Expert Series – Foods you didn’t know were healthy

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Hi everyone, my name’s Lushano and I’m a certified trainer.
Do you feel guilty when you’re eating your favorite snack?
Well, you might not need to. Here are five foods that you never thought were healthy.
Number 1: Cheese. Cheese is a great source of calcium and protein and low-fat cheese like quark is great as it contains less saturated fats.
Number 2: Popcorn. Popcorn is low on fat but high in fiber and contains some vitamins. Go for a plain flavor, just to keep it healthier.
Number 3: Ketchup. Despite being fairly high in sugar and salt, it also contains a cancer-fighting antioxidant.
For two more foods that you didn’t know were healthy, go to the Freeletics Blog now.


  1. Cheese isn’t healthy. It’s linked to several chronic diseases, skin problems, asthma, and certain cancers. Not to mention many people are lactose intolerant. Saying cheese is healthy is fucking absurd.

    Nobody should be listening to your nutrition advice.

  2. Popcorn…YES [air popped organic, no butter]
    Cheese…. is made from animal milk, which is not designed for humans.
    Ketchup is loaded with sugar, or worse, corn syrup…
    you kinda fail, hun…

  3. Almost 99% of the pop-corns at the market contains palm butter. May be if pop-corns are home made with real oil they are healthy.

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