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Breakfast can be really confusing in a new city or country,
and what we eat down here in the south of Spain is totally different from what you’ll find up north.
I’m Hayley, a guide with Devour Tours here in Seville, and I’m here at my favorite breakfast bar in the whole city
to show you how we do breakfast like a local.
Here in Seville we have an average 330 days of sunshine, so the best place to have breakfast like a local
is outdoors in a terrace.
I’m here in Plaza San Andrés at Bar Santa Marta, my absolutely favorite breakfast bar,
and I want to tell you about how we do breakfast like a local in Seville.
So first things first: tostada is the king. Tostada is toast in Spanish and you need to choose between
having a “media,” a half toast or an “entera,” a full toast.
I’ve got a variety of things because I’m really hungry this morning and I want to show you what you can get!
So we’ve got your classic, just jam and butter, or you can do the specialty of the house: tortilla española,
which is the Spanish potato and egg omelet.
Or the king of all breakfast is here in southern Spain: your tostada with aceite, tomate, y jamón.
Olive oil, tomato puree, and our beautiful jamón ibérico de bellota, Spanish acorn-fed Iberian ham.
And don’t forget to top it all off with a perfect café con leche to kick start your morning!
So, ¡que aproveche!
I hope you’re now ready to do breakfast like a local here in Seville.
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  1. Thank you for the insightful information on Seville breakfast, I will be looking forward for my visit to Seville, trying the local flavor of jamon iberico de bellota and cafe con leche.

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