with me at your side,
I actually am a specialist
in forests, as it were.
The problem with the forest
is that it is very dense,
and so it will be
difficult to travel through
with sick and wounded in the wagon.
There might be places
where we cannot pass,
and people will have to
get out and travel on foot,
which will slow us down, so either way,
it probably would still end up taking us
about the same amount of time, I just–
– There are trails in the forest,
but they may not take you directly there,
they may be a bit meandering, based on
geography and topography.
– It might get a little
bit windy in there.
It depends on how we feel,
the traveling over land
is out in the open, we’re
more likely to be attacked,
traveling in the forest,
we have more cover,
but we won’t see something coming
if it does try to attack us, so,
we’re taking our chances either way.
– We may want to mix both.
– Maybe a mix, I feel like a
mix and match is probably good.
– Maybe save some time.
– We travel through the
Fanghorn until we hit the river
and then we travel along the river,
what do we think of that?
– What do you mean by mixin’ and matchin’?
Are you sayin’ we’re splittin’?
– No no no no, no, we spend
some time in the forest,
and then we spend some
time outside of the forest
on the path.
– Oh, sure.
– The longer way and the shorter way,
so we don’t take the direct route,
so we don’t put ourselves
in immediate danger,
but we still try and save some time.
– Okay.
– Going along.
– Okay, I follow that.
– Well, you could kind of just head back
directly the way you came,
almost exactly back down
the road that you took to get here.
That would take you down
toward Rustler’s Coffer.
– Do not say those words to me,
you know this temptation
that lives in my heart.
– Which–
– People to protect.
– Which is also on the Turindel River.
So the Turindel River
passes by Rustler’s Coffer
before it eventually arrives in Cassen.
But you don’t have a map, per se,
so you’re not gonna be
100% sure where anything is
other than just kinda
traveling and finding your way.
However, you can also just kind of
play it opportunistically,
look for a good path
that’s leading into the
forest and just take it
when the opportunity presents itself.
– They look intrigued.
– Well, obviously, if we travel a path
that I am familiar with,
we will travel faster,
because it is one that
is familiar to all of us,
but if we take our chances with a path
none of us are familiar
with, we could end up
lost and wandering for days.
– Maybe we should just
take the way that we know.
– And just be safe about it?
– Sir Falmer says we will
trust in you, you are knights,
and the private is like,
I’ve never traveled south,
I don’t know where to go.
Also windy and stomach, this one.
– Oh, no, that was just
because I was hungover.
– Oh.
– That was the alcohol,
I’d never had it before.
– Now you see Sir Falmer and
the private look at each other
like what have we gotten ourselves into?
– I grew up in a monastery.
– Before we were knights.
– Oh, yes, quite.
But we should probably get going,
there are terrible things stirring.
So where are we going?
– We are taking the
road we traveled before,
at least up until a
point, and then we will
see where fortune takes us.
For now we are going
to head for the river,
along the path we have already trod.
– Lead on.
So, with the wagon in tow,
filled with villagers,
and the rest of the villagers
are kind of walking behind,
or sorry, they’re actually
walking in front of the wagon.
So the wagon’s making a slow pace,
all the villagers are making a slow pace.
But it’s still moving away.
So as the afternoon proceeds towards dusk,
Castle Everstand slowly starts
receding into the distance.
Even as sunset begins to fall,
you can see that there are
still fires burning in town.
The orange-red lights are still flickering
on the castle walls.
Whatever’s happening there is not over.
– The city is burning.
– Just as it begins to
get dark, you could swear
that there is something
emerging from the city.
– Oh no.
– The villagers are looking very nervous.
Why don’t you guys all
give me Perception checks?
– Yep.
– I’m going to be also spending my time
healing as many people
in the wagon as I can.
– All right.
– Oh!
(groaning and mumbling)
– Someone rolled well, what did you get?
– 18 base plus 12.
– That’s a 30, that’s
fantastic, yeah, all right.
– 18 base plus 13, so 31.
– Ah. (laughing)
– Always gotta show me up, god!
– Whatever I see.
– Seven base, with a nine, so–
– 16, all right.
Anyone else cracking 30?
– No.
– So–
– 15.
– You notice that you
are still wearing shoes.
Now. (laughing)
– I’m a bit busy doing other things.
– Yeah.
So the two of you are
kind of keeping an eye,
looking back at the city,
and you can’t help but notice
that in the last rays of the sun,
as the sun is starting to set,
you can’t help but
notice the glint off mail
as armored horses begin
to emerge from the city,
and it looks like some of
them might be on horseback.
– Oh no.
Oh, buddy.
We have problems.
We have very fast problems on four legs.
– They are coming our way.
– Uh-huh.
– We should be on our guard.
– Two legs on top of
four legs, they’re fast.
– I guess we can try to
ride through the night.
– Are you sure it’s not our forces?
– Probably not, because
the fire’s still going.
– That doesn’t mean nothin’, that means
we coulda burned them all.
– I would not–
– We were burnin’ stuff as well.
– I would not take that risk.
– Yeah, what if they aren’t
ours and they catch us?
– I’m not saying we shouldn’t
be protective of ourselves,
I’m just saying be hopeful.
– This discussion is
really making the villagers
look around at each other very nervously.
(all talking at once)
– Do we know who it is?
Can we see there’s a
sign for the family, or?
– Whatever is coming after
you is way too far away.
You can’t see any heraldry
or anything like that.
They basically looked
back and saw kind of like,
almost like ants swarming
out of an anthill.
But some of them were clearly moving fast.
They were moving ahead of the rest.
– I do not think they will have any reason
to come after us unless they needed
to come after us for specific reasons.
We do not want to scare our charges,
but we should maybe get them off the road.
– That is fine by me.
We just maybe shouldn’t be
saying that all of them are dead.
– The townsfolk, there’s
like one or two townsfolk
who are making Perception
checks, and they were like…
– Don’t say the word.
– I covered my mouth, they
don’t know what I’m sayin’.
– People can still hear you!
– Get off the road!
– I’m gonna start like gently
directing them to like,
if there’s like a treeline or anything
that we can kind of sort of, anything–
– I mean, there is a treeline,
but it’s a good mile off the road.
Now, you could go there.
But it’s gonna be hard travel.
Now, the town is so far away right now
that mounted forces on horseback
that are moving at full speed,
you’ve probably got about
an hour, hour and a half
before they reach this location,
if this is where they’re going.
Going from here to the treeline
might take about an hour.
You might be able to make it,
but it would be a hard push.
– I guess we’re–
– Trekking on.
– Go on.
– I am not sure, I mean, if it’s a race
between us and them, I
would bet on us every time,
because we are a team
and we are resourceful.
– And we’re knights.
– But we can only move as a team,
so what do you guys want to do?
– I set an alarm.
– What sort of alarm?
– Well, you could put an
alarm spell on the path
that would mentally alert you
if bad guys go through it.
– Hmm.
– I would know if they’re coming up, yes?
– That could work.
– Can I set it off the
path where we’re going,
so that I know if they’re
not continuing on the road?
– You could.
– Okay.
– So are we going to the treeline,
and then set an alarm just off the path,
so if they do try to follow
us, we will know right away?
– If they’re coming toward us.
– Yes, and if they continue on the road,
we will know it is safe, and then we can,
for now we just want to
hide them in the treeline,
we don’t need to continue
traveling past that once we are–
– All right.
So, my question is, how
are you going to get them
off the trail, because
you have a wagon and like,
about 15 people on foot.
– Has my healing helped at all?
– It has helped.
The people in the back of the wagon
look like they’re mobile now.
But you’re talking about abandoning
the wagon and the horses?
– Can we keep the horses?
Can they go through the forest?
– Of course, yeah.
I mean, and you could
probably take the wagon too,
but it would take coaxing the horses,
and it would leave quite the trail.
Now, you could also use
Survival to cover up the trail.
– I have the ability
to cover up our trail.
So if you guys go on
ahead, I can follow behind
and make sure that we are
able to hide our tracks.
That is an ability that I have.
– Can anyone else go in front and scout?
– Can I get hooked up to the cart too?
I’d be an extra horse.
– You could be up there
with the like, they both–
– Bridle me up, let’s go.
– The priest and Private
Uncure look at each other and–
– I’ve worked in mines before,
rocks are a lot heavier than people.
– All right, so here’s
how this is gonna work.
Sounds like there are a few of you
that are going with the
wagons and all the people
to make sure they go.
Do any of you have Nature as a skill?
– No.
– Me.
– Yes.
– I do.
– Well, so here’s the thing,
to coax the horses forward,
that’s a use of the Nature skill.
So you can roll Nature to try
and coax the horses forward.
The only problem is, Lyss,
you can’t do both that
and cover up the tracks.
– Can I play a song to
try to soothe the horses?
– Do you have Inspire Confidence?
– Just Inspire Courage.
– All right.
– Can I try and intimidate the
horses to run alongside me?
– Well, you can try and
scare the horses, sure, yeah.
– Cast Fear.
– Yeah.
– I’d feel very bad.
– I have Intimidation as well.
– Sir Falmer is like,
let’s not scare the horses,
they’ll bolt and the wagon’ll be wrecked.
– Yeah, that’s true.
– I’m attached to it.
– So tell you what, tell you what.
Why don’t you give me a Nature check,
as you’re trying to lead the horses away.
– Okay.
Listen, listen.
Gotta do well.
Ah, that’s 12.
– 12.
All right.
So you’re trying to
coax the horses forward,
but it’s not going too great.
They’re moving, but they’re
not moving too fast.
Meanwhile, Lyss, you’re staying behind
to cover up the tracks,
that’s a Survival use.
You don’t have to roll for it,
it just makes it harder for people
to find the tracks kind of automatically.
So, but it does take you time to do it,
so you’re there kind of
covering up the tracks,
taking like–
– Half of my travel speed.
– Yeah.
So you’re falling behind the
group as you’re doing it,
but you’re like taking a
branch to sweep aside the dirt
and move the leaves around so that
the signs of your passage
are not as obvious.
Has anyone else got anything
else they can do to help?
– I’m pulling the cart.
– Give me an Athletics check.
– Yes sir.
– Can we both?
– Sure.
Yeah, you can have a few folks.
I’m assuming you have some rope,
so you can have a few folks help
with pulling the cart,
helping the horses along.
– 29.
– That’s great.
– 27.
– The two of you are
pulling almost as much
as the horses are, and
although you weren’t able
to guide them particularly
well, since they’re being
kind of yanked in the
direction you need them to go–
– Lose these horses.
– The horses are looking
rather distraught,
like they might be out of a job.
So the two of you start
yanking and pulling
and helping to guide the horses,
with a bit of coaxing from some Nature,
you manage to get the horses moving.
Lyss, how long are you going
to continue doing this?
Are you–
– I want to wait until we are
about maybe half the night,
’cause where is it that
you set up your alarm?
– On the path, a little bit
in from where we exited,
so it’s obvious if someone is following.
– I want to perhaps
continue to erase the tracks
for about maybe half a mile.
– Okay.
– Three-quarters of a mile,
not all the way up until,
because at some point I do need to like
ditch this and let go.
– Yeah.
– But for the most part,
I’m trying to make it
so that anybody trying
to track us at this point
would have to be able to
look really far to do it.
– Absolutely.
So, you are able to sweep
away and cover the tracks,
and as you are doing
this, as you’re making
this kind of desperate gambit to make it
to the forest’s edge, night is falling.
The last rays of sun are finally cresting
out of the treetops and
it is now growing dark.
– Well, I have my ever-burning torch.
– That certainly helps.
Most of the villagers are human,
so they can’t see in the dark.
– Should use as little
light as possible, though.
– Hmm, that’s true.
– Once we get into the treeline
and it starts to grow dark,
we must not light anything at all.
– All right.
The horse and the wagon and the villagers
make it to the treeline, you
immediately start moving in
and getting things away, deep enough in
so that no one can see you.
Lyss, you get about
halfway, and that’s when
they enter the treeline, right?
So you’re about halfway,
they reach the treeline,
and it’s now dark.
The forces that are after you
have to be getting very close.
– Yes, and because of my small size,
it is pretty difficult to see me.
– It’s true.
– Especially in the dark, I
can use my distracting shadows
to kind of–
– Oh, absolutely.
– Yeah, to make my way
judiciously towards the treeline.
– So that allows you
to hide kind of just in
the faintest bits of
shadow and stuff, yeah.
All right, so.
As you are doing this,
you suddenly realize
that whatever mounted
forces were coming after you
have reached your location, and you’re
not at the treeline yet.
The rest of you, safely
ensconced at the treeline,
I’m assuming you’ve put out
the torch and stuff like that.
– I can see just fine, I’ll let you know.
– I’ll let you know if
we’re all about to die.
Don’t worry, I got it.
All right.
So you reach the treeline,
you drive everyone inside,
you find kind of a hollow, you know,
a dip in the land, get
the wagon down in there,
get the villagers down there.
They’re all looking at each other
as if they’re expecting the end.
They’ve clearly seen some stuff
and they are all very
kind of shocked-looking.
They are like looking at
each other and they’re all
gripping weapons, you can
see their white knuckles,
even in the dark.
– I am going to continue to make my way
as stealthily as possible towards–
– So you’re going to continue moving?
– Yes.
But I will attempt to use the dark
and move stealthily through, even if it’s
a little bit at a time,
I will, do I hear them?
– So looking back at them,
you hear the sound of mail,
like rusted mail, and barding.
– Do I see like a thick
clump of grass or a–
– Sure, yeah, no, this
is kind of wilderlands,
so there’s plenty of places
where you could duck down.
– Then I will probably just drop.
– Sure.
– To the floor for a bit.
– All right.
– And kind of hold position.
– Do you want to be able
to see what’s happening,
or are you just going straight through?
– I will turn so that I can kind of like–
– All right.
You’re really far away
from the road anyway,
and you have a good Stealth,
so the odds that they’re
gonna see you, they have
to roll incredibly high.
– Mm-hmm.
– That’s a lot of rolling.
– A lot of rolling.
– Marching up on the path,
you see four skeletal knights.
They are mounted on horses
that are as dead as they are.
Their bones clip-clopping down the path.
Snorting even though they don’t have lungs
to breathe anymore, they
just kind of shudder
as their mail bounces off their bones.
The skeletons riding forward have lances,
and they go riding up the path,
and you see them reach a
point where they’re kind of
looking down at the path,
and they reach this point,
and they come to kind of a stop.
And you see them stop and
just kind of scan about.
And then they move on.
They did not appear to see you.
And they continue making
their way down the path.
– Praise all the gods
that everyone (mumbling)
because I don’t praise any gods, but oh.
– I am feverishly praying
to Sarenrae right now.
– Looking out, the rest
of you are so far away
that you can’t even see
what’s happening, right?
You’re hunkered down in the treeline,
you don’t know what’s going on.
But a few moments later,
and by a few moments later
it’s like 10 minutes, Lyss finally returns
to the rest of you.
– We were able to
successfully cover our tracks.
They have moved on down the road.
But we should be careful from now on.
It is probably best if we do
not travel out in the open.
– So I’m guessin’ that was a
foe, then, and not a friend.
– Oh, that was, oh.
– Don’t say it.
– They can hear you.
– Let’s go over here.
Private, do you mind perhaps watching them
for just a second while
we confer over here?
– The private says, oh, I’d
be happy to, but I may–
– We’ll fill you in in just a moment.
– I may be able to help.
– Oh, well then, Sir–
– Right, then we’ll
just cover our mouths–
– They can still hear you.
– Sir Falmer, please look over your flock,
we will be over here.
– He’s like, I will do as Iomedae demands.
– Okay.
– And we’ll probably like,
scooch over, you know,
keeping an eye on them, but like–
– Sure, sure, sure.
– 20 or 30 feet away.
– This is the point in time
where it’s like all right,
don’t scare the townsfolk,
all right, you know.
All right, so you’re able to
kind of move off to the side
and get a little bit of privacy,
and you’re able to have a discussion.
– So those were definitely soldiers,
perhaps they were once one
of ours, but no longer,
they were skeletons, their
horses were skeletons.
They had lances, they
were armed to the teeth,
and they were definitely after us.
– Oh no.
– So we should not be traveling
out in the open anymore.
They have obviously mobilized
their forces against us,
it is very possible they know
it is where we are going,
we have to be careful.
– Uncure kind of hunkers down with you,
and to be clear, Uncure
looks like every other knight
in Last Wall, she’s wearing
kind of finely-made chain mail,
she’s got the tabard
and raiment of a knight,
she doesn’t have any stripes
or any sort of affectation,
she’s clearly a private, and she,
despite a day’s worth of travel,
all of her clothes are still meticulous
and well put together and she
kind of comes and takes a knee
next to all of you, and
it’s like, Private Uncure,
and I’m happy to help you get these folks
to safety as best I can.
– I’m worried that if they
know where we’re going,
Cassen may not be safe.
– I don’t think anywhere
is going to be safe
as long as these undead fiends
are running about the land.
– It’s bad tidings.
Bad tidings.
– That just means we need
to get to the town faster.
– With warning.
– You were at the castle
when all hell broke loose,
can you tell us more about what happened?
– Mm-hmm.
– I can’t say that I saw it.
I was serving out in the village,
and I was on patrol with
some of the knights,
when the dead, they just started
pouring out of the ground.
All of the dead of the town just rose,
and began to consume the living.
With everyone they killed,
another one rose, it was endless.
Whenever we lost someone, they gained.
There was no way to win.
– I don’t know about you, but this sounds
quite like a witch.
– Everstand isn’t the only place.
– Was this the Coffer, Rustler’s Coffer?
Is this what happened there?
– No, what happened in
Rustler’s Coffer is probably
the same thing that happened in Vigil.
– In Vigil?
What happened in Vigil?
– Vigil’s gone.
– What do you mean gone?
– It’s gone.
It exploded, everyone’s dead.
– Exploded?
– Last Wall is dead.
– No it’s not.
We’re standing right here.
– There is a couple of us.
– This it’s dead, this
whole nation’s dead,
he’s free, everyone knows it.
– Then it’s our job to stop him again.
He was stopped before.
– With what?
With what, we have to escort
these people to safety,
what are we gonna fight a lich with?
– With the light of Sarenrae.
I’m not kidding, don’t laugh at me.
– We did it once, we can do it again.
– What choice–
– We have to get these people
to safety, that’s our job.
– Sure, and we’ll recruit along the way.
We’ll hit every town and we’ll gather
as many strong bodies as we can.
– They’re not soldiers.
We have to protect them.
– We’ll protect them first,
we’ll get them into the town,
get them somewhere safe, and
then we figure out what to do.
There must be other
people that can help us.
– The problem is if this lich has escaped,
there is nowhere in this
entire land that is safe.
– There must be.
It can’t get everywhere all at once.
– Can’t be everywhere, we have to at least
try to get them to safety.
– That is not exactly what I meant.
I’m saying that yes, we
can get them to safety,
but unless we do something
about the lich, nowhere is safe.
– Well I understand, but
we can’t do anything now.
It’s only us.
We need help.
– We need food, Uncure says.
– Well, I can help with that.
– There’s a forest
outpost not far from here.
I think.
– If you’ll give me a vague direction
where you think it is, I can
try to get us there safely.
– I don’t think we’ve hit the path yet,
if we continue a bit further
south, we should reach it.
There’s a small outpost in the forest,
it’s not generally
manned, it’s for hunters,
but it probably has supplies.
– Perfect.
We should go there.
– Yeah.
– Do we want to rest for the night
or do we want to continue going,
because I don’t know about you,
but it is dark traveling in the forest,
and the dark is quite dangerous.
We have all of these people
that we need to care for,
and they are probably tired
from the stress and strain
of this day’s journey,
so perhaps for the night,
we bunker down.
The danger for the time
being has passed us.
– For eight hours, we have this alarm,
and I’ll know, even if I’m
asleep, it will wake me up
if anyone comes down this path.
– We take watches?
– Yeah, shifts.
– We should take them in twos,
so no one is awake alone.
– All right.
– Are there any supplies in
the carts, to just sort of–
– Not much.
I mean, Private Carr had
some odds and ends in there,
there’s like a half a sack of potatoes
and stuff like that in there, just–
– Any sort of bear jerky?
– Yeah, there is still some bear,
yeah, there’s still some bear,
not a lot, but there is still some bear.
– I am doing a little bit of a quick
look around to see if I can–
– To see if you can find like mushrooms
and stuff like that to supplement.
Sure, why don’t you give
me a Survival check.
– Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
I have, what is that thing that I have?
Yeah, my coyote cloak will allow me to,
if I roll successfully
on a Survival check,
I can feed like, a lot of people.
– Twice as many people, yeah?
– Twice as many people.
– All right, go ahead and
give me a Survival check.
– Yeah, let’s see how we do.
– Really you’re just trying to supplement
food source supplies, I mean no one’s
going to get a full meal,
there just isn’t enough
for that many people.
– That’s a terrible roll.
That’s only a 15.
– So looking around in
the dark, you find like,
a couple handfuls of mushrooms
that you think are edible,
but there isn’t enough here,
there’s just not much here.
So you supplement that with
the food that you have.
Uncure is like well, I mean, it’s raw,
but you know, it’s better than
nothing for some of the folk.
– If anyone has a skillet, I could
use my Burning Hands and boil it.
It might set off a lot of light.
We could make a stew?
– I could craft something.
– Yeah?
– So you can probably dig a little bit
of a fire pit and have a small fire.
You’re already below
the level of the ground.
So you manage to do what you can.
We won’t dwell on it too much.
But you manage to do
what you can to at least
have some hot water and boil
up some of these vegetables
so you’re not just eating raw potato.
– Not that we haven’t already.
These poor people should
not have to do it.
– Poor Private Carr, he tried his best.
So, you manage to feed
them the best you can.
Some of them do have, you
know, a heel of bread,
or you know, a couple
odds and ends on them.
So the group manages to subsist tonight.
No one’s full, no one’s happy about it,
but no one’s exactly
starving right now either.
You set up watches.
By the way, are you including
Lucky in your watch rotation?
– I guess we don’t have much of a choice,
unless he wants to sleep and
Uncure wants to take a watch.
– I’d rather that happen.
– Mm-hmm.
– Lucky’s like, sounds good to me.
Goes to bed.
– I’ll take first watch.
– Sure.
So you’re all on watch.
– I’ll take watch with you.
– Okay.
So you set up a watch schedule,
everybody beds down for the night.
The townsfolk have fitful, restless sleep,
a few of them have
nightmares, it’s not good,
they’ve clearly been
through a really rough time,
and they’re not exactly doing great.
But the night passes, I
would say mostly uneventful,
and I say mostly because
at about four a.m.,
you get woken up because
your alarm goes off.
– I’m gonna wake them all
up and whisper, the alarm–
– Yes, I guess that you and I would’ve
taken a shift together, since–
– The alarm went off, the alarm went off.
– Is it my shift yet?
– The alarm went off.
– How far away am I from
the alarm, feet-wise?
– About a mile.
– A mile, okay.
– Does it have that range?
– Yeah, it does, I was just
thinking of my Detect Alignment.
– Oh yeah, that doesn’t
go nearly far enough.
– No.
– All right.
– If you want to go look,
I can make us invisible.
– Yes, yes.
I want to go and look and see what it is.
– All right.
– Be very careful.
– I’m going to cast Invisibility Sphere.
– Okay.
– And that should put a
10-foot burst around us?
– Yeah, that makes a handful of people
invisible temporarily.
It’s not a long period,
and it’s not enough
to get everybody.
– No, no, no, it’s just
for us to go check it out.
– Just the two of us
are going to go quickly.
– All right, so the two
of you are invisible,
and you kind of climb up the
ridge to take a look out,
and it’s pre-dawn light
at this point in time,
so there’s a bit of light
starting to fill the sky,
it’s gone from the deep, you know,
purples and blacks of night to now
some of the first rays of dawn,
the sky is lightening off to the East,
but the sun has not risen.
So you just vaguely have
this kind of pre-dawn sense
of the environment, making
it pretty hard to see.
Give me a Perception check.
– That’s a number.
– 24.
– Ah, very good.
So, taking a look out,
it’s hard to make out
exactly what you’re seeing,
and at first you’re like,
what am I looking at?
And you’re kind of looking at each other
and then looking back out,
and it doesn’t make sense.
And then it unfortunately does.
Looking out towards the
road, there must be 100,
200, it’s hard to count,
people shambling.
– Oh no, no.
– Along the road.
– Along the road or coming towards us?
– No, along the road.
But there’s so many that they’re
spilling off the road to either side.
– People or undead?
– They’re not moving like
people move. (laughs)
Nothing you see.
They’re just like a horde
that is slowly moving south.
– Oh, they’re being commanded
to go somewhere south.
– They’re moving really slow, though.
If they left the town, they traveled
all night just to get here.
– Oh, we’ve got to go.
We’ve got to go now.
– Where are we going to go?
– Go back to these people.
– Oh, well yes, yeah.
– Where are we going to go?
Back to our friends.
– Yes.
– Tell our party.
– I don’t know, we’ve got to go.
– Got to do it quietly.
– Okay.
– What did you see while
you were out there?
– Lots of undead.
Are you still invisible?
(all talking at once)
– I can drop it, I’ll drop it.
– There’s about 100 to 200
undead on the road right now.
They are headed south.
– So we are definitely not
traveling along the road anymore,
that is a big no-no.
– No, here’s the problem, though.
They’re headed south, we’re
going in the same direction.
– Right, well it took them
all night to get to us.
So just, we head out
now, we stop and gather
as many supplies at the
outpost and head on.
– All right, still the same plan.
– Perhaps at the outpost
they might have a map
and we can figure out
some of our options, hmm?
– They move slow.
– We might run into that
skeletal knight though.
– So we do have to make
sure we’re ahead of them.
– I say we meet them, we fight.
– For now we head to the outpost,
see if they have a map, see if
they have any other options.
– So Uncure has woken up and is like,
I think I’ve managed to figure
out where the outpost is,
so we should be able to get there.
Uncure’s like, by the way, last night
when I was taking stock of
the supplies, I found this.
And Uncure puts a small leather
pouch down in front of you.
– Detect Magic.
– You don’t get anything magical.
And she kind of looks at
it and looks at all of you
and just says, I’m sorry.
– What is it?
– And just walks away.
– That’s rather ominous.
– Open it.
– So inside, it looks like there’s
a couple small personal effects.
So there’s like a comb and
a brush and a bracelet,
and like a small of
soap, and it looks like
personal effects, right?
And at the very bottom is a small,
very excellently carved wooden soldier.
– What is this?
– What’s its gender?
Is Lucky still here?
– Yeah, Lucky’s still here.
– What is it?
– Is there a name on the bag?
– I’m gonna pick up the
little soldier and–
– So it looks like a child’s
toy, and it looks really old,
but it does look expertly carved,
like this thing looks better than
almost any toy you’ve ever seen,
and on the back, there’s
an inscription, it says,
“for my dearest daughter Andla.”
– Oh no.
– We should take this to her father.
I’m going to pocket it.
– All right.
– She really worried she was going to die.
– I suppose so.
– The personal effects of Andla
and Carr are in the wagon.
Carr’s stuff is just like
cook supplies and stuff,
it’s nothing personal.
Like, you know, he had his
clan dagger and whatnot on him,
you know, so none of that stuff is here.
But Andla apparently left
the small leather pouch
with her personal belongings in the wagon.
– As you pocket the trinket,
I march straight over
to the wagon and start
hitching myself up again.
– I’m gonna wake everyone up.
– All right.
– We want to go now. Immediately,
do not question, just go.
– The villagers look very,
very nervous about that, and–
– We are going to go to an
outpost to get some food
and then we are going to
continue journeying on.
– We’ll be safe there?
– You must keep calm.
– We’ll be safer here
in the forest traveling
than we would be on the
road, so we should probably–
– Safety number one.
– I need one of you to
make me a Diplomacy check,
to try and calm them down.
– I can use Performance for Diplomacy,
or is that only for a specific thing?
– Do you have the
Versatile Performance thing
that allows you to use Performance?
So what you’re going to do
is break out your violin
and try and calm their nerves?
– Yes.
– All right.
Go ahead and bounce me that roll,
that’s a Performance check.
– Yes, and that is a 26.
– The townsfolk, they listen
to your kind of stirring song,
and they’re like, if you
say we’re going to be safe,
all right, and they all
gather up all their stuff.
Father Falmer, or Sir
Falmer, the aged priest,
is loaded back up into the wagon.
Most of the villagers can
now walk on their own,
there’s still one or two
that are just elderly
and aren’t going to go fast no
matter how healthy they are.
– Can stay in the cart, it is no problem.
– All right.
– Got them covered.
– All right.
– I will attempt to scout
ahead and find our path.
– All right, so what
you’re doing right now
is basically a Survival check to try
and find your way there.
This isn’t technically
a thing you can fail,
’cause you have time to find it, right?
There’s not like a deadline.
But this is a check that we like to call
a fail forward check, so even if you fail,
it just takes longer, and time
is not exactly on your side.
So, go ahead and give me a Survival check.
This is not an easy check.
Uncure’s knowledge is a little sketchy.
– That would be 25.
– 25.
Okay, that’s a success,
it’s not a critical success,
it’s not a failure.
So after about, hmm, takes
about three or four hours
of making your way, I’m
assuming along the treeline?
You guys aren’t going back
out into the open, are you?
– No, no, we’re pulling
straight through the roots
and on the trail.
– All right.
So, making your way through
the kind of dense forest,
you eventually find your
way to a forest path,
and Uncure is like,
well this has to be it,
I’m pretty sure, I don’t serve
out here much, I’m sorry.
– You have done an excellent job.
Your direction was perfect.
– She nods.
I just want to see all
these people to safety.
– As do we all.
– Mm-hmm.
– You have done well, Private.
– She nods.
Thank you.
I guess you’re privates too now.
– But you outrank us, technically,
you’ve been in service
longer than we have.
– She just for a moment blushes,
and she’s like, I was knighted
a week and a half ago.
– Lyss just winks at her and
continues to do their job.
– She blushes a bit more and heads back
to the rest of the villagers.
So you’ve found the path, so you no longer
need to pull the horses,
the horses can now
pull the wagon by itself.
– Oh, I’m still helping.
(laughing) I want to make quick time.
We need three horsepower,
thank you very much.
– (laughs) Very good.
All right.
So, after another two
hours or so making your way
down this forest path,
the townsfolk are starting
to look pretty tired, they’re
not used to marching all day,
especially not through the woods.
At this point in time,
because you started so early,
it’s only like getting close to noon.
The day is barely even half over.
And the trail leads you to a very small
little forested outpost.
It’s almost nothing.
Like, I mean, it’s not even square,
it’s a triangle of wooden walls
with a small building and whatnot
that you can see sticking
out over the top,
that has like a hunter’s stand in it,
so that they can see
the surrounding forest,
and there is one palisade
gate on one side,
one wooden gate on one
side that’s just basically
sharpened walls lashed together,
and as you make your way around to it,
you notice that the wooden
gate has been bashed open.
– Oh, that isn’t good.
I hold up my hand to warn.
– As soon as they do that,
I’m going to Detect Alignment.
– Okay.
You give out a burst of Detect Alignment,
you’re trying to sense evil in the area.
This isn’t giving you
very good range right now,
because you’re not very close to it,
so you’re not really picking
up anything quite yet.
– If it’s not within the 30 feet, I’d wait
until I was within–
– Oh, all right, sure.
So you’ll have to be almost
right on top of it for that,
because otherwise you’re
only gonna get like the wall.
– Okay.
I’m going to try and stealth over there.
– Oh, all right.
So, you’re trying to move up a little bit,
what are the rest of you doing?
– I am also kind of stalking my way closer
to get a better view of
like, what could possibly,
what has caused this damage to–
– Sure, sure, sure, sure.
– This.
– All right.
– I just sort of stay with the villagers
as a possible protection in case.
– All right.
– I’d like to go there.
– All right.
– Yeah.
– Are you going to be
stealthy or just gonna
walk toward the front gate?
– I’m gonna walk toward the front.
– Be careful!
– Oh lord, he comin’.
– That’s your catchphrase.
– Oh lawd, he comin’!
– Oh lawd, he comin’.
– We’re finding everyone’s catchphrase.
– I’m just gonna sneak up with him.
– All right.
– Sneak with me.
– All right, so a number
of you are going up sneaky,
and the champion is just
like I don’t do that.
That’s not–
– And you know, if anything, I could be
a diversion of some sort.
– I think the traditional
line for that is bait.
– Yeah.
– Yeah, no, it’s fine.
– Meat shield.
– Yeah.
– All right.
So Lucky is like, I’ll stay here.
I’m gonna guard the wagon.
– You and Lucky.
– Yeah.
– Lucky and I, and I’ve
just named the horses
Rose and Starlight, because
we rose up against the lich,
and sleepin’ under starlight
for the first time’s
quite nice, so Rose and
Starlight, how ya doin’?
– That’s lovely.
– Love that.
– The horses whinny a little, I guess?
All right.
They don’t answer, that’d be really weird.
All right.
So, the group of you, I have
the sneaky side of the table,
the three of you are all sneaking up.
And I have the champion who’s just
marching up towards the gate.
– That’s right.
– All right.
So, you draw closer, and as
you approach the fortress,
outpost really, you notice
something rather peculiar.
It looks like the gate may
have been bashed out, not in.
– Oh no.
– Yeah.
– Any evil in there?
– Now that you’re kind
of up near the wall–
– Any evil in there?
– Do you cast Detect Evil,
or are you just shouting?
‘Cause that is one surefire
way to detect evil is to shout.
All right.
– Not the champion, though.
– Yeah.
So you cast Detect Evil and
let loose your magic senses,
feel out through the
palisade and attempt to see
if there’s any evil inside,
and you sense something.
There’s something there.
– Something in there.
– Any evil in there?
– Be careful!
Light of Sarenrae be upon you.
– Ikyulys calls out “any evil in there?”
And almost as if in
response to hearing a voice,
you suddenly hear (snarling).
And bolting out of the front door,
running almost as if like
momentarily on all fours
are these lithe, thin
little undead things.
You would wager that they’re
probably roughly human in size,
but because they’re running on all fours,
using their hands as feet basically,
they’re hunched down and low.
Their skin is kind of like the color
of an old purple bruise.
Their flesh is pulled
taught over their joints
to the point that where their elbows bend,
it’s split and you can see bone.
They have long fangs in their
mouth and lolling tongues,
and long, pointed ears,
and they’re just wearing
like bits of rag, and as the
first one comes running out,
because there is more than one of them,
it rises up and raises its hands,
which are covered in long claws,
and just goes (snarls), fresh meat!
And comes charging at you.
And I’m gonna need everybody
to roll initiative.
– Wait, is this a familiar face?
– Does it look familiar to you?
– Scout’s warning.
– Too late!
– It’s too late!
– Scout’s warning, I
knew this would happen.
Roll initiative.
– Oh, Lucky.
– Initiative?
– Yes, by all means, roll initiative.
The three of you can
roll Stealth if you want.
You can also roll Perception,
that is kind of up to you.
– Oh, I’m gonna roll Stealth.
– Exactly the same thing for me.
– Yeah, definitely not rolling Stealth.
– But you do get this one.
– Oh, nice.
– Oh, neat.
– Yeah, that’s something
I can do every single time
we roll initiative, basically.
– Nice.
– All right.
Let me roll initiative for these guys.
– It’s a free action to do
it, and it’s triggered by–
– Five plus one for me,
plus 12, so it’s six, 18.
– All right.
Ikyulys has an 18, gotcha.
Tariel, what do you have?
– 15.
– 15, all right.
– 20.
Me and my beetles get 20.
– Lucky is back in the wagon, I’m not even
gonna roll for him.
– 24.
– And Omelette.
– 21.
– All right.
– I keep forgetting your name is Omelette.
– And it’s delightful.
– Amazing name, yeah.
– All right, so, top of the order, Lyss,
your warning helped you the most of all.
You saw them coming, you
shouted out a warning,
it’s your turn.
There are, sorry, I should tell you
how many of them there are, shouldn’t I?
That only seems fair.
There are five of them,
and they come charging
out of the fortress, running on all fours,
but the moment they get
out, they kind of leap over
the remnants of the gate, by the way,
they like dive right over
it, and then they stand up
and they’re like (snarls).
And each one of them is about
a move away from anybody.
– Hmm.
If that is the case, then I want create
a little bit of distance.
– Okay.
– But I do want to do so,
I shouldn’t do that.
I am going to create distance,
but I am going to do it so it is
possible maybe they cannot see me?
I did not start this action hiding,
because I did not roll Stealth,
but I would like to hide now.
– So what you can do is you can easily
run around the corner of the fortress.
So picture it like a triangle.
– Okay.
– The door out of it is on one side.
You’re over towards a corner.
You can just duck around the corner.
– I would like to duck around the corner
and from there I would
like to take a shot.
Is there anyone that appears to be like,
perhaps their leader?
– So you’re staying right at the corner
so you can still shoot?
It doesn’t look like the
have any sort of hierarchy,
they just look like
vicious, undead monsters.
– Then I am going to go
ahead and use my Hunter’s Aim
to concentrate on one specific one,
the one that is closest to Ikyulys.
– All right.
– And then I am going
to take my Hunted Shot.
– All right.
I, by the way, assume that
the moment you saw this place,
everyone drew weapons, so.
– Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Giving you that for free.
– Oh yeah.
– Yeah, F-Y-I.
– I had mine drawn when I was–
– Yeah.
– The moment you see a weird fortress
with the doors broke out, I’m assuming
that you’re drawing weapons.
– Listen, I have a nervous
nature, anything I see
something off, I’m going
to get ready to fight.
– I’m not gonna yell “any evil in there?”
– Hey buddy!
– Hey!
– I don’t like the look of
that tree, I draw my sword.
– So the first attack probably hits,
the second attack probably doesn’t.
The first hit is a 30?
– A 30 is a critical hit.
– Woohoo!
– That exceeds my armor class by 10.
– Nice, nice.
So I am going to go ahead and roll my 2d6
and then I’m going to use my
d10 to do my deadly d10, yes.
– All right.
– Oh, that is not bad,
that is eight times two,
that is a 16.
– 16.
– Ah, plus 10, 26.
– 26 points of damage.
That arrow goes like
right through its neck.
And if it were a living creature,
that definitely would’ve killed it.
– Unfortunately–
– It’s not a living creature.
So it’s still up, but it’s
just got this neck arrow now.
(gurgly growling)
It’s not making a weird gurgle.
– I am so excited about
the success of that shot
that I get a little bit too
overzealous in my second one,
and I only rolled a four,
plus 14, which is 18,
minus the five is only a 13, so I–
– It’s gonna come up short.
The first one was so
accurate, you’re like yes,
and the arrow just kind of
flopped out in front of ya.
All right, that was Lyss.
It’s your turn to act.
– Sure.
Where are they?
How far away?
– You’re still back at the wagon, correct?
– Right, yeah.
– So you’re about 50 feet away.
More like 60, 50 to 60.
Yeah, that’s gonna be two
actions to get to them.
– Okay, well I’m not just
gonna go runnin’ away
from the place…
Right, so–
– Sudden Charge would get you there.
– It would, it would.
No, no, no, no.
– Are you arguing with me or the spirits?
– No.
Not now!
Not now!
Except definitely now, I
need your help. (laughs)
So you see it envelop once more,
and instead of Sudden
Chargin’, I unlatch Starlight
and mount up the horse.
– Oh.
– And I head into battle, I suppose.
– Mounted Charger, sure.
– Yeah, as a sort of
extra improvised weapon.
– Yeah.
– Going to bolt on through.
– So it is a draft horse, not a warhorse,
so it spooks easily,
but you can still use it
to move up to the
battle, I mean, you know,
if you spur it enough, it’s gonna go
where you want it to go.
– It’s a Last Wall horse.
It’s seen battle, even
if it was just from afar.
– From over there.
– While it talked to the cart.
– Yeah, all right.
– It’s part of the knighthood now,
it needs to start learnin’.
We all need to start learnin’
how to defend the land.
– So you’ve decided to train the horse.
– Yes.
Starlight and Rose are part of this now.
– All right.
Can you give me a Nature check?
– Okay.
– So what did you get?
– That’s a three, so that’s a three,
because I don’t have anything in Nature.
Sorry, Starlight.
– Do you have any Wisdom?
– Do I have Wisdom?
Yeah, I have Wisdom.
– What’s your Wisdom modifier?
– That’s a six.
– Oh, so you have a six.
All right.
So that’s just shy of a critical failure.
So you unbolt the horse,
and the horses is like bye,
and it just takes off.
– No, you coward!
– Starlight goes running.
– I forgot to knight ya,
that’s the problem, dang it!
– You hear Lucky in the background go,
that horse has the right idea. (chuckles)
– Right, well, you can go join
it, you got the (shouting).
– All right, so that’s–
– How many actions was that for me?
– Unbuckling the horse is
probably a two action thing,
that’s not something you just do easily.
– Oh, man.
– Yeah, that–
– Got complicated bridles, we do.
– Well, it’s a six second combat round.
So unbridling the horse has to take
at least a few seconds, right?
You’re just poppin’ the latches.
All right.
The undead things’ go.
Two of them immediately leap
through the air at Ikyulys.
The first one lands adjacent to you.
Let me double-check.
Yes, it can jump up to half its speed,
it just jumps through the
air to land next to you.
All right.
It goes flying through the
air, landing next to you,
and attempts to hit you with
its jaws, attempts to bite you.
– Ugh.
– But it rolled pretty poorly,
so that’s probably going to miss.
It’s only a 13, so that’s not gonna do it.
But then it swipes out at you with a claw,
it has its third action,
and that’s another two.
This die has failed me.
It’s failed me!
All right.
Did one of you touch my dice between–
– No, no.
– All right no, okay.
The other one leaps through the air
and lands on the other side of you.
These things look cunning and smart,
and it lands in a position to flank you.
– Okay.
– It’s going to attempt
to hit you with its jaws.
It’s going to miss again!
That’s only going to be a 16.
You take a penalty of
two to your armor class
because you’re flanked, but
that’s not gonna be enough.
And then it’s going to attempt to hit you
with its claws as well, and
there we go, that’s my dice.
All right, that is a 16
plus 11, that is a 27,
minus five is a 22, and your
armor class is down two.
– Oh.
Well, that would make a 22, it’s a 24.
– So it’s 24 naturally,
but because you’re flanked,
it gets a plus two, your armor
class takes a penalty of two.
So that’s gonna hit.
The claw swipes out at
you and catches you.
Take, let’s see, that’s going
to do nine points of damage.
– I can handle that.
– And as its claws cut through your flesh,
you feel a numbness, because
it hits you in the arm,
and it pierces your armor and the claws
rake through your flesh,
and you feel numbness
spreading down your arm
and up into your torso.
I need you to make me
a Fortitude save.
– Okay.
– So roll a d20 and add
your Fortitude bonus.
– Shelyn, come to me.
10, rolled 10, Fortitude 12.
– You feel this cold chill
spreading through you,
but you shrug, grab your
faith in Shelyn is strong,
and it fades away.
All right, that was two of them.
The other three all come charging toward
the three of you down at the corner.
Let me see here.
– Mm-mm.
– So.
Two of them, one ends up in
front of each one of you.
To get to you, Lyss, one of them runs up
and then jumps over the
entire group of you,
and lands next to you.
But it had to spend two
actions to do that, so,
you made it a little harder
for it to get to you.
So, I’m gonna take this in order.
The first one is going to
be coming after Linneus,
and it’s going to attempt
to bite you with its
slobbering jaws, it has
this long, gross tongue.
– Hmm.
– But I rolled a one, so
that got nowhere near you,
and then it’s going to attempt
to hit you with a claw,
and that’s probably going
to miss, that’s only a 19.
That’s not gonna do it.
All right.
Let’s see, let’s move down to Tariel,
one lands in front of you,
and it’s going to attempt
to bite you with its jaws and fail,
and then it’s going to attempt to hit you
with its claw, and that is a 20.
– Hmm.
– That is my AC.
– Aww.
– How close is she to me?
– Not close enough.
Yeah, she’s a little too far
away, she’s about 30 feet away.
So, the claw is going to catch you,
and you take eight points of damage.
– No!
– And as with Ikyulys, a cold chill
begins to spread through your flesh.
Give me a Fortitude save.
– I can fix it.
– Oh, 23.
– You’re made of sterner stuff than this.
It does not affect you.
Lastly, Lyss, the ghoul lands next to you.
Slobbering tongue out,
it attempts to bite you.
(clears throat)
– No.
– 29.
– Whoa!
– Oh.
– Yes, that does, but it’s not critical.
– All right.
Bites you.
Its jaws close around you,
you can feel its gross tongue,
take nine points of damage.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh.
– And I need you to give me not one,
but two Fortitude saves.
– Oh no.
– Okay, great.
– The first one will be against
the big gross nature of its bite.
– Mm-hmm.
– And the second one will be
against the spreading chill
that is emanating from the wound.
– Okay, okay, okay, that
is a 21 for the first one.
– All right.
– Oh, that’s 19 for the second.
– The chill slowly
spreads through your body,
and you find yourself
going entirely rigid.
You are paralyzed.
– I can fix it!
I can fix it!
– Oh no.
– I can fix it! I can fix it,
I can fix it, I can fix it!
– I’m okay.
I am okay.
– All right.
All right.
Next up.
That is all of the terrifying monsters.
Lineaus, it is now your turn.
– Are all of them within 30 feet of me?
In a radius?
– No, only three of them are that close.
– The ones here?
– The ones near you.
– Okay.
– The two fighting against Ikyulys
are a little too far away.
If you moved first, you
could get all of them, but–
– Well then, well, can I use
my Healing Font and move,
or is that all three actions?
– It’s gonna be all three
actions if you want to burst out
in a 30-foot burst, yeah.
– Yeah, I do.
Yeah, I’m gonna do the AOE.
– Okay.
So, this goes out in a
burst, and does 3d10.
– Oh, oh.
– 22!
– That is a great roll.
– 22 positive damage, and you
guys, if you took any damage,
you get 20, yeah, you get 22 health back.
– They get 22 back.
– Wow.
– And they need to make saves.
The first one, this is a 21 Will save?
– Yes.
No, Fortitude save, basic Fortitude.
– Oh, it’s a basic Fortitude,
yeah, that’s right, of course.
The first one critically
fails and takes 44,
so he crumbles to ash, and
that’s going to be the one on,
two, three, four, five, six.
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Let’s see which one it is.
The one in front of you crumbles to ash.
– That is out of a nine, a 10, and three.
– The second one is going
to fail, so it takes 22,
and that was the one in front of Tariel,
and then the last one is going
to fail and take 22 as well,
so that did phenomenal damage.
The energy washes over them,
the flames pour out of them,
but they are still standing, but they look
very badly hurt now.
– My beetles get really excited
and the kind of peek out.
– Mm-hmm.
– And that’s it.
– There’s like this little
beetle wave that happens,
like yeah!
– Yup.
– Awesome, all right.
Ikyulys, you have two
of these undead fiends
in front of you, one of
which is very badly hurt
from an arrow that is going
right through its neck.
– Okay.
– Almost like one of
those novelty… (laughs)
– Yeah, yeah.
– Except not novelty, black ichor
is pouring out of both sides.
– Oh, that’s lovely.
– Yeah.
– So there’s two, so I have to–
– You have to decide which
one you’re attacking.
They’re on either side of you.
Now you could take a move
to prevent them from being
on either side of you, you
could like move off to one side,
that way they’re not
on either side of you,
but then the one that isn’t could also
just then move to be back
on another side of you,
so you can kind of play
this cat and mouse game,
moving around, but if
you’re still attacking them,
they can still get around
you and get the bonus,
’cause there’s two of them.
– Question about something that I have.
– Yeah, sure.
– Potency crystals and holy water.
– Yeah.
So holy water is an item
that’s been blessed,
and when you throw it at undead,
if it hits them, the
holy water will shatter,
and it deals like, I
think it’s a d6 damage.
– Okay.
– So it does some damage.
It’s not the best weapon in your arsenal,
but in some cases it’s
better than nothing.
But it also deals splash
damage to those around it.
So if there was like
a big horde of undead,
throwing that in the middle
would do more damage.
But this wouldn’t qualify for that.
– Sure.
– The potency crystal,
you have this affixed
to the end of your bastard sword.
What that is is a talisman.
There’s a few talismans
floating around in the group.
These are a type of magic item
that is like a small dangle
that represents some powerful magic,
and you affix it to either
your armor or your weapon,
and once it’s affixed, you
can call upon its power once,
and then it crumbles to dust.
The one that you have
is a potency crystal,
it’s like this shard of
quartz banded with silver,
and when you call upon
it, the crystal just
crumbles to dust, and for that round,
your sword, which is
already a plus one sword,
turns into a plus one striking sword.
Which means instead of
dealing one die of damage
you deal two dice of damage.
So it’ll jump up your damage
by an extra die for one round.
– I’m gonna attack the
one that’s already hurt.
– Awesome.
Go ahead and make me an attack roll.
– And she’s not.
That’s a one.
– A one is going to be a pretty bad miss.
Yeah, no, that’s not gonna hit.
So you swing wildly at it, and it nimbly
dodges out of the way, and it
looks at you and is like…
It laughed at you.
– I don’t like that.
– Yeah.
You still have two more actions.
Would you like to swing again?
– I do.
– All right.
– Use another dice.
– Hmm?
– Use another dice.
– You’e right.
– How many dice will end up in dice jail?
– That’s gonna be a 27.
– So that’s going to be a minus five,
so it does drop it down to a
22, but that is still a hit.
It’s not a critical hit, but it is a hit.
Which is gonna deal a d12, and remember,
this guy happens to be undead as well,
so you’re gonna get that extra d6
you have on your weapon as well.
– Oh yeah.
Eight, 12.
– 12, all right.
Finishing off what the arrow started,
your blade slices
through this undead thing
and collapses to the ground.
That one is dead.
You still have one action left,
you can swing for the fences
and try and hit the other one.
– I’m going.
– All right, go ahead.
Better roll high.
– Walk off.
And it’s an 18 plus 12 is a 30.
– That’s a 30 minus 10.
It’s gotten to a 20, which still hits.
Go ahead and give me some damage.
That is what you needed, that’s
a d12 and a d6, plus four.
– Oh, they have to stay in.
– Remember, they have
to stay in the roller.
That’s the rule.
– Seven plus four, that’s 11.
– Awesome.
All right.
Your blade slices into the other one,
black ichor pours out of it,
and it just laughs at you.
All right, that was Ikyulys, Tariel.
– Well, I’m going to cast Inspire Courage.
– Okay.
All right.
– Two.
– That’ll give a plus one bonus
to everyone who’s near you.
– 60 feet.
– 60 feet, oh, that’s gonna hit everybody.
– Oh, nice.
– Yeah.
– Yeah!
♪ So who’s near the party ♪
– And then I’m going to
use two actions on my Magic Missile wand.
– Awesome.
– To try and shoot the remaining two.
– All right.
Well, you have one in front
of you that’s pretty hurt,
and then there’s one in front
of Lyss that’s pretty hurt,
and then there’s the one
way over in front of Ikyulys
that looks a little hurt.
– I’ll go for the…
– Mildly hurt.
– Two in front of Lyss and me.
– All right, so one to each?
– Yes.
– All right, go ahead and roll me a d4,
and give me the two
different damage totals.
– Okay, well, the one in
front of me is going to take
four points of damage, and
then the one in front of Lyss
is gonna take three points of damage.
– All right.
The two missiles slam into the creatures,
and their purplish flesh blackens
where the missiles strike them,
they just zoom out and hit them.
But both of them are still standing.
Top of the order, Lyss, you–
– I am paralyzed.
– Are paralyzed.
– I can not do anything.
– So.
– What do I do?
– At the end of your turn, you may attempt
another Fortitude save to
shake off the paralysis,
but you do lose your entire turn doing so.
– Oh, but I wouldn’t have a turn anyway,
because I am paralyzed, I
cannot do anything, right?
– That’s right, yeah.
– So Fortitude is the only thing I can do.
– Yep, go ahead and make the save.
– Whoa!
– I just made a natural
20, plus 10, that’s 30.
– Well that’ll shake it off.
– Not today, mother cracker.
– All right, Lyss shakes
off the paralysis,
the ghoul is still in front of them,
but at least now you can defend yourself.
– I can do that.
– All right.
Which is very good, because
had it gotten back to my turn
and you were paralyzed,
I was going to eat you.
All right, Omelette.
– Uh!
– I love it, eat you, and
then Omelette, Omelette!
I was gonna eat you, Omelette.
– Omelette sounds really good right now.
– Not that we’re gonna eat you.
– No, not that one.
– Not yet, anyway.
Please don’t turn on
me when you’re hungry.
– Okay, I can fix that.
– Funny enough, those
of you who have Religion
are pretty sure these aren’t zombies,
but you’re not sure what they are.
In combat like this,
you can identify undead,
especially undead, using
the Religion skill.
But it does take an action.
– Oh.
– So.
– No, too busy smashin’.
– Yeah, that’s what I figured.
So, Omelette.
– So, are they still quite
far away, none came after me?
– No, no, they’re still over
there, the horse is runnin’.
– Oh, don’t get me started on that.
Don’t get me started.
– Poor Starlight.
– Maybe send Lucky to get Starlight?
– You could.
He’s in the back going, he’s
got his dagger out like,
you guys got this?
– Go get the coward, coward.
And I Sudden Charge straight
for the closest creature.
– All right, so the closest pair of them
is the pair that one is attacking Lyss
and one is attacking Tariel.
The one that’s further away is the one
that’s attacking Ikyulys.
– Okay, well no, I’ll go after
the one that’s attacking Lyss
’cause as far as I know,
they’re on the ground,
and that’s that.
– Yeah, yeah.
– They’re starting to move,
but they’re still vulnerable,
so I’ll go after after that one.
– For a moment there, Lyss
was just standing there frozen
as this thing came up and was
preparing to attack, yeah.
– You look the most
sort of in need of help.
– All right.
You go charging forward and
are able to make an attack.
You make it right up
there with Sudden Charge,
and you may now roll your attack.
And you’re already raging, correct?
– I’m already raging, yeah.
So I have a quick question
about Sudden Charge.
So it’s a two action thing.
– Yeah.
– Then it says if I end my
movement within melee reach,
I can get the enemy.
– Yeah.
– So that doesn’t count as my third–
– Correct.
– Yes!
– So what Sudden Charge lets you do
is it allows you to move twice your speed
and make an attack at the end
of it for just two actions.
– Oh, nice.
– That’s one of the great
things about this system
is each character has their own
ways to interact differently
with the way the action system works.
Sudden Charge is a great example of that.
– Okay.
That’s 25 to hit.
– That is smashy.
Go ahead and deal damage.
– Oh, and I’m, what was the bonus?
– You get a plus one to your attack roll.
– Oh, so that’s 26.
Not that it mattered.
– Not a crit, but still–
– Ooh.
19 damage.
And then–
– Lyss, you get spattered with gore
as the thing gets sliced
almost right in half
and just splashes you with black ichor.
– You need to be more positive.
– Welcome.
– Yeah, that’s everywhere.
That’s all over.
– Is there another
enemy in distance of me?
– Yes, as a matter of
fact, there’s the other one
in front of Tariel that
is also within reach,
because the two of them were
right next to each other.
Oh, you know what,
sorry, I had that wrong.
Tariel was a little further
back, Lyss moved further back,
so that one is not next to you.
– Okay.
– You can move.
– I charge at them.
– All right, so you go moving up
to at least give it
another target to attack,
but you run out of actions.
All right, the creatures’ go.
First off, I have one
still fighting Ikyulys,
It is wounded, but still
up and still fighting.
It’s going to attempt to bite you.
And that’s going to miss.
It’s then going to swipe
at you with a claw,
I’m assuming a 17 doesn’t hit, no.
No, of course not.
All right, so then it’s going
to swipe at you with a claw,
and that is actually lower than a 17,
so that’s not going to hit,
and then it’s going to try
and swipe at you with a claw again,
and you know what, you
are just too well armored.
Its claws go scraping against your armor,
but it never manages to connect.
Your AC is just too high.
So it looks really frustrated
and it’s just like,
must feast, must feast!
And it just can’t get past your armor.
The last ghoul is now standing next to
Tariel and Omelette, and it has
a very difficult decision to make.
Which one of you to eat?
It’s very hard to decide.
But you know what, it’s
been attacking Tariel,
so it’s going to continue
attacking Tariel.
– I guess.
If you gotta.
– If you must.
It’s going to attempt to bite you.
Oh no.
– Oh no.
– Not again.
– No!
– No, it’s a 19.
So that’s going to be
an armor class of 30.
– That is, mine’s 20, oh no.
So it crits you on the bite.
– You’re next to me.
– Its jaws like get around your shoulder
and just you can feel like,
hot, wet blood pouring down
and you can hear it slurping
as it bits into you.
– Ugh.
– Take 18 points of damage.
– I don’t wanna!
But I’m doin’ it.
– Now, I need you to roll
me two Fortitude saves,
the first one from the
vile ichor in its mouth.
– You have rerolls.
– Yep, yep, reroll!
Take this, take it, take it!
– So everybody started out
with just one hero point
this time around, and
Tariel just spent hers.
– Are you freakin’–
– Is it another one?
– No.
– No, but it’s not great.
– At least it’s not a one.
– It’s a 14.
– 14.
All right.
A 14, well, at least it’s not a one.
And now give me the other Fortitude save.
– That’s better, that is a 26.
– All right, the chill begins
to spread through your body,
but you shake it off.
You’re not sure whether or
not that other Fortitude save
was a success or not, only time will tell.
– Oh, I don’t like that!
– Wait, wait.
– Ticking time ghoul.
– Oh no!
(all talking at once)
– I can fix it.
– She’s not the only one.
– Wait, you’re–
– No!
– I got bit, I have no idea
if I passed that check.
No clue.
– You’re fine, everything’s fine.
Everything’s fine here.
– As the flames rise.
– And now it attacks you with a claw.
– No!
– But that’s going to miss.
– Oh, good.
– And it’s going to swipe at
you with a claw one last time.
It is an agile weapon, so that’s gonna be
an armor class of 20.
– Okay, well, that hits.
– The claw connects for seven.
– It’s okay.
This is fine.
– And give me another Fortitude.
– For real?
Okay, let me do this.
Which one treated me well?
It was you.
(sighs) 18.
– 18.
You manage to shake it off.
– Nice.
– All right.
That is all the ghouls.
– Okay, well.
Oh, shoot.
Yeah, it might be
overkill, but I’m gonna go
and cast Searing Light on
the one that’s attacking–
– Oh my.
All right, I believe that requires you
to make an attack roll.
– It does indeed.
– A ray of blinding light
emerges from your fingers.
– 19.
– 19.
Just barely gonna hit.
– Whew, whew.
I need two d6s.
Can I steal two?
– Oh, yes.
– And it’s undead.
– Yeah.
– I get to do this twice.
Six, seven, eight, nine,
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16,
17 fire damage, and six,
seven, eight, nine, 10,
11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20,
21, 22, 23, 24, 25 positive energy.
– Love it.
– Get out.
Get out!
– Yeah, no, well done.
The blast of light almost
blinds the two of you.
It’s like ah, what just happened?
And when your vision clears, you look back
and all there is is a
small smoking pile of ash.
– I blow it away.
– It’s gone.
There is nothing left of it.
– Wow.
– Damn.
– I said it was gonna
be overkill, I’m sorry.
I have one action left and I’m
going to cast Healing on you.
– Thank you.
– Give you a little
healing since you just took
a lot of damage, you get five.
– Thank you.
– Is that just from the staff?
– Yes it is.
Or no, it’s not from,
yes it is from the staff,
that’s right.
– All right.
That was Linneus.
Ikyulys, there’s but one
left, and it is facing you.
You knew it would end this way.
I would assume.
– I don’t care.
I’m ready.
– All right.
So no more dancing, no more tactics.
– No more tactics.
– Yeah.
– Let’s get down to brass tacks. (groans)
– Ooh!
– Plus 12, 30.
– That is a critical hit.
– Yes it is.
– Yes it is.
– My dice are doing great.
– So, go ahead and roll that
d12, plus the d6, plus four.
– Plus four?
That’s gonna be a 12, 16.
– 32 points of damage.
– Ooh hoo hoo!
– On me, behind me.
– Yeah, it is like, must feed!
And you just drop your blade
right through the top of it,
and it just kinda bisects, and that
is the end of those things.
– Woohoo!
– They are all dead.
Well done, all right, so the last
of the undead things have been dispatched.
The poor refugees who
you’re traveling with
spent most of that combat, by the way,
kind of screaming and panicking,
and hiding behind the wagon.
– What was Uncure doing?
– Uncure was actually
trying to keep them safe,
and was like holding the
ground in front of the wagon,
just in case anything came that way.
– Great.
– Uncure looks knowledgeable
about what’s going on,
but Uncure looks really green,
you know, in her training.
When those things came out,
those of you who ran past her
could see her kind of shaking
with the blade in her hand.
Brave, but clearly a little inexperienced.
– I have a thing I wanna do.
– Yeah.
– I want to try and make a
Medicine check on these two,
to see if I can figure
out what, if they’re okay,
if there’s anything lingering,
and also then if either a Restoration
or a Restore Senses would help that.
– Okay.
So let’s start off with a Medicine check.
So you can use Medicine
to kind of treat diseases
and identify them, and treat poisons,
and all kinds of stuff with Medicine.
– 29.
– 29.
Who are you looking at first?
– Probably Lyss because
they were hit first.
– Okay.
So you go to check out their wounds,
and they look clean, they look fine.
Nothing unusual about them.
– Okay.
– Thank you very much, my chere.
– I’m trying.
– 25?
– On Tariel.
– Tariel’s wounds don’t look so good.
I’ll be honest here, it’s really hard
to tell the difference.
I mean, these wounds
happened 20 seconds ago.
So, you know, there’s not much difference,
except for the fact that
Tariel’s look really deep,
it looks like the bite
went really far into like
the muscle of like the shoulder,
and that doesn’t look
good, you’re not sure
how that’s gonna do, whereas
most of Lyss’s wounds
were pretty surface.
– Okay.
So I don’t get the sense that there’s
anything else going on,
just from my roll alone–
– The type of wound that Tariel suffered
is one that might very easily fester.
– Okay.
– But you’re not sure.
– Then I’m gonna spend…
– So if there is anything wrong,
until it presents itself really,
kind of no spells or anything
are really gonna help.
But you can attempt
Medicine kind of long-term
to treat those sorts of things,
but that’s really hard to
do while you’re on the road.
– Yeah, and you know, it’s a full hour.
– All right.
So, Starlight didn’t run too far.
– Okay.
– Because this is a pretty
dense forest, the horse kinda–
– I already gave that
task to someone else.
– Kind bolted far away, and Lucky,
who’s still in the back of the wagon,
is like, hey, your horse went that way.
– You jerk.
– As I’m just sitting–
– Hey, hey, hey.
– Next to the wagon–
– You’re not my boss.
– But you area a member of our team
and if we ask you to do something,
you might as well contribute in some way.
– I was here protecting the villagers.
– That’s not your, oh.
– In fact, that was
exactly my job, remember?
We all got the same orders,
protect the villagers.
I don’t recall anything
about protecting horses.
– You’re useless!
– Does anyone know Silence?
– The horses transfer the whole–
– Gonna need protection
though, I’m gonna break you.
– Oh.
– Give me an Intimidate check.
– Okay.
– Please intimidate him.
– Sucker into shape.
– 13, that’s a 25.
– 25.
– Good.
– He’s like (squeaks).
He kind of squeaks a little,
and just kinda stares at you.
Oh, jeez, you don’t have
to threaten me, I mean–
– Do something.
– I smile.
– He kind of passes wind.
He’s like, sorry.
– Disgusting.
I’m gonna look at the
remains and just sorta
do the Religion check on what
the hell these things are.
– That was actually gonna be–
– All right, so, you know what?
Well, let’s start.
Omelette, why don’t you go ahead
and give me a Religion check, please.
– While they’re doing
that stuff on the outside,
I want to start moving inside to do it.
– Before they–
– Can I help her?
– 23.
– Well, we’ll see whether
or not she makes it first.
– 23.
– So, the 23 gets you
just enough knowledge
to kind of know what these things are.
These are, and you’re not 100% sure,
there is a type of vile undead that feeds
on the flesh of the living called a ghoul,
and these are probably
their more powerful cousins
called ghasts.
– Ghasts.
– Ugh.
– But to be honest, you
don’t know much about them
other than what they
are, and one little fact,
that a touch from one of
them can paralyze you.
– Well that makes sense then.
– Yeah.
– Can I do two things?
– Sure.
– I want to use one of my Healing Fonts
to heal these two before
they leave my sight.
– Oh, I’m okay, you don’t need to heal me.
– Well, it’s too late anyway, so–
– You will take the healing.
– It’s just eight points, but.
– I appreciate it.
– Not nothing.
– You’re doing such a great job.
– Thank you. (laughs)
– And that’ll probably hit everybody,
because you can gather everybody.
– Oh good, yes, then I’m going to do that,
and I would also like to look at this.
– You too can give me a Religion check,
and it sounded like Ikyulys,
you wanted to as well,
so why don’t both of you
give me a Religion check.
– I was going to look at one.
Poke it.
– And you’re heading inside
Tariel, what are you up to?
– It’s in the box.
– Two of you are doing
the inside, all right.
– So that’s a 28 on Religion.
– Me too!
– 28.
The two of you are like,
they cause disease!
And you kinda high-five.
– Together we’re smart.
– So these are definitely ghasts.
They are the more powerful,
dangerous version.
They are very fast, they’re very agile,
they can jump long distances, they can
feed off the flesh of the
dead to heal themself,
and yeah, their bite carries
a pretty nasty disease
that over time will turn you into a ghast.
– Ooh, do I know how to cure that?
– It’s just a matter of good medicine.
You don’t believe you have, you would need
a powerful spell that removes disease.
– Okay.
– There are such magics, but you can also
attempt to treat it with medicine.
– I will.
I’m going to start immediately.
– So treating a disease
with medicine takes a while.
Like, a very long while.
It takes like, eight hours
of continuous treatment.
– I’m good with that, yep.
– Okay.
– Omelette sorta stands up and just says,
I’m gonna go check and see
if there’s any supplies,
and as I’m walking up, I’m
sort of fiddling in my pocket.
– All right.
So, let’s go over to the two of you.
You make your way inside this,
kind of just like hunter’s outpost.
– Still on guard with my–
– Sure.
– Bow out.
– You make your way inside,
and it becomes very clear
that this was a tiny little
outpost that was, you know,
buttoned up in the middle of the forest,
and you see the bodies.
There are three soldiers, they look
just like hunters though,
they’re not in like
heavy mail or anything like
that, they look like hunters,
and two of them were desperately trying
to batter open the door of
the thing from the inside,
they were trying to get out, it looks like
the bar was too heavy for them to move,
and they were trying to bash the door out.
But it looks like they
were cut down from behind,
and unfortunately it looks
like a lot of them got eaten.
– Lyss just takes a moment
sort of acknowledge the dead
and to, they don’t have any
specific particular beliefs
or anything like that,
but they believe at least
in the respect of the
dead, so they actually
kind of look back as
they notice you coming in
and sort of indicate them to you,
and I’m guessing you are
kind of tagging along
to take care of Tariel?
– Mm-hmm.
– And then I also
indicate the dead to you.
I don’t know if there
is any particular rites
or anything like that,
I know nothing about,
but you know a lot about them, and–
– Sure, but that’s my god, I
don’t know what theirs was,
but we can sort of give them
a general proper burial.
– Do you know anything
about what the knights do
as their last rites?
– Do I know what the last rites are?
– Most of the knights of
Last Wall worship Iomedae.
Iomedae is a relatively new goddess
in the grand scheme of things.
She was promoted to godhood
after the Shining Crusade,
which she fought in.
– Oh.
– And became a deity afterwards,
which is why Last Wall kind
of has her as their patron.
So a lot venerate Iomedae,
a lot venerate Sarenrae,
because she’s vigilant
against undead, you know.
So something like that,
but in either case,
most of the funerary rites
are pretty straightforward,
it’s burial, you know, and
prayers and things like that.
That’s kind of it.
Now, I should also note that in here,
so you’ve got the walls, so
you’ve got the lookout tower,
nestled against the back
wall kind of underneath
the lookout tower is a lodge, right?
It’s not a huge building,
it’s maybe 40 feet by 20 feet
or something, and it takes
up almost that entire side,
like most of this interior
courtyard between the walls
is this lodge, and then
there’s this little
triangle space outside of it
that is the kind of front area
where these guards were
trying to batter their way
out of their own front door, desperate
to try and escape whatever was inside.
– Right, well I take out my ax
and I start burrowing in the ground.
– Yeah, I’m gonna, yeah, start–
– All right.
– I’ll start praying, to Sarenrae,
also just to connect with her because
there’s quite potentially a
very dangerous lich on the loose
and she should know, even if
she’s not going to do anything,
she should know.
– Yeah, the gods of Galarian,
of the World of Lost Omens,
tend not to interfere with
the affairs of mortals.
But they do meddle in
the ways that they can,
which is through their emissaries,
it’s through agents like you.
So you offer up your
prayers, you, you know,
pray to Sarenrae about
the plight of the world,
and it at the very least gives you succor.
So, you are able to kind
of dig a bit of a hole,
after a few moments you
kind of take a look around
and realize there is a shovel nearby,
instead of using an ax, so you’re able to,
I mean, if you feel like
it, if you just wanna keep,
you know, axing the hole.
– I just assumed it sort of,
you know, I’m pretty strong.
– Yeah, yeah.
You’re just gonna split the earth open.
No, yeah, you’re able to dig a hole.
It takes a little bit.
The villagers outside are
getting a little restless,
they’re a little worried.
Does anybody do anything
with the ghoul corpses,
just kinda get rid of those?
– I want to burn them.
– All right.
– I’ve headed back to the lodge,
kind of take a look in there really fast.
– All right.
So, as some of you are
gathering up the bodies
to burn them, that sounds
reasonable, digging holes,
are you going in–
– I was hoping to take some of the linen
I took from the merchant
cart to wrap the bodies in.
– Oh, sure.
Yeah, no, that’s very respectful.
All right, so you’re able to kind of
wrap up some of the bodies, and after,
it takes about an hour
to get everything ready,
you’re able to lay them to
rest and offer them prayers
and put their souls at ease.
Lyss, you make it inside the lodge itself,
and the lodge isn’t
really in terrible shape,
it’s not a huge building or
anything, it’s not gigantic,
it’s pretty much a lodge space
where there’s some bunks,
there’s a table, there’s a larder,
there are some supplies in here,
this is a hunter’s
lodge, so there are like,
half a dozen tents, and
they’re kind of larger ones.
There are some hard tack supplies,
there are some simple bows,
they’re just basic shortbows,
and you know, a couple
buckets full of arrows.
So there’s stuff like that.
I wouldn’t say this is a
hardened military outpost,
by any means, but it does have
a decent amount of supplies.
With the food in here, if
everyone was eating it,
you would eat through it in a day.
– Mm-hmm.
– If you’re a little bit
more careful with it,
and you supplement it with some hunting,
knowing your Survival skills,
you’re able to look at it
and kind of think you can
probably make it stretch
for a few days with minimal hunting
and kind of lighter food
rations for everybody.
– But I am also thinking that there are
possibly a few people
amongst the villagers
who have the ability to do
a bit of hunting as well.
So I want to take a few of the
bows and some of the arrows
and see if I can find
anyone among the villagers
with any sort of basic skill.
– Sure.
– And of course I want
to load up the tents,
because we should be able
to sleep under something.
There seems to be enough in here
to probably house most of us.
– At the very least, some
of the older refugees
or some of the sick, right?
– Yeah, it’d be good to
give them some cover.
– Sure.
– Especially if we run
into some bad weather.
– Sure.
All right.
– So I actually want to,
any way to help distract
some of the villagers who are
probably a little nervous,
to help mobilize them to
move some of the supplies
into the cart.
– Mm-hmm.
– Maybe giving them something to do
will help ease their mind a little bit.
– All right.
So yeah.
You start doing that and I’m assuming
you don’t really let the refugees up there
until the bodies are
buried and stuff like that.
No need to freak them out
more than they already are.
– I think we do, at least one
of us needs to communicate
to Uncure to keep them
back for the time being.
– I’ll do that.
– All right.
Sir Falmer is there too, and he’s like oh,
my eyes fail me, it seemed like there was
quite a bit of a struggle,
is everyone okay?
– No problem at all.
We’re all okay, everyone’s okay.
Are you okay?
– Oh, well, I’m quite tired,
we were up very early,
and all of this doesn’t
do well on my old bones,
but I suppose it’s better
than the sad fate of the rest.
As long as we can see them to safety,
and he kind of looks back
with, you know, rummy eyes
at villagers he can’t quite see,
but he’s dedicated to protect.
– I can assure you, you’re safe with us.
– Yeah.
Who else is out there, by the way?
– Out where?
– Out with the villagers and stuff.
Yeah, you’re out there, you’re
gonna swear you see Lucky,
who’s kind of behind him, being like…
– What a jerk.
– You’re horrible.
– Icyulys just, he feels Lucky
behind him and just goes…
Just one quick jab.
– All right, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– This halfling will not survive us.
– Not with that attitude.
– All right.
So, you’re able to gather up supplies.
You’re also able to find a rudimentary map
that’s tacked up on one of the walls,
that shows some of the trails
that lead through the forest.
They’re not great.
They’re mostly game trails
and hunter’s trails,
so they’re not super wide,
especially when you get
to the deeper part of the forest,
the trails in the deeper
part are literally marked
as game trails, which are, if you’ve ever
been on a game trail,
it’s like single file
and it’s just between the brush,
it’s where, you know, deer
have walked for long enough
that there’s actually a trail.
– Is there a path that seems to lead
in a fairly direct
direction towards the river?
– Yeah, well so, as a
matter of fact, there are
a kind of criss-cross of old trails
that lead all throughout
the norther Fangwood,
and there is, not direct,
but there is a route
that leads toward Cassen.
– Okay.
Well, I am not entirely sure that Cassen
is a safe option for us anymore,
so I’m definitely going
to bring the map out
to deliberate with the rest of the party
to see what our next step is, but for now
I’m trying to get as much
stuff kind of situated.
Are we going to make camp
here, are we going to move,
it’s obvious that everyone is very tired.
– Yeah, it’s unfortunately
only like noon, though.
– Do we want to at least sit and rest
and kind of get our bearings,
rest for a moment here
and make a plan for
what we should do next?
– We could take a moment, but–
– But yeah.
– I think it’s best we should keep going.
The dead can’t rest, so neither should we.
– I mean, there is the–
– For now let’s just head in the direction
that we’ve been going.
– They’re out there.
– We can figure out things as we go.
– And they’re marchin’.
– Oh, and if we’re going
to set these bodies alight,
that is going to draw some attention,
so we should move away from here.
– It’s noon.
They won’t see the fire.
– Well you’ve already lit the bodies,
and they emitted kind
of a greasy black smoke
that rose up into the sky.
– Honestly this might’ve bought
us some time towards Cassen,
’cause they might see the
smoke and come headin’ back
and stop headin’ towards town.
– We might miss them.
– All right, well then
let’s keep a southerly–
– All right.
– Maybe you can set
another one of them traps,
so we know if they came
back to investigate.
– Another alarm?
– Yep, sure.
– It bought us some time.
– Okay, I’ll set an alarm
underneath one of the bodies.
– All right.
– Just to see in case they come back.
Don’t wanna waste any daylight.
– All right.
So you’re able to cast your Alarm spell,
and I just wanna check one thing about it,
just so that I know I’m playing it right.
For no particular reason.
– 20-foot radius.
– Yep, 20-foot radius, eight hours, yep.
– So leave them bodies burnin’.
– And did we get Starlight back?
– Yes.
– Oh, we did.
– Yes you did.
– Yeah.
– No thanks to Lucky.
– No, absolutely no
thanks to Lucky at all.
All right.
So you begin making your way south.
– I’m gonna keep treating her while we go.
– All right.
You find that that is incredibly difficult
to actually do, you’re
probably gonna have to wait
until you stop for the evening to do–
– Even in the wagon?
– Oh, if you’re both in the
wagon you can do it, yeah.
All right.
– That’s my healing area.
– Yeah, absolutely, all right.
– I’m leading the wagon.
I’m building more of a
trust with them horses.
– So, you being making your way south.
From looking at the map,
you would guess that
Cassen is probably about two days away.
You can, going through
the Fangwood like this,
it’s probably going to take you,
at the speed that you’re
going, two, maybe three days,
depending on how bad the trail gets.
So, you turn your wagon
deeper into the woods
and begin making your way.
The day kind of rolls by.
The townsfolk take the plight of the march
with you know, what cheeriness they can.
They are fleeing from
the dead, so you know,
as long as they can still put one foot
in front of the other, that is victory.
– If I see game as we are going along,
I want to try to track it.
– Sure.
So that’s a function of Survival,
so you can spend some
periods here and there
to spend some time doing
survival tactics to gather food.
Go ahead and give me a Survival check,
let’s see how successful you are.
Anyone else who is trained
at least in Survival
can do this as well.
– That will be a 30?
– A 30.
That’s a critical success,
that’s going to get you
quite a bit of food.
You managed to bring
down quite a large stag
with a good rack of antlers and–
– Good roll.
– Yeah, that’s quite good,
you come back to the caravan
with like this giant deer–
– Bigger than me.
– Yeah.
– Well, throw it up on the wagon.
I’ll take care of it.
– I trust you, you’ve got this.
– I’ll try.
– You have the skill of a surgeon,
you can definitely take apart an animal.
– That’s true.
– Butchering an animal’s like
medicine, just in reverse.
– Yes!
It’s a surgery, I can do surgery.
– You just don’t have to put it
back together when you’re done.
All right, yeah.
– No, I don’t, it’s even easier.
– It’s like doing half a
surgery, all right, so.
– Edgelord Alley. (laughing)
– This is no good.
All right, so, moving on.
You manage to butcher the elk
and gather a fair amount of–
– Clean it, clean the elk.
Don’t make it sound so sad.
– I mean, you are butchering it into meat
so that you can eat it.
– Sure.
– Yeah, yeah.
So yeah, you manage to
get a fair amount of meat
out of the elk, and as the
wagon is making its way south,
you’re also able to treat Tariel
for any illness she might have.
I’m going to make a Medicine
check on your behalf,
because you don’t get
to know whether or not
this succeeds or not.
– Just gonna keep doing
it until it succeeds.
– What’s your bonus?
– It’s a plus 13.
– All right.
– Secret checks.
I love it so much.
– All right.
So, you spend the day treating
the wounds as best you can,
and you think you’re doing pretty well,
but only time will tell.
– Okay.
– These sorts of illnesses often time
take time to manifest, so.
– I’m just gonna keep
doin’ it tomorrow too.
I’m gonna keep doing it
every day for like five days.
– Every minute of every day.
Yeah, it’s just like, are you sick yet?
Are you sick?
– How’s it doin’?!
– Just shots, just–
– All right.
– Amount of pain as yesterday.
Still pretty fresh.
– No, I’m healing you.
– So, late in the evening,
or sorry, late in the afternoon,
you find yourself in a part of the woods
where the map doesn’t seem to make sense.
(speaks foreign language)
You reach a point and
you’re like, where are we?
Is that the path, is that the path?
And to top it off it’s
dusk, so it’s even harder
to kind of make out, you know, okay,
I think the sun’s that way, north…
– I wish I had somebody here
to guide me sometimes, it is,
I am miss.
– Wait, you have two choices right now.
You can either decide
to just call it a night,
start resting now, it’s a little early,
you could probably go
for another hour or so,
or you can try and push on,
but that’s gonna require
Survival checks to try and
figure out where you are,
and those are gonna be at a penalty.
– Yeah, I actually want to take a quick
check-in with Linneus, have
you got any ping or anything?
– Oh, you want me to use it?
It’s not like a constant.
– No, I just, have you felt anything?
– Oh, the alarm, no, no I have not.
– The reason I am asking this–
– It’s been about four hours now.
– So halfway there.
– Yeah, I only ask because the
map does not make any sense,
from here we either, you know, wander,
hopefully I can get us
through it and it’s okay,
or we stop now and wait
until it is more light
so that I can see a little bit better.
But I just, I wanted to check with you
to make sure that you
hadn’t felt any tinglings.
– No, nothing.
– We don’t know where we’re goin’?
– I mean, I would do my
best to get us there safely,
but it is a risk.
– What are you rollin’ over there?
– Nothing that you need to worry about.
– Okay.
– I’m just checking my dice,
making sure they still work.
– Uh-huh, uh-huh.
– Right.
– All right, as it turns out, they do.
– Uh-huh, okay, all right.
– I can see quite well in the
dark, doesn’t bother me none,
so gonna go have a look for meself.
Just a nice–
– Just gonna kinda wander around?
– Walkin’ look-see.
– All right.
– Bit of a chat.
– Bit of a chat, okay.
– I’m going to come with you,
because then I can aid you.
– Oh, then maybe not a chat.
Go ahead.
– Oh, a chat?
– Don’t worry, keep talkin’,
you’re comin’ with me, okay.
We’re gonna look together.
– What is it that you are hiding from me?
– What do you mean?
I didn’t say that out loud.
I didn’t say that out loud!
– Don’t worry.
If anything, you’d see me just
fiddlin’ in my pocket, so.
– Okay.
– Sort of like oh, okay.
– I mean, two sets of
eyes are better than one.
– That’s definitely
true, two sets of eyes,
that’s all we’re gettin’, two.
Let’s go.
– All right.
– So yeah, I would like to
make an initial Survival check
to see if I can discern
a path, with the aid of–
– Lucky’s up on the wagon
lookin’ at that exchange going,
that’s weird.
– Yeah.
– I got a negative one
in Charisma, so you know,
I’m good at this talkin’ thing.
– Would you like to talk
to my beetle? (laughing)
This one’s D.O..
– No, yeah.
– He’s small and he’s
called a jeweled beetle.
– No, he’s very nice.
– He’s quite green and beautiful.
– He’s very nice.
– He’s got an attitude problem.
– He does?
– Yes.
– Oh, well that’s a serious–
– Don’t get too close,
he’ll fly into your eyeball,
I’m not kidding.
– All right.
– D.O., calm down, sorry,
he didn’t mean to be rude.
– Listen, and he’s
talking to, the two of you
have kind of left, and Lucky’s now talking
to the three of you who are kind of
on the back of the wagon.
The wagon’s stopped for the moment,
and the refugees are all
kind of behind the wagon,
they’ve taken a seat,
many of them are like,
taking off shoes and
dumping rocks out and stuff,
and Lucky kinda looks at the
three of you and he goes,
listen, you know what
would go much faster?
Leave them behind.
– No.
– Nada.
– No, we are not, how about
we just leave you behind
in the middle of 200 undead?
– I’m not slow like they are.
We’d be at Cassen tomorrow afternoon.
– What do you even do here?
– What do I do?
I’m the one with the common sense.
– Terrible.
– That’s me.
I’m the one with the common sense.
– No you’re not.
We are not leaving them behind.
End of discussion, period,
nope, nope, end of discussion.
Did I stutter?
I said end of discussion.
– Fine, fine, whatever, fine, fine,
when we all get eaten, I’m gonna scream,
boy, I sure am glad we’re
gettin’ eaten with all them!
It’s better to be part of a buffet.
– Can I roll a Performance check
to intimidate him into silence?
– Make that both of us.
– You could actually just
do a Performance check
just to drown him out.
Yeah, you could just–
– I’m gonna be staring at him
like this the entire time.
– And I have Intimidation, so.
– All right, yeah, you can be kinda–
– I’ll be standing behind her.
– Yeah, you can kinda
be rising up behind her,
just looking at him intimidatingly,
and you’re playing your
violin to intimidate him.
– Well, I got a 20, so.
– Shut up forever.
– Yeah.
– 24.
– All right, so you’re playing this like,
kind of haunting music and
looking at him like a murderer,
and the behind you, rising up,
is the masked form of
Ikyulys, and he’s just like–
– I want fart.
– I don’t feel so good.
I’m gonna go.
And he just kind of–
– Can I just take his lips and close them.
– And then I pause the
music and I put a hand
on his shoulder and sit
him down in the wagon.
You stand back up, I’m gonna
shove you off the chair.
– A single tear just down
Lucky’s… (laughing)
(chattering drowned out by laughing)
– I’m so sad I didn’t see any of this.
– He may have just peed a little.
All right.
Just a little.
It’s fine, just a little, all right.
– You ready to go for your walk, so?
– So you can see in the dark
a lot better than I can.
– Yeah, I’ll do the Perception,
you do the Survival.
– This is around where the
path is kind of muddled,
so if we head in this direction and you–
– Sure.
Do the reference, see what’s topsy-turvy.
– Do you both have Survival?
– No, I’m doing Perception.
– Oh, okay, so you’re looking out for–
– I’m looking out,
they’re keeping us safe.
– Oh, all right, sure.
All right, go ahead.
– Oh that was such a good one.
Not as great, but not that bad.
– I rolled a 23 for Survival.
– A 23, all right.
– 27.
– 27, all right.
So, you take a very solid look around,
and Lyss, you’re not sure
of the direction to go.
If you left right now, you’d have to
kind of almost pick at random.
It’s too dark, and it’s
getting too difficult for you
to kinda make sense of the map.
So you’re not sure that moving
right now is the best idea.
– All right, so there’s a bush there.
– However.
– That does match the map.
– However, Omelette.
– Yeah.
– Off in the distance–
– I just love it.
– You see–
– I keep forgetting.
– You see what might be
a shack in the woods.
You’re not sure, it might
be a trick of the light.
– No, I trust my eyes.
That there, that might
be a house, of some sort.
No, not as nice as a house.
Maybe like a shed.
No, not a shed.
A shack.
– I wonder if it’s a, nevermind,
I’m not going to say it.
– Nope.
– What?
– Nothing, nevermind.
– No, what were you going to say?
– It is not important.
I will tell you later.
– I don’t like being left out of jokes.
– I got that reference.
– All right.
– For now, I think it is probably better,
you can see it, but I
cannot, and I do not think
I can safely guide us through the woods.
– No, but I can.
I can see where we’re
goin’ and I can just relay
where we’re goin’ and we
get everyone to a safe spot
where we’re not out in the open.
– Do you think that that shack is safe?
– I don’t know, we gotta look at it.
– There’s one way to find out.
– There is one way to find out.
– So are you and I going to start ahead
really quickly and then maybe backtrack?
They do have plenty of protection.
– I extend my hand.
– Let’s go, love.
– All right.
The two of you make your
way through the woods
up toward the shack, and
it is just kind of a shack,
it looks like it’s about 20
feet by 10 feet, it’s a small,
wooden building, the
windows are just shutters,
there’s no glass or anything,
it’s just shuttered.
– Obviously safe.
– The door is just like half
split logs lashed together
with like a pull rope
handle, it doesn’t look like
there’s a lock or anything like that,
and there is a chimney,
but there’s no smoke
coming out of it and you don’t see
any light coming from the inside.
– Maybe it is abandoned?
– But there is a clear
path up to the front door
that leads back towards the path
that looks like there’s no
way it’s been abandoned,
because that path is still pretty fresh.
– Hmm, somebody lives here.
– Is that shack there on the map?
– It is not on the map.
– No, it’s not.
– The thing that is interesting,
it is possible that this is
a recent addition and they have
erased the trail in order to keep people
from coming up to their house unawares?
– That’s an excellent idea.
Don’t come and peek in the shutters there.
There’s nothin’.
– I can’t see anything, so
you’re going to have to do it.
– That’s right!
I’ll go do it.
I’ve got the eyes, let’s go.
Me and my eyes, I say to myself.
– I am going to kind of follow
behind you to make sure–
– Yeah, you follow behind.
– All right, you and your eyes
approach one of the shutters,
and they’re not well made,
so it’s easy to find a spot
where there’s a gap wide
enough for you to take a peek.
And looking inside, you
see what’s best described
as kind of just like a residence
for like a lone dweller in the woods.
There is a hearth on one side
that leads to the fireplace,
there’s an old rusty-looking
cookpot on top of it.
Hanging from the rafters
are various herbs,
and number of drying furs that look like
they have been skinned.
On one of the tables nearby,
there’s like four rabbits
just laying on the table, those look like
they were probably put here
pretty recently, right?
I mean they’re not rotting
or anything like that,
at least not that you can tell.
– Is there any leftover embers,
any lamps lit, or is it–
– No, no, it’s pretty dark in there.
You don’t see anybody though.
I mean it’s possible they’re hiding
or in the corners of the room,
but you don’t see anybody.
– Sure, but they’d have no
reason to know we were comin’.
– Yes, but the moment you mentioned
that it appears that
those rabbits are fresh,
I am immediately turning on, like, ears,
making sure that there is no sounds
that I don’t recognize in the woods.
– What is your Perception bonus?
– My Perception bonus is plus three.
– Okay.
You don’t hear anything.
– I imagine whoever lives here
is quite a skilled hunter.
– That is very good, but if
they are a skilled hunter,
they might also be a skilled hider.
– Sure, definitely.
If you’re huntin’ you
need to be able to hide.
But the good thing is it, sorry, sorry.
Good thing is, it appears
that they’re eatin’ game
and not people.
– Well, that is good
that they are not undead,
but we should probably not try
to take their food from them.
That is–
– No, that’s so rude,
enterin’ someone else’s home
and takin’ their food from them.
– Plus we have that big old
elk that I caught earlier,
we are going to be fine.
But perhaps this is why
the path has gone funny.
– Sure, maybe they got magic and they’re
messin’ with the map, or not the map,
but our version of the world.
Maybe they’re making themselves hidden so.
– And maybe we don’t go that
far into the speculation, hmm?
– We weren’t attacked by so many,
we’ve been knighted for
literally a few hours,
and we’ve already seen three, count ’em,
three separate undead!
– That being said, this
person is not undead,
this person is probably just
wanting to be left alone.
– No, but maybe they can
help us through the woods.
Maybe we should leave ’em a note so,
like hey, friendly,
don’t hunt us, help us.
– Well, we are only
back about 50, 60, 100–
– Actually, after you made your way
all the way out here and
kind of took a look around
and then made your way
all the way to the shack,
you’re more like a quarter a
mile away from where your camp.
– I mean, the best thing
that we should probably do
is backtrack, let them
know that we have found
where the path is supposed to lead.
– Sure.
I’m still gonna leave ’em a note.
– Can you even write?
– I know how to spell.
– Forgive the insult,
I just wanted to check.
– All right, so, keep things moving along,
what note are you leaving?
– The note basically says,
“if friendly, please help.”
– All right.
– ‘Cause, I mean, I
didn’t enter their home,
so I’m just sorta writin’ it in the dirt
on the front of their doorstep.
So “if friendly, please help.”
– All right.
Okay, and you’re just
leaving it on the door?
– No, I’m writing it in the
dirt in front of the door.
– Oh, all right.
– Because I don’t have a pen.
– Yeah, fair enough.
– So–
– Draw an arrow to let
them know which direction–
– Well if they’re not friendly,
they shouldn’t know the direction we are.
But they’re trackin’ us.
– How are they supposed to find us
if they don’t know where we are?
– You’re right, we’ll just
make it easy for them.
– You’re the one who believes in hope.
– Signed, the knights of the,
if you’re pointin’ it out,
we might as well identify ourselves.
“Signed, the Knights of the Last Wall.”
– All right.
So you’ve left your message,
your incredibly valuable message,
and you have left your message,
and you make your way back to the camp.
By the time you arrive,
the refugees and Sir Falmer
and Private Uncure have made camp,
they’ve found a bit of a clearing
off the path and have made a bit of camp.
– Are they cooking the elk?
– Yeah, absolutely.
They are all, you can
smell some roasting elk,
the folk are enjoying potatoes,
you know, what food they
have, some of the hard tack
and stuff from the hunter’s cabin.
– We can make a decent
porridge with that hard tack.
– You can kinda break it up, at least
get something in there, but yeah,
it’s meager food, but it’s not nothin’.
So you’re all able to
get yourselves situated
and bed down for the night?
Break out the tents and stuff.
– First watch.
– All right.
– Just in case the messenger comes.
I wanna talk to ’em.
– You are the one with the good eyes,
so you should definitely stay up first
in the dark of the night.
Who would like to–
– I’ll take second.
– All right.
– Third.
– Fourth.
– All right.
– We can pair up, it’s
probably safer that way.
I’ll take first watch with you.
– Uncure offers to take a
late night watch as well.
She says I have good eyes,
I can see in the dark.
– Then you should probably
take second watch.
– All right.
– Okay.
– Okay, so, the evening progresses,
the refugees eat food,
Sir Falmer reads hymns
to all of them out of
his holy book of Iomedae,
although it’s clear with his bad eyes
that he’s not reading ’em from the book,
he just has them memorized.
He uses the book as just kind of a tool.
And the townsfolk seem
pleased and happy about that.
About an hour and a half
later your alarm goes off.
– Oh.
Are you on watch?
Who’s on?
– Are we still on watch?
– This is still first watch, yeah.
– I’m awake now.
The alarm went off.
– Sorry, what’d you say?
– The alarm went off.
The alarm went off.
Something out there’s moving.
– All right, I’ll go wake up everyone.
– But this is the thing,
they are now what,
six or seven hours behind us?
– Well, somethin’ is.
– Yeah, but that means
that we have somehow
maybe cleared a little bit
of the danger, hopefully.
– We should think as little as possible.
– I think that from now on,
it is probably better that,
oh, this is difficult, I
have to figure out a way
to make sure we are not
trackable to the forest,
but I also need to guide
you, and I cannot do both.
– Hmm.
– But are any of you able in some way,
shape, or form to read a map?
– Well, if I go to sleep, I
can pick up a spell that’ll,
wait, wait, wait, wait.
If I go to sleep, I can pick up a spell
that’ll tell me where
north is at all times.
– Weren’t you just asleep, then?
– For half a minute.
– No, it’s been a good, almost two hours.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, but
that’s not enough sleep.
To re-prepare spells you need
to get a full night’s rest.
– Go back to sleep and
we’ll stay on watch.
We’ll wake you up–
– We’ll stay here.
– All right.
– I’m not particularly
tired at the moment.
– All right.
– We was havin’ a nice chat there.
– Sure.
– I just have questions for you.
– I’m going to wake up, move
a little bit into the forest
towards where we came from, and then
do an alarm at another 30–
– You have a second Alarm prepared?
As a cleric, you have to
prepare each one of those,
so if you have one
prepared, that’s gonna be
the only one you have to cast.
Yeah, no worries.
– Nevermind.
– All right.
– I am not going to do that.
– All right, so you’ve cast the one Alarm,
and that’s spent, so you
have no way of knowing
if anything’s drawing close
now, and that alarm did go off.
– Oy.
– So, you try to bed back
down and get more sleep,
more rest, the night continues to roll on.
About midnight comes.
This is during second watch.
Who was on second watch with Uncure?
– I believe it was–
– It was supposed to be you,
but I’ll stay or wake you up.
– Yeah, I’ll do it.
– All right, so it’s Ikyulys and Uncure.
All right, the two of
you are keeping watch,
and you’re just kind of
sitting back to back, right?
That way you can look in either direction
while everybody else around you sleeps,
and suddenly the night is split by a howl.
– You hear that?
– She’s like, I have ears,
of course I hear that.
Is that a wolf?
It did sound like a wolf’s howl.
And it didn’t sound very far away.
She draws her blade,
should we wake the others?
– No no no, not yet, not yet.
Ikyulys and Uncure.
– Yeah.
– Ikyulys goes out, just goes out,
’cause we’re inside the–
– Yeah, yeah.
– Yeah, goes out of the wagon.
– Yeah, sure.
– Just to check out what’s going,
see if there’s anything around.
– All right, so you kind
of hop off the wagon,
and there’s not really
much light to speak of,
although you know, with your eyes,
I’m assuming you at least
have a little something out,
like your torch is at
least down in the wagon
so that right around there’s some light,
because otherwise you can’t see anything.
– Mm-hmm.
– But you know, through
the forest trees up above,
there is some rays of
moonlight coming down,
it is relatively bright tonight,
the moon is very bright in the night sky,
and as you look, coming down the path
from the direction that you’re heading,
so coming from that way,
not the direction you came,
but the direction you’re
heading, you see a figure
walking up the path.
– That’s not one of us.
– Yeah, no, I mean, everybody
with you is in camp.
– Yeah.
– We told him, right?
– I’d like to think so.
– You didn’t mention it, so… (laughing)
So, a figure comes walking up.
– Hey!
– All right, are you giving
a shout at the figure?
Or, all right.
– Is there evil back there?
– Catchphrase.
– Any evil in there?
– Any evil in there?
– The figure comes walking up in there,
and what you see, as he
comes closer into the light,
is a human man, he’s dressed
in studded leather armor,
he has a bow slung over his back,
he has a blade that’s
out, the steel is out,
and he’s just kind of staring.
Depends who’s asking, friend.
I was told to come give aid.
– Hmm.
Told by whom?
– Not sure, someone just left
a message out of my cabin.
Someone was out there sniffing around.
– A message.
– He knows.
– Come on.
– He kind of draws
closer, and he kinda says,
how many of there are you here?
– 20.
– Uncure’s on the back of the wagon
just kind of looking with a
concerned look on her face.
He’s like ah, that’s a lot to feed.
– Not rabbits!
– He looks up at the moon.
– Oh!
– No!
– And I am–
– We’re camping here anyway.
– Awfully hungry!
– Oh.
– And as he draws near–
– That’s not what the note said,
it said “if friendly, come help.”
– As he draws near, his
face starts to stretch.
And fangs start to emerge from his mouth.
Fur begins to burst out of his armor.
And all of a sudden, what
was a strange traveler
making his way through the woods
has now transformed into
a bloodthirsty wolf,
but still on its hind legs,
still gripping a sword,
still wearing armor, and he’s
like, I’ve come for a meal!
– Am I awake at this point?
– Yeah, he started screaming,
so everyone who was asleep
has woken, but you’re prone and
in your tents and stuff, so.
– Did we get any spells back?
– Oh no, no no no.
No no no, oh no, none of that.
– Okay.
– All right, so.
At this point, can I get
everyone to roll initiative.
I’m going to–
– Yeah.
– Everyone’s gonna need
to roll Perception.
– I’ve got a 10, 20 to initiative.
– Luckily, but you do the plus thing?
– No, I was asleep.
– Oh.
– Initiative and Perception?
– It’s gonna be a Perception check, yeah,
for basically all of you.
– I have to keep myself
honest, I was asleep,
so I would not have been able to give
stealth warning on that one.
– No, no, yeah, you’re
just waking up when,
the shouting is what wakes you up,
but it’s the shouting that
also starts the combat,
so no scout’s warning.
– Like I said, I’m keeping myself honest.
– Yeah, fair enough.
– What a greedy wolf.
– All right, I’m gonna go around and get
everyone’s initiative, Lyss.
– 19.
– Omelette.
– 24.
– Linneus.
– Also 19.
– Which one of you would like to go first?
Your choice.
– I probably have a higher Dex than you?
I don’t know.
– It’s still choice.
– Oh, I don’t care.
– You go first.
– Okay then.
– Great.
– 22.
– 22.
– 21.
– Nice.
– That’s another 21.
We’ll put you there, and
I will roll for Uncure.
– Kill us this way.
– Kill us this way?
– Uncure’s right there.
– 50/50 chance.
– Don’t get too close to it.
– I’m not gonna roll for Lucky
because he’s not leaving his tent.
All right.
– Don’t get too close to it.
– All right everybody.
Omelette, you’re gonna get to go first.
You bolt up, you’re
just gonna bolt upright
in your sleeping sack, and you realize
there’s someone shouting outside.
– I sleep with it.
– You sleep your ax, all right.
– Outside, yeah.
– Very dangerous, but sure.
But you’re still prone–
– Oh, I’m a heavy sleeper.
– Yeah, you’re still like, prone,
you’re gonna have to stand
up and move and stuff.
– Right, stand up, one action.
– Yeah.
– Going outside as far
as I can go for another.
– Sure.
– How far away is he now?
– So you get up, get yourself
unentangled from the bed,
you have to kinda grab
the ax in a combat stance,
it’s not just, ’cause you
weren’t sleeping with it
ready to swing it, you
were sleeping with it
like hugging it–
– No, no, it’s more like a teddy.
– Yeah, yeah, which
means you need to shift
into a combat grip, which
is an action, and get out.
So you get out to see what’s going on,
and you see this man who has transformed
into some sorta wolf, and
he looks ready to fight.
But you are now out of actions.
– I’m out of actions.
– I’m afraid so.
The, well, let’s be honest,
the werewolf comes charging–
– I’m so surprised.
– Straight up toward you, Ikyulys,
and is going to attempt to
hit you with his longsword.
– We are very sorry.
– He’s going to roll a, let’s see,
that’s gonna be an armor class 23,
which I think misses you by just one,
and then he is going to attempt
to swing at you with a claw.
This is his third action,
because he had to move,
and that is going to be a 25
total, so that is going to hit.
ooh, that is nasty.
That is 16 points of damage.
– Did I regain any hit points back?
– Hit points?
– Yeah.
– While traveling, no,
because you were busy
treating Tariel for disease, yeah.
– That almost ran the medicine caravan.
– Yeah.
So you’re still a bit wounded.
All right.
That is the end of its turn.
However, you go next,
Ikyulys, what do you do?
– Retribution.
– I figured. (laughs)
It is the last creature to hit you,
so your Retribution will trigger.
– All right.
– Yeah, from your blade.
– Now, werewolf’s not undead, so.
– No, that’s not gonna
help you here at all.
– That’s a four, so that’s a 16.
– No, that’s gonna miss.
– Oh.
Wait, okay.
– Yeah, no, four plus 12 is gonna be a 16,
so you swing wildly, but you miss.
That’s only your first action,
what do you do with your second?
– Swing it again.
– I am shocked.
– So just one and then back.
– Yeah.
– That’s a 19.
– A 19?
– Plus 12, so that’s what, 21, 31–
– 31 minus five is 26.
That is going to hit.
All right, your ax connects, go ahead
and roll me a d12 plus four.
– No d6.
– No d6 ’cause he’s not undead.
– Oh yeah.
What, oh yeah, just the d12?
– Yeah, just the d12 plus four.
– So that’s gonna be a 12.
– 12.
All right, your blade slams into his side
and hot red blood pours out of him
and he curses and snarls.
Ah, you’ll pay for that!
I’m going to suck the marrow
from your bones! (snarls)
– Still have an action?
– Yeah, you have one left.
– Well, let’s see.
Oh, I’m not getting that.
– You could swing again.
If you’re low on hit points,
you could also use Lay on Hands
on yourself, that’s only one action.
– I’m good.
– Oh, all right.
You were askin’ if you
were healed any earlier,
I just was, I’m a benevolent
GM, so I was just asking.
Concerned about your well-being.
– Appreciate that.
That’s a 19.
That’s not gonna–
– 19?
– Yeah.
– 19 total?
– Yeah.
– With the penalty and everything?
– Oh, what’s the penalty?
– Minus 10.
– 10 on the third attack, so it’s a nine.
Yeah, no, that’s definitely gonna miss.
All right, Linneus.
– Me?
– Yeah.
You’re still in bed, you
just kinda bolted upright,
so you’re prone in a sleeping sack.
– Okay, well, I would
like to get out of that.
– All right.
That’s one action.
– Grab my things.
– That’s two actions.
– Get out of there.
– Get out there.
Great, all right.
– Nothing!
– What?
– Meta.
– I will also sit bolt upright,
curse myself and my
family name, and then–
And then make my way out of the tent
while drawing my bow, and I
believe that is all I can do.
– That’s gonna be about it.
Tariel, you’re kind of in that same boat.
– Sit up.
– Gather your stuff.
– Grab my rapier, run out.
– All right.
Yeah, kind of getting out
of a sleeping condition
really is a pain, you have to kinda
grab your stuff and get going.
So you’re all now out there, you see
the werewolf there is fighting,
Private Uncure is going to fire a bow,
she has a shortbow, and
she’s going to fire that.
She’s like what is that,
and just starts firing.
The first one is going to hit.
– Yay!
– And she’s going to do
three points of damage
with the first arrow, and
then she’s gonna fire again,
and that one’s going to miss,
and she’s going to fire again,
natural 20.
– Woo!
– Nice.
– Nice!
– That’s my girl!
– Yes!
– Let me actually do
the math on this though,
because her bonus isn’t that great.
So that’s 20, plus that
minus that is a miss.
So the 20 turns it from a miss into a hit.
So it’s at least still a hit, yeah.
All right, so, because rolling
a 20 steps you up a step,
so that roll, even with a
20, would’ve been a miss.
But rolling a 20 takes it up to a crit.
Or sorry, not a crit, a hit from a miss.
All right, so, that’s going to be another
four points of damage, so
she did six points of damage.
All right.
– Not bad.
– That’s with my bastard
sword in its side and–
– Yeah, no, it’s taken a bit of damage.
But it is still up and fighting.
Omelette, we are back to you.
– Finish him off.
– Great.
With every step, that smoky
rage envelops my body,
and then, do I have to Sudden Charge?
Am I close enough?
– You’re close enough just to move,
so it’s gonna be a move
and an action to rage,
so you’re down to just one action left,
which I think we know
what it’s going to be.
– Disengage.
– Sweepin’.
– Rescinding invitations,
that’s what we’re calling this.
– Mm-hmm.
– 26.
– 26 is a solid hit.
Go ahead and roll damage.
– I only said “friendly come this way!”
Oh, that’s a terrible roll.
Six, nine, (mumbling), 13.
– 13.
That’s still a decent,
respectable amount of damage.
– It is respectable.
Could’ve been better.
– Your ax buries itself
into the creature’s side,
but it is still up and fighting.
And now it goes.
The first thing it’s going
to do is swing its jaws.
It’s going to attempt to bite Ikyulys.
Armor class 26.
– You roll very well.
– You guys need to stop getting diseased.
– Has anyone ever told you that?
– It’s how I got this job.
They were like, who’s gonna work to design
the new version of Pathfinder?
And we all got together
and we all rolled dice,
and the four of us that
rolled the highest,
we made the new game.
All right, so, that is going
to do 13 points of damage.
– Oof.
– You doing all right over there?
– And I need you to make a Fortitude save.
– God, you’re both gonna
be diseased as heck!
Don’t do this!
– Diseased as heck.
– Got to fail.
No, you’ve got to win, sorry,
I went the wrong direction.
– Well that’s a 16, it’s a 28.
– Oh!
– Nice.
– Well that’s a pretty good
number, wouldn’t you think?
That sounds pretty good.
– Don’t do that.
– Yeah.
– Don’t do that.
– All right, yeah.
No, it’s great, great.
– We’re good, we’re good.
– You’re fine.
All right, moving on.
– What was that?!
– No, you’re fine. All right.
– I don’t like it!
– I don’t like this at all!
– All right, then it’s going
to swipe at you with a claw,
and that is going to hit a armor class,
let’s see, that would be
28 minus five is a 23,
so that’s gonna miss.
And it’s gonna take a third
attack at you as well,
and that’s also going to miss.
So it swings wildly at you, and is trying
to rip you to pieces
with its ferociousness,
but it doesn’t manage to succeed.
Ikyulys, it is your turn.
– What I wanna do, first, Lay on Hands.
– That’s one action, so you regain 18,
I don’t even think you
have to roll for that.
– Okay.
– You just get 18 hit points back.
– Perfect.
– All right.
– So that’s happening.
– Something that has now been used.
– Yeah.
– And sometime after the
fight, you can spend 10 minutes
to refocus, and then
you can cast it again.
– Perfect.
– Yep.
– This next action, I’m
going to swing at him.
– Swing at him, all right.
You grab the bastard sword with both hands
and swing around at him.
– Out to the side and then
just around the other side.
– Yep.
– Chop his head off.
We’ll call it a six.
– Sure.
– 18.
– 18 is not going to be enough to hit him.
You do have one more action, though.
– Can I just punch this guy?
– You certainly can, you
have to take your hand
off the grip, but you can
punch him if you want.
– All right, no, I’ll
swing the sword again.
– Every once in a while, you
just have to punch a werewolf.
– 23, and yeah, 23.
– So 23 minus five?
– Minus five.
– Yeah, so 18.
18 is going to miss, I’m afraid.
You swing wildly, but
don’t manage to connect.
(clears throat)
– Somebody kill this guy.
– Two things I want to do.
First, going to spend one action
to cast some healing at
you, you only get one point,
well, I tried, but second, I am going to
pick a point behind him,
where in 20-foot radius
it will not hurt my
friends, I’m going to send
a fireball on him.
– All right.
– I need some d6s.
– So one thing that’s a little tricky,
and I wanna double-check here.
So the heal, the only way
you can do it at range
is if you spend two actions to do it, so.
– Oh, that’s right.
– So I think you’re probably gonna be
moving and fireballing,
or something like that.
– Well, I don’t have to move for Fireball,
because the range is 500 feet.
– Yeah.
– So nevermind, you’re not
gonna get that one point.
– That’s okay.
– But I’ll come back to you later.
I’m still gonna do the Fireball.
– Oh no.
– Oh no, you lost one point of healing.
– If he dies by one.
– Yeah, that would be something.
– I have my tiny one.
Yeah, I’m picking a spot
I designate behind–
– Just kill this guy, I’ll be happy, yeah.
– Where it’s not going to hurt my friends.
– All right, you throw the fireball,
I am going to make a Reflex save.
Oh, that’s bad.
– 18 fire damage.
– 18 fire damage, and I
rolled a 13 Reflex save,
which is gonna fail.
– No.
You woke me up!
– So how much fire damage was it again?
– 18.
– Yes, that number.
– All right, the blast of
flame roars, and you can smell,
the forest is now filled
with the scent of like
charred fur, it’s really gross,
it smells like burning
hair everywhere now.
The flame subsides, and the
creature’s underneath it,
and it looks terribly burned,
but it’s still standing,
and you do get to, are you
going to move after that?
– Yeah, I’m gonna move
forward a little bit.
– Lyss.
– Yes, I am going to use my Hunt Prey.
– All right, you
designate it as your prey?
– Yes.
– Ah, the hunter becomes the prey.
Oh, I’m sorry, I feel bad about that.
– Terrible, terrible.
– I apologize to all the
viewers at home for that,
that’s on me.
– Take my two shots at it.
– All right.
So you get to do your Twin Shots.
– I guess I could use my
Hunted Shot, I will do that.
– All right.
– Because if I do that
twice I get four shots.
– Well you have to spend one
action to hunt it, yeah, so.
– But this is also one action to shoot,
and I can shoot twice for one action.
– Yeah, so you get all three shots.
You can only do that particular
thing once per round,
you can only fire the two arrows–
– Oh, you’re correct, yeah, thank you.
– Yeah, no worries.
– Well, I rolled crap, so
we’ll see how that goes.
Wow, that’s bad.
– You need different dice.
– No, my dice are great,
they just gave up on me,
they saw the werewolf and got scared.
Let’s see, I do, I would like to–
– Oh yeah.
– At this point in time, and it’s–
– All right.
– My job.
– I’m gonna take that.
– Yeah, really.
– And I somehow managed to roll worse.
All right, so that was a 21.
– All right.
The 21 is gonna hit.
– Okay, the 21 hits, but the second shot
on that one is worse,
so I will not get that.
– All right.
– (mumbling) d6 plus my d8 for precision.
That’s not a roll.
Oh, not bad.
That’s 10 plus three, so 13.
– 13.
– With that one shot, the
second shot doesn’t hit,
and then I’ll use my third action to–
– The arrow hits him in the shoulder
and he cries out in pain.
– Natural 20.
– Oh no.
– Woo, oh yes.
– Plus 14, that would
be a 34 minus nine’s 24.
– Nice.
– Certainly a critical hit.
– Oh, 24 is a critical hit?
– No, it’s a 20, so that
bumps it to a critical hit.
– Ah ha ha!
That is five plus precision,
six, so 11 times two’s 22.
– He didn’t have very
many hit points left.
(gasping) I think you only
get the precision once,
but I don’t think it matters.
The arrow sinks right
into one of his eyes,
and he just goes (roaring)
and slowly his form
begins to melt back into
that of some poor hunter,
cursed by the moon, and he
falls to the ground dead.
– I feel a little bit
better about the fact that–
– Ikyulys takes his sword out.
– I’m going to run over.
Dump some healing in you.
This time, oh, do nine!
Get nine points, that’s a
lot better than last time.
– So we probably forgot to mention
that we asked for some
help, we did not expect
that we were going to be–
– We didn’t think we
would actually get any.
– Are you telling us
that you led him to us?
– We thought he was friendly, he did not
appear to be undead.
– You guys!
– He was not undead.
He was a simple hunter, how were we
supposed to know he was a werewolf?
– We didn’t exactly go into the house–
– We have no friends now.
I gotta go back to sleep!
– So just–
– Go to bed for yourself.
– Just behind you, the entire refugee camp
has been woken up, ’cause
there was a blast of flame,
there was a howling wolf monster,
there’s a nightmare happening
right in front of them,
and they’re just standing in
the light like of the torch
like, are we okay?
– You’re good, you’re good.
– Falmer’s got his
sword out and he’s like,
oh, well they have it
all in hand, everyone,
they have it all in hand,
nothing to see here!
And he’s trying to get
them to go back to bed.
– Some good has come of this, though.
– We have rabbits that we–
– We have a lot of game at that shack
that’s up for grabs now, because I think
it’s quite okay to trespass.
– All right.
– I’m going to sleep!
– So, to keep things moving.
– Sorry.
– You are able to check out the shack.
There isn’t really much of value here,
but there is some food and some supplies.
– And herbs.
– Yeah, a little bit of herbs,
some seasonings and stuff.
– Actually flavor a decent stew.
– I want those, I want some.
– So you’re able to check
that out and get that.
He also has some gear on
him, including a quiver
that you quickly come to realize
is filled with some magic arrows.
There’s six of ’em.
– Okay.
– Yeah.
– These are called Vine Arrows,
you’re able to identify them.
I would normally make you make a check,
but you’re definitely going to make it,
so we’re just gonna skip that part.
And what these do is when you
fire a Vine Arrow at someone,
it splits and turns into
a whole bunch of vines
that wrap around them and make them slow
and make it hard for them to move around.
So it’s good at immobilizing a target.
You fire the arrow at them
and it wraps them in vines.
– But these are one use,
once they have been used–
– Yeah, and you have six of them.
– Sweet.
– Can I get one of those arrows?
– Do you want one of them?
– I’d love one of those arrows.
– We will split them in half, as is–
– Charmed you are.
– You can have three of them.
– So, these conversations
drag on into the night a bit.
Eventually you manage to go
back to bed and get some sleep.
The next day, you wake up with
a renewed sense of urgency.
Whatever triggered that
alarm can’t be far away now,
if it moved through the night.
Even if they are moving slower than you,
they’re probably still on your heels.
The rest of the day passes by in a blur.
Lyss, I need you to make a Survival check
to help guide the group successfully.
– Absolutely, it would be my pleasure.
– All right.
– But I really wish that
my dice would wake up.
It is not time to go to sleep yet.
That would be a 19.
– A 19.
All right.
– Not great, for me.
– Not particularly good, no.
You end up going down
a number of dead ends
in kind of blind directions.
You can take the No
Direction spell, right?
– I have Wanderer’s Guide.
– Oh, you have Wanderer’s
Guide, what’s that do?
– I do have Wanderer’s Guide.
So until my next daily preparations,
I call upon the beyond
to guide me on my route,
or I think I would probably
just call upon Sarenrae–
– Absolutely, yeah.
– I choose a destination, and I receive
and inspired route to that destination,
and I also allow my allies
to travel over land with me
and reduce the movement
penalty from difficult terrain
by half for the duration.
– At first you were worried about it.
– But thank you so much–
– That’s why I went to sleep!
– So helpful.
– That’s why I went to sleep,
I didn’t have it prepared before.
– All right, with–
– I appreciate it so much.
– With Sarenrae–
– Still needs a nap.
– I do!
– I grasp Linneus’s hand
and give it a little peck.
You are just so charming,
thank you so much.
– With Sarenrae’s guidance,
you are able to make
relatively good time traveling over land,
heading south faster and faster now,
being able to avoid
some difficult terrain,
does that spell last for a little while?
– Until my next daily preparation.
– Oh yeah, that’s a good long time.
– All day.
– So, you make fantastic time.
As a matter of fact, at one point in time,
you reach a high point in the Fangwood,
it’s a clearing and
there’s a bit of a hill,
and you’re able to kind
of climb that clearing
and get a look of the land beyond.
You’ve covered fantastic distance today.
The Fangwood is a big forest,
but it’s not insurmountable,
and in fact, to the south,
you can see just the first
plumes of smoke from a town.
It can’t be too far off.
– Does it look like normal smoke?
– It looks like normal wood smoke.
They’re little tiny wisps from chimneys,
it doesn’t look like a black
plume of a town burning.
– Can we see the roads from here?
– No, you can see the
treetops, it’s just canopy.
Oh, you’re wondering
if you can see the road
to the east, or to the west.
– Yes, I want to see if I can–
– Yeah, you can’t see that.
– Any birds being disturbed anywhere?
– So you turn around
and you look to the west
and you don’t see anything like that.
But you look to the north,
there’s something that way.
– No, how close?
– No, Cassen’s to the south.
– Oh, thank God.
– But just as you look to the north,
you see entire flocks of birds take off
and take wing to the
south, and it looks like
it’s a good distance away,
maybe 20, maybe 30 miles,
like it’s far away, you
know, you have a hill
with good vantage, so it’s
near the limit of your sight,
you’ve been traveling very well today.
Everybody seems very
invigorated to get moving.
But whatever it is is still following you.
– I tell that to everyone.
– At the rate you’re going
you’ve probably made up, like,
that spell shot you forward and made it
much easier to travel,
so you’ve probably like
made it so it’s like at least
a couple days behind you now,
or at least a day behind you
or something, you’re not sure.
– Since we have the aid of that spell,
is it possible that I could’ve
kind of lagged behind us
a little bit to sort of keep
the evidence of our passage–
– You could.
Yeah, you could, you can
do a little bit of that,
but if you do too much
of it, you will fall
way too far behind.
– I don’t want to do too
much, but every now and again
I wanna just stop and kind of
break the trail, as it were.
– Sure, sure, sure.
All right.
Yeah, and you know, that
sorta stuff may help a lot,
you don’t know.
You’re not even sure what’s following you,
but there’s something back there.
– Mm-hmm.
– You continue traveling.
– As possible to follow us.
– You continue traveling.
You don’t think you can make
it to the town by nightfall,
it is very late in the day now.
But you’re close.
You’re definitely going to make it there
probably mid-morning the next day.
So, as you continue making your way,
it’s gettin’ late and folks
are starting to look tired.
You wanna search for a camp,
or what do you wanna do?
– I’ll put another alarm out.
– Okay.
– Behind us.
– All right.
– Are we like, can we even see the town?
– No, it’s kind of far away up ahead.
I mean, if you marched
until like midnight,
you might get there.
But the townsfolk, or
sorry, not the townsfolk,
the refugees don’t look like
they can march till midnight.
There’s too many people who
are old and malnourished.
– Like, if there are like…
If there was some sort of thing happening,
would the town see us,
or like we could see–
– If there was something
catastrophic happening in the town,
you might’ve seen it from the hill,
but I mean, you just saw like wood smoke
coming from chimneys and
stuff way off in the distance.
– So they might see us.
– Not really.
I mean, you know, you
look like a large caravan
and that’s it, right?
I mean, and you really only have one wagon
and a bunch of people, so
you’re not very noticeable.
Unless you’re trying to follow the trail.
I mean, you could start a huge fire.
That would be very noticeable.
– Okay, no, I don’t want to do that.
– All right.
– Just thinkin’ aloud.
– All right.
– I think I might do some foraging
to kind of supplement our stew,
perhaps we can make a decent
rabbit stew or something?
– Sure.
You still have a good amount
of food stores left, actually.
You’re in pretty good shape, especially
after the hunter’s shack, and that.
So I mean, you can, but I
don’t know that you need to.
There’s probably enough
food for today and tomorrow.
– Then I will relax for a change.
Help set up camp.
– All right.
Folks set up camp.
– I need to rest.
– Mm-hmm.
– All right.
Well, you actually can spend some time,
so there’s a little bit of a trick,
I’m gonna teach you a
little trick of the game.
You can spend time, and every 10 minutes
you can cast Lay on Hands
on yourself and heal 18.
– Whoa!
– So if you sit there for an hour,
you’ve just regained 90 hit
points, so you’re back to full.
– I would like to sit with
him as well for a while
with medicine just to make double sure
he’s not gonna turn into a werewolf.
– So here’s the thing.
As far as hit point damage,
everyone’s back to full.
You can easily solve that
problem when you camp.
– Okay.
– You have enough healing resources,
this group is pretty
healing resource rich.
– Yeah.
– So you’re able to
heal everybody back up,
that’s not a problem.
You also wanna spend some time with him
and check for disease, yeah?
We’ll make some rolls for that.
But for right now, you’re not quite sure.
– Okay, and I’m also gonna
keep an eye on this one.
– Absolutely.
– Just in case.
– How are you feeling?
– You all do watches again?
– Yeah.
– Same watch schedule?
– Patrols.
– All right.
– It’s not quite dark, we sorta stopped
not quite when it was time–
– It was almost nightfall, yeah.
– Almost.
– I’m doing more patrols.
– Sure. All right, great.
So, you’re all able to make camp.
You set up watches.
Who is on third watch?
– I want to say it’s probably me?
– All right.
– I could do it with you.
– All right.
So, the two of you are on third watch.
It’s gotta be like three in the morning
or something at this point in time.
Your Alarm spell came and
went, and was never triggered.
So whatever it is isn’t that close.
It’s possible it got lost,
possible it just isn’t
moving that fast, who knows,
you might’ve gotten lucky
and lost it entirely.
Maybe you’re on your own now.
It’s about two a.m., and the
two of you are sitting there,
and all of a sudden you
smell (sniffs), smoke?
– I smell something, do you smell it?
– Yes.
– And you hear a crackle,
and all of a sudden
you notice light.
– Where?
– So, you look over to,
so you have your wagon,
you have tents, you have enough tents
that you know, the food stores and stuff
can get moved into a tent, that way
people can rest and stuff.
Sorry, not moved on a tent,
it’s kept on the wagon,
and everybody else is sleeping in tents.
And you look, and from the
light, the wagon is on fire.
– What?
– What!
– Yeah.
– I’m gonna take off my cloak and run over
and start smacking it down.
– All right.
– What do I see?
Like, I can’t see much in the dark,
but what can I see by
the light of the fire?
– So you can see that the
wagon itself is on fire.
You have no idea why or how,
but the wagon is on fire.
– Do I see Lucky anywhere?
Did I keep a track on
where he’s been lately?
– You’re not sure.
You think he’s in one of the tents.
But you’re not sure which one.
– I’m going to–
– Because you weren’t on
second watch, so you know.
– I’m going to wake
Omelette, since she has
keen eyes in the dark.
– Right, hello, okay.
Oh, I had a watch
already, what’s goin’ on?
– The wagon is on fire.
– Are the horses okay?
– The horses are–
– The horses aren’t tethered
to the wagon at night.
That’d be cruel.
All right, so–
– That’d be terrible.
But they’re spookish.
– Do any of you have any ability
to create water or anything like that?
– No, but I was gonna ask you,
I have Chilled Touch, can I–
– Nah, it doesn’t do enough, no.
– I didn’t take that one.
– Are we near that river there?
– No, you’re way too far away.
– I mean, I have my water skein,
but I don’t think it’s
enough water to like–
– Might be better than nothing.
– I am going to uncork my
water skein and start just–
– All right.
– Yeah.
– Do you have any sand?
Sand is another good way to do this.
– Oh, good idea.
I’m gonna start scoopin’ sand on it.
– All right, so everyone starts kind of
going off into a panic,
and Sir Falmer kind of,
you see him feel, and you feel
him kind of touch your elbow
and be like, point me at it, I can help.
– It’s right in front of you.
– He kind of looks, he’s
like ah, (mumbling),
and he makes his hand and
water starts pouring out
of the sky, and he’s like
ah, yes, (laughing) oh, yes.
Did I get it, is that all of it?
And he’s trying to put out the fire.
– I think so.
– And after a moment,
all that you’re left with
is a smoking wagon.
– This has happened here.
– And a lot of the food just burned up.
– That is very unfortunate.
– Is it smoked jerky, at least?
– In the aftermath, you
quickly come to realize,
everyone’s gotten up and
you kind of take stock
of the situation, and
you take a look around
and there’s no sign of Lucky.
– That little–
– Gonna kill him.
– Listen, I’m gonna go back to sleep,
and then I’m gonna pick
up the Locate Item,
I’m gonna find him, how about that?
Maybe I can do that.
– I’m going to go back to sleep
and then we’re going to
go get some vengeance.
All right, so.
– That little–
– Track him right this moment.
Are there charred remains,
or did he just take the food?
– You have no idea.
There’s charred remains of food, yeah.
– Why would he, what is the point of that!
– He was being vindictive.
– What?!
– Because we scared him.
– He didn’t like it when I–
– Oh, that’s right, there
was all the bullying.
All right.
– He deserved it.
– That is fair.
The next morning, you’re able to get up,
there’s no way you can
track him in the dark,
wherever he went, he’s gone.
– Are you sure?
– Yeah.
– Got good eyes.
– So you’re able to wake up
in the morning and pack up,
and it’s kind of a dour breakfast,
because there really isn’t much food left
and everyone has to go hungry,
but fortunately, you’re not far away.
You begin your march, heading south,
and just as morning begins to fully bloom,
you crest a clearing, and
there the forest has opened up,
and off in the distance, you see
the small, walled town of Cassen.
All right, and that is where I am going to
end today’s adventure.
– Gonna kill him, kill him.
– I want to thank all of you for watching,
and I want to encourage
you to be here next week
for another exciting session.
I hope you’ve enjoyed
what you’ve seen today.
You can learn more about the game
at PathfinderSecondEdition.com.
The core rulebook and bestiary,
along with several
adventures and accessories,
are available right now from Paizo.com
or your favorite local game store.
If you wanna watch more of my adventures,
you can find me every Thursday
running Oblivion Oath,
the Pathfinder office campaign
on the Paizo Twitch channel
at Twitch.tv/OfficialPaizo.
Thanks again for watching, everybody,
and we’ll see you next time.
(dramatic music)
(adventurous music)


  1. uuuuuuh…. is this tailing Critical Role and looking for its success wave? I don't blame you … as long as it's not someone as commercial as MTV or Fox doing it.

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    Necromancer: "I don't have any significant skill rolls that will affect the horses. Hmmm… I kill the entire caravan of horses and humans and resurrect them all. Then I 'Command Undead' and force them all to move off of the road into hiding."

    DM: "What? Why?!"

    Necromancer: "Chaotic Evil Alignment."

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    Also: Why do all creatures they encounter have to be evil. ;n; Why can't a werewolf be nice and helpful & friendly? <='(

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