Enjoy Eating while Treating Your Diabetes

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Hello my friends! Dr. Nicola Siso
here and question of the day is: Can you
enjoy eating again as a diabetic? Yes. My
friends, I eat all day the most delicious,
yummy, ripe, bursting with flavor fruits
and vegetables. You’d be blown away.
I eat between 10 to 15 pieces of fruit a
day. You heard me right. 10 to 15 pieces
of fruit a day. I’m a type 1 diabetic.
What? Unbelievable!
I’ll teach you in this program how you can
do that. I’ll tell you the trick
now. You need to lower the fat in your
diet and then you can up the fruits. I
give you exactly the steps of step
process on how you can accomplish that
and why it’s important to get those
fruits in your diet in my program but
for now know that yes life-filled
delicious bursting with flavor yummy
fruits and veggies and amazing foods is in store for you so, you don’t …this isn’t
doom and gloom. It’s actually a wake-up
call to the most yummy foods and your
taste buds are gonna be so grateful. You
can always check out my website
feedadiabetic.com for more tips like this
one or to check out my “How to Feed a
Diabetic” program that is jam-packed with
nutrition information to get you and
your family back to healthy again.

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