[Eng/Thai Sub] Chinese Restaurant TV reality show – Trailer

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Translated by Ce Wu.
Customers are here.
I promise. (They are) really good.
If it is not good…free, right?
Go to eat (here)?
He’s getting customers for us.
[Customers become helpers, where can we find such a good deal?]
There are good Chinese food here. Do you like to eat spicy food?
I will miss you.
I like it.
He’s doing it for you guys.
The guy in a cap is the Thailand’s version of Huang Xiaoming.
Oh my God.
Some people want it all
But I don’t want nothing at all! (Wow! Sounds fantastic!)
If it ain’t you, baby. (My fish!)
If I ain’t got you, baby.
[ Popularity went off the chart! Can you stay for another day? ]
They are doing a better job than we are.
Are they going to work for another entire day tomorrow?
What about tomorrow?


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