EXCLUSIVE Interview with Trevor James (aka “The Food Ranger”) in western China!!

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– Hey guys. Josh for Far West China. Today, we’re gonna do something
a little bit different. I’ve got Trevor James aka The Food Ranger with us here for an interview. This is a guy, if you’ve
never heard of him before. He has 700,000 YouTube subscribers, over 80 million lifetime views. He goes all around Asia
from Malaysia to Thailand to Singapore, here in China trying out different street foods. And he has been here in
Xinjiang over the past month. So I caught up with him. I wanted to ask, what it’s
like being a video blogger? What do you think about Xinjiang? And what are his plans. This guy is crazy for this next year and the plans that he has. You gonna wanna hear that. And finally, if you wait to the very end, he’s gonna try out one of
my favorite street food snacks here in Xinjiang. So let’s go ahead and get to it. – Hey. Here we are.
This is Trevor and Ting. Trevor, better known as The Food Ranger. I’ve been really excited. Really excited to meet you guys. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Thank you guys so much for coming over. – Thank you for having us here. It’s been a wonderful time in Xinjiang. – Yeah.
– Yes. – I wanted to give everybody
kinda a little bit of a, I guess you’d call it
behind the scenes look at what you guys are doing. You’ve been creating videos for what? Three years now? – Yeah. About three years. – Okay.
– Yeah. – What’s been you favorite
part of traveling around Asia and filming this videos? – I would say definitely, without a doubt, it is sharing with our audience the friendliness of the local people. – Yeah. – The smiles. The really positive energy and of course it’s about food as well. Delicious street food. But there’s always people behind it and I really like showing our audience that people are friendly around the world. And it doesn’t matter where you go. You can really have a great time with friendly locals and delicious food. – Is there something that
you’ve eaten that you would say, we got a lady that wants to
be part of this video as well. Hi. (laughs) Here we go. Alright. Is there something that you’d say that you wouldn’t eat ever again that you have eaten on your travels? – Yeah. Probably I wouldn’t have the bull penis soup in Penang. That was a little too rubbery. – [Josh] Yeah. I would imagine. – And when we were in Lanzhou last winter. We went to a night market and there was this
whole steamed lamb heads on the street and there was no seasoning and the vendor just stuck his blade in and cracked it open and there was the brain just
waiting for your chopsticks to sort of pull it out and
it just sort of ooze out when you tried and it was disgusting. It was disgusting. – It doesn’t sound very good. – I could do it with Masala curry in India but unseasoned. – But not just by itself.
– Yeah. No. I couldn’t do it. – Now Ting, you’re behind
the camera most of the time. Is that right?
– Yes. – Do you eat all these food as well? – No. I choose the good food. (laughs) – You know, one of the questions that I know a lot of people ask in the comments of your videos
and I was curious as well. I see your videos and you
put this massive amount of food on the plate and it like breakfast I think in Turpan. You had like four
different plates of things and your eating so much and people like, how do you stay so thin? And it’s a good question. How do you stay so thin? – Most of the time, we do out best to finish what we order but when we’re not filming, it’s usually just one ore two dishes and we don’t eat like that normally. It’s just to show the audience, our viewers what you
can eat when you travel. – Yeah. – And yeah. That’s (titters). – Is there anything that’s crazier, interesting that you’d say has happened in the midst of your travels while you’ve been filming these videos? – I think the popcorn. – Oh yeah. We were filming in Lanzhou and I had never experienced
the old, traditional way of making popcorn on the streets in China and I didn’t know it was going to explode. – [Josh] Yeah. And he’s turning it and I
think he’s just gonna like, pour it out or something
and I’m getting up there with the camera to get some good shots. And it was just like, boom! (laughs) I’m like, oh! Jumped back. – Alright. So, what I wanna
know because most of what I do centers around this
Xinjiang region, right? Now what have you experienced
in terms of the food here and how it compares or how it’s
maybe even vastly different than what you’ve experienced in the other travels that you’ve done. – It has has been a total joy coming to Xinjiang for the food. It’s just made me want to come here more, to spend more time here
and to eventually continue for the West to Central Asia. Because it’s kinda of like a tease for all of the extra
things that you can find. The pilaf and the big tandoor ovens and it’s been completely
amazing and on top of that, it’s really opened my mind to Xinjiang and how friendly the people are here. – Yeah. – It’s been an amazing experience. – So if you guys haven’t
seen his videos yet, Trevor and Ting have been to Turpan, they’ve been to Kashgar and
I’ll link to the videos here in the show notes as well as, You’ll see the links coming up here. But he’s gone to taste a lot of the different cuisines that are here, what would you say has
been the favorite thing? The thing that you will
recommend the people try when they come out here. – Oh. So many things but
I would definitely say and is probably what
everyone says is the meat. – Yes. – The insane amount of
meat that you can eat here compared to the rest of China. It’s day and night. There’s so much lamb and beef and bowls like the samsa buns and the pilaf. Huge plates of pilaf with
huge chunks of mutton on top and like sweet carrots. It’s to die for. – Oh. It’s so great. – Yeah. – What is next for The Food Ranger? What new countries? What do you plan on
doing over the next year? – Oh yeah. Right now
our schedule is packed. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – We’ve got more China and
Hong Kong coming up in June. – Okay. – July is Vietnam and Borneo, Malaysia. August is Indonesia. September, hopefully Sri Lanka
and back to India for October and after October, we’re not sure about. We’re thinking a two or
three-month trip to Mexico. – To Mexico. Yeah. – You guys are gonna be traveling. – Yeah. It’s all starting right now. – Wow. That’s unreal. But good, well I hope
you guys have safe trip and that you really enjoy it.
– Thank you. – I’m glad that you guys are you able to come out to Xinjiang. – Thank you.
– Yeah. – Experience the cuisine here. – Thank you for having us and
it’s really nice to meet you. I’ve always loved your content here. – Absolutely. Thank you. And Ting Ting thank you so much. It was nice to meet you as well. – Yeah. Thank you for having us. – Alright. Thanks guys. – Thanks guys.
– Thank you. – Alright so we found a
hotspot for Uyghur ice cream here in Urumqi. Super busy. Oh, and that just looks delicious. Everyone’s lined up for the good stuff. I think what they do is they
take milk and eggs and sugar and they put in to that big
spinning frozen pot over there. And then it turns into a
delicious sweet creamy ice cream. (speaks foreign language) Oh. This looks beautiful. – (speaks foreign language) – ‘Cause it’s downtown Urumqi
right near the grand bazaar, Uyghur neighborhood and this
is creamy, local ice cream. Mmm. Oh. That is so, so sweet and creamy. Oh. It definitely has a
handmade authentic flavor. Very sweet. It really just taste like sweet milk. Oh yeah. And it really is refreshing. It’s pretty warm out today. The moment you taste it, it just cools you down. Oh that is really, really good.

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