ENORMOUS 8LB English Breakfast Challenge!!

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I got an hour to finish and if I
win I get the meal free and 1000 quid. Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
Atlas with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com. Very very very excited today. I’m going for win number 20 of my 2015 UK & Ireland
tour. I am in Barnsley, England I am at Bailey’s Cafe taking on their man versus
food breakfast challenge. Now we’ve got all kinds of food as you can see. We’ve got 10 eggs we got a whole pound of mushrooms, 10 sausage, 10 rashers of bacon, 6 black pudding, and we’ve got six hash browns, tons of beans, tons of tomatoes, and then
we’ve got 10 buttered and toasted bread. so and then we’ve got to finish I think
one of these coffees so I’ve got an hour to do it. If I win, I’ll be the first
person to win and I will get the meal free along with a shirt and I’ll be on
their Wall of Fame, so let’s get challenge number 20 started!! Alright got a few more breakfast
challenges coming up in the trip let’s get some good strategy going so we can get ready for those, but most importantly dominate this one. 1, 2, 3, boom!! Alright the tough parts are all over now
let’s get down to the vegetables to finish off these tomatoes along with the
mushrooms Over 13 minutes in, nevermind what I
said about to the meat being the hardest. Those mushrooms definitely were. Right
now we got 10 slices of bread, 10 sunny-side up eggs, then we’ve got our
beans, and then some coffee. Lots of time left. Let’s get it all down! Just under 25 minutes in, so we got 35
minutes left, the beans and then these two little sandwiches. 29 minutes in, I’ve got my
coffee left which I shouldn’t have saved til last then I’ve got this thing of
beans. We’re gonna get some coffee down switch up the flavor then we’ll do the
beans. Alright 40 minutes in, we’ve got a
little bit left obviously struggling but let’s get it down. 45 minutes and 24 seconds oh my God that was hard! Thank you to Bailey’s Cafe. Wow. Delicious but big challenge. 45 minutes 24 seconds, first to win, new
record, I’m going to get a shirt, I’m going to get the meal free, and I’ll be
their first and only person on their Wall of Fame. Win number 20 of the trip thank you guys for all coming to watch & Thank you guys for watching too!!

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