Fasting Diet For Weight Loss | Refeed Results | Weight Loss Vlog 2019 [Day 110]

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hi everyone its Mieka fasting weight loss
and today is day 100 in 10 of my weight loss journey
I started 110 days ago at
273 pounds I’m 41 years old 5 foot 9 I’m
doing different fasting methods I’m
doing old mad one mill a day
intermittent fasting and fasting
yesterday on day 110 I did intermittent
fasting 16-8 results will be today for
that that means I fasted 16 hours of my
8 8 hours but really I fasted going in
from day 109 all the way to the to 10
o’clock 9 55 I’m yesterday so that was a
long fast well Lauren may be like
30-something hours so this is also I’m
gonna put our when I’m doing a refeed
that means I’m coming off at least 24
hours fast so when you bri feed you have
to expect a game okay everyday I come
with the quote or something
inspirational and this is my quote book
it’s also supposed to be my daily task
but I gotta get on that okay yesterday
this is what I ate I don’t know if you
can see that green I hate for chicken
strips okay first in the morning I had
two eggs with cream cheese at home I
cooked that then on my way to work I had
four mozzarella sticks from Sonic with
marinara okay then I went to work and I
got off I have four chicken strips and I
had two dipping sauces
I went to the grocery store it’s so bad
because I did not make it home
I had to indulge in parts this is the
Aldi brand low-carb bar I want to do it
I wanted to a giveaway I hate it’s gonna
have to be USA I hate to do that but if
you want to win a if you want to get
indulgent wanna box I’m gonna choose one
comment from today’s video just put USA
in the comment that means I’m gonna
answer you to win I cannot spend a whole
bunch of money to send it overseas or
out of my country so I’m sorry to
exclude people cuz I hate to exclude
people but today’s giveaway is only for
USA but I hope everyone else still likes
me okay so I had it let’s just say for
the whole day I had three indulgent bars
five comes in a box I should have never
I need to stop buying it because it’s
five dollars and that’s not a lot but it
is a lot to me so let me see so I made
turkey and ground beef meatloaf
yesterday I mixed ground turkey ground
beef onions 3 eggs seasonings put some
almond flour my kids I think or I cooked
all used all my Parmesan cheese so
instead of breadcrumbs I used Parmesan
cheese or the crispy onions that come in
the can and crumble it those are my two
ways I I use substitute breadcrumbs I do
not do bread I didn’t mention it I’m
also doing low carb lifestyle and I like
to make keto milk sometimes so that was
a hit with everybody I put mine in the
muffin tins I made three of those I had
a nice smaller what I normally have
portion probably because I was already
full from eating I had just ate the
chicken strips not that long ago maybe
two hours before so then I also got
cottage cheese with it probably half a
cup somewhere a third a cup maybe let’s
see then I’m a dessert Aldi had of an a
sugar-free vanilla pudding so I bought
that I put half this was so good if I
don’t have this today I’ll be surprised
so I put half cream cheese the vanilla
I don’t like vanilla I like pistachio
cheesecake white chocolate those are my
favorite pudding types okay so the
pudding package some trivia half the
thing of cream cheese
probably a cup and a half of heavy
whipping cream and half a cup of regular
milk blended that together my son did
and I bought fresh strawberries slice
them my 12 year old slice the
strawberries we put them in the muffin
tins and then we I put a few pecans and
then we put that mixture which tastes
like the cream cheese cheesecake but in
then I put some pecans on top guess how
many I had we all had three I was so
proud of myself I’ll never forget the
day and those that watched that I had
eleven cheesecake muffins in one night
that was so bad so instead of the pecan
and almond and egg crust that I normally
use for my cheesecake I used
strawberries I’m okay with strawberries
that berries are a low carb fruit and
I’m okay with that and I’m sure I’m
still in ketosis you guys I really
believe I could be a hundred carbs and
still be in ketosis I don’t care about
it being dark I believe that as long as
you’re burning the ketones you’re
burning fat so I’m good with that and I
don’t know I never get dark anyway so I
don’t care so that’s why you don’t see
me doing the ketones anymore the strips
that often
okay now my exercise I forgot the quote
okay the quote book there’s a reason why
I chose this quote so yesterday I was on
Brandon Carter is one of my personal
trainers you might want to look him up
um and he’s not your average personal
trainer he does he believes in frequency
of working out he also is an
entrepreneur and a motivator love him
Annie’s in New York City my favorite
city I’m gonna move back there you guys
when my kids are grown if I don’t get
married okay
so I was on one of his videos let me see
I’m not even gonna tell you the title I
wouldn’t give this comment this this
youtuber a shout out when I checked
their channel and they’re not really
building a channel so I am gonna read a
comment in the video it says if there’s
one thing this is not Brandon Carter
this is just a youtuber if there is one
thing that I have learned over the last
25 years of training seriously is that
there is no right solution for everyone
what works well for you may not work as
well for someone else you need to find
what works for you by all means try
different things but never be a sheep
which so many people are in this
industry oh my gosh if you watch me you
should know I’m not a follower I’m not
doing what everyone else does I
appreciate pointers I appreciate I
shouldn’t have the sauces I should keep
my carbs low I should be keto cuz it’s
better than low carb I appreciate all of
the feedback I really do but I’m doing
my thing I don’t need to hear what my
doctors gonna tell me about my eating
and my exercise I don’t feel I really
need a personal trainer because as I’ve
learned so much about fasting I’ve also
learned so much about bodybuilding about
cardio about hit like runs certified
personal trainers on YouTube but I’ve
a lot and I feel like I know enough to
do what I’m doing with that said okay so
the quote innovation distinguishes
between a leader and a follower Steve
Jobs innovation that’s something no
distinguishes between a leader and a
follower Steve Jobs the reason why I
found that when I don’t know what I
typed in to find it well I like the word
sheep sheep just follow what everyone
else is doing okay
I am NOT a sheep at all like I’m so far
from the sheep in every aspect in every
area of my life I don’t care what you
say like if you say raising kids which I
need to improve on that
beyond a relationship being a friend I
need to be a better printer um exercise
and eating like I’m so not a sheep just
in general as a Muslim like I don’t
follow blindly like I’m so different
and yeah I just wanted to I just loved
that quote even though I twisted my own
way to suit my purpose okay so I got to
the gym I did the treadmill 20 minutes
pretty easy slight incline very slight
um I enjoyed it I did half a mile on the
track because I was waiting for my room
to be available then I put the
livestream on so yesterday you’ll see my
deadlifting I did seven sets of ten reps
the weight is very low the whole bar I
think was fifty pounds very light but I
did a lot of reps I did 70 reps okay I
said it in the video I bet this is more
than 10 minutes dang it in the video I
said 20 minute 20-second jumps but
really I tried to do 30 seconds and I
was facing the clock okay after that Oh
before that or after before that I did
just press three sets
of 10 lightweight I did three sets of
bicep curls super-lightweight
it’s so embarrassing I’m not even gonna
say how much that’s how embarrassing it
is what I felt like my biceps get pumped
up when I was working out that’s so
awesome I did tricep extensions three
sets of 10 and I think I did two sets of
they um the the one where I bend over
and push one leg back at a time and
press the bar up that’s for the butt and
I also did that’s how I did oh I did leg
extensions you say any push up that’s
for the quartz you guys I want massive
quartz and massive butt because that’s
how I feel like anyway that’s what I
want so I actually really feel my body
today I will be going to the gym I will
not be doing my butt except for I’ll
probably get on an elliptical I’ll do
more cardio today I really would like to
go swimming but there’s a few reasons
where I am not so yeah I had a really
good workout yesterday I’m proud of that
oh and I spent five minutes on the
elliptical because someone called me in
the middle of my workout and really
distracted me man
two people contacted me yesterday I
don’t know it was so weird she and I’m
going out today and I might be going on
a vacation I really might be going out
of town you guys I don’t know okay so my
intermittent fasting results for day 110
of Micah’s fasting a weight-loss journey
mm my team is oh man
I don’t even remember I looked at it
right before I started this video I
think this is it
so 10.4 oh man
I cannot do it even that math you guys I
know it’s so bad I have a problem I’m
not dumb and I don’t not
a college degree but I’ve been to
I don’t process information fast so I
could do that but it would take me like
two minutes to do basic math okay now
wouldn’t it
this is so embarrassing okay I think I
lost – I think I added 1.8 let me just
make sure that’s right
see I’m wrong 1.6 so I gained 1.6 on a
refeed that’s good you guys
that’s like excellent cuz I could just
eat one meal early in the day and
tomorrow I’d probably be back to that
but I’m not I’m not doing that I’m not
gonna tell you what I’m doing that’s the
new thing I’m not telling you what I do
you’re gonna have to come back tomorrow
and find out hey


  1. Hi mieka. Good morning. Like you from NYC. I do fasting everyday eating at a calorie deficit of 500. I will send you some of my meal pics via messenger. If you like bars, you gotta try the quest hero bars. Had them when I was doing keto at times. They had them in 3 flavors. All were delicious but the blueberry cobbler one was the best. I wasted so much money on bars I ended up not liking lol. I’m loving your journey. I exercised yesterday. Did a 1 mile in home brisk walk. I am so out of shape lol. But I had to start somewhere lol.

  2. I live in Ohio, and have 3 kids. I would love to be entered in the contest for the giveaway. I’ve followed you a while as I’ve also started the snake diet, IF, and OMAD, keto as well. Down 26 lbs already in my journey to lose 100 lbs. 💕

  3. Playing this again to hear the quote again. That’s a good gain which is mostly water weight so you’ll be back down in no time.

  4. Have you done any measuring? I have been fasting losing weight but no inches, but my clothes are looser weird. Have a awesome/blessed day. 😊

  5. Mieka you are looking pretty Skinny haha.. Looking good. Still going strong on my dry fast….didnt make my work out goal yesterday but pushing forward

  6. Great video and loved the quote. So many people are sheep but hopefully they're being led by great Leaders. It's water weight and you're looking so slim.

  7. It's good to hear you have been making the healthier alteratives and better option I'm general. Well I can't really say that cause I don't know what they ate before. Good job though it helps a lot to stop the trend

  8. Yes! I love it! Don't be a sheep! That's right! You do what's best for you. Loving your journey!! (USA)

  9. you have to change your condition before you change your position

    Most people try to do this in reverse it never works for the long-term
    Other words you have to focus on your overall health before weight loss

  10. Iam swing your wl in your face. So awesome!! You are doing so well. I have to a catch up on your vids. I have been moving.

  11. So true sis. I've realized that my journey has to be custom-made. Other peoples advice/opinions can be very helpful and could possibly save your life and make getting healthy very fun and successful, but you still have to customize it to your lifestyle, work/school schedule, habits, beliefs…etc. Even though it can be helpful, we gotta make it our own. Be confident and consistent with doing our own thing.

  12. Mieka, you are such a motivation! Keep up the great work! I also vlog about life/food/workouts. If you can subscribe back and check out my channel, it'd mean a lot 🙂

  13. I will be fasting once a week from next Friday but definitely will be doing omad. I feel it works for me. Good on you. Definitely be watching you for inspiration☺️

  14. Do u have a goal??? Or do u plan to keep fasting until you are very low body fast. Great job by the way. I started January 10th.. Dry fasted 80 hours ( loss 6.6 lbs) refers on Sunday ( low carb). Now im day 3 into my 5 day fast…

  15. Hey, i heard about "Red Tea detox" to help us losing weight , i checked out the customer reviews through and i found it really cheap & effective , so what do you think that i should try it out !!

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