Family Guy – Stewie fat

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Oh Good boy Stewie clean plate although, I think yes, yes I got more of it on me than in me yes that one never gets old Lois Here’s your dessert, sweetie dig in I’ll eat it what I’m ready I’m ready well time for dessert Isn’t it and let’s see big chocolate cake for Stewie, and we have something very tasty for big fat. You bone Appetit Oh and feel free to use my fork. I shan’t be needing it watch me. That’s it watch this Oh Still we stop eating like a little piggy, maybe we should cut down on your sweets You’re starting to get a little Buddha belly Chris where have you been boy dad took me to a doctor to get the fat? Vacuumed out of my belly what I didn’t do it. I’m just gonna stay on my diet Exercise good for you. That was a very grown-up decision. I mean what kind of lazy? Narcissistic irresponsible moron would even consider doing something as unbelievably foolish is getting liposuction. Oh, I asked you oh Damn you ice cream come to my mouth. How dare you disobey me What are you looking at you you infantile stupid is right damn you and such you can Damnit Oh what happened the Horsham fall down shut up just I don’t want to hit it well serves You right you spent all that time trying to make Chris jealous, and now you have an eating disorder. Just help me up Well, you know I would but my doctor advised me against heavy lifting whoo hobby. Ha ha What what the devil are you doing? Stop it damn it. I’m getting dizzy aah buzz


  1. 0:59 Мне этот Стьюи напоминает знаменитого чумазого мужика, вы знаете про кого я х)

  2. Oh Stewie stop eating like a little piggy maybe we should cut down on your sweets you’re starting to get a little buddah belly. 😂😂😂😂

  3. During a class back in high school, we actually had a student who was so fat, she broke a chair and dropped to the floor.
    We were so concerned for the chair.

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