Five Spice Boiled Peanuts 五香花生

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hi everyone today we’re going to make
five-spice boiled peanuts these are the fresh raw peanuts if you
can find from Asian market first were going to rinse the peanuts okay fill up
the bowl with cold water then strain it okay let’s put the peanuts into the
pot add our spices I have sichuan peppercorns cinnamon stick
anise seeds and bay leaves it’s optional if you want a little bit spicy you can
put chili peppers and last I add some salt about 1 1/2 teaspoons then we
fill up the pot with water until it covers the peanuts that’s it
now we are going to boil the peanuts we’ll turn the heat to high to boil it now the water is boiling we turned the heat to medium-low and cover it cook about 45 minutes after about 40 minutes
our peanuts are done so we turn off the heat let it sit about the half hour
ideally you can leave overnight to soak all the flavors
after half hour soaking now we can taste the peanuts take some out for the rest of
them leave them in the liquid and put in the refrigerator overnight so they are
going to soak more flavors hope you guys will enjoy this five-spice boiled peanuts
thank you so much for watching see you next time


  1. I love peanut and that is usually we have while we are sitting in the sofa or between reading and writing too,so I will try to do that one time.It looks yummy!,thanks for sharing again Mam…God bless and keep safe always.

  2. Hi my friend! I saw at supermarket a powder called "chinese five species". It can be used for this recipie? Greetings from México

  3. Great! Ever since I first tasted these in a Hong Kong street market, I've never stopped trying to find how to prepare them myself. Now I know! thank you ZL,

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