[ENG/내 친구네 레시피] 촉촉 담백한 수육 비법은 콩나물? 솔비네 수육 & 비빔국수 레시피! | 금요일 금요일 밤에 Friday Joy Package EP.8

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(Ingredients for Bibim-guksu) (Anchovies for broth / Kimchi /
middle-thin noodles) (Simple way to make Bibim-guksu) – What’s this?
– Anchovies. I don’t use water. Gut them out
and leave only the heads. I only used the heads. Why? I usually throw the heads out. Aren’t they bitter? No. (Put the broth bag
with the heads of anchovies) They’re rich in calcium. You don’t just boil noodles. You make broth to do that. That’s a lot of effort. Then… (All rich in calcium) – Bean sprouts.
– Bean sprouts first. She doesn’t put
a lot of water under them. I don’t. You can rarely put water. – It’s so little.
– Yes. Is it because water comes out
from the bean sprouts? Yes. (Onions) (Chop the onions and layer
them over the bean sprouts) Why do you put bean sprouts again? What did you say earlier? The meat becomes… – Soft?
– Soft and bland. I should cut this. Put it like this. Put it on them. Again? (Put bean sprouts, onions,
meat layer by layer) Keep staking them up. Do you throw
the bean sprouts after boiling? I use them to make japchae. – With boiled bean sprouts?
– Yes. So many layers. I just fill the pot. So, this will be boiling. Put it like this. You’re making
the sauce for noodles, right? (While waiting,
make the sauce for Bibim-guksu) Tell me
if I have to put the noodles. Do you have to be told to do that? Just put them when it’s boiling. – She doesn’t know.
– Solbi. Do you cook at home? No. Ah. Mom’s cooking… I don’t see her cooking much. She rarely cooks. You don’t even see
your mom cooking. Even by looking
at the color of Kimchi… – Yes?
– It looks really delicious. – And then…
– What is it? – Garlic.
– Add garlic? Two spoons. Red pepper powder. Kimchi liquid. Do you need sesame oil? Later when I mix the noodles. I mix the noodles
with sesame oil and sugar. – How about sesame seeds?
– I want to put it. Here. (Pouring) That’s enough. I’ve never seen
someone pouring sesame seeds. How do you put it then? (Season only with Kimchi liquid,
without gochujang) It’s her touch. (The sauce
for Bibim-guksu is done) Solbi, can you sing that again? While we are cooking. The song is catchy. So is the verse. What’s the verse? (Bouncing right away) (There she comes) (Half of air
and half of vocalization) (Everyone now!) (Happy) Hong Jinkyung. (Silently) – What are you doing?
– Ma’am. There’s an endless song. (Endless Song / Original name:
Class up / Singer: Solbi) (BGM for real) Isn’t this a good BGM? Isn’t it good for our vibe? (The thick anchovy broth
is completed) The viewer would laugh at you. – This show is to make them laugh.
– But, the food is all about rhythm. You should groove. Okay. (Groove with the tongs) (She’s getting the rhythm) (The anchovies after boiling
come out) (The two daughters are dancing) (The mom is putting
the noodles in the rhythm) (Now!) (Put the noodles) But the scene looks… Mom is cooking in front of you. She’s not bright. She’s dancing behind you cooking. She’s so bright. (Being cute) (Nodding) (Laughing out loud) (Never giving up) She’s happy. Are you happy? – I am.
– She’s always like this. – She dances like that?
– Yes. Do you put cold water? No, later. – When it’s boiling.
– Okay. Try a ballad. A recent song. What’s the title? Tears In The Rain. (Too sudden change of mood) It’s a sad title,
but why is it so funny? Why? Tears In The Rain. (When the noodles are boiling) It’s perfect when boiling noodles. (Put some cold water to
make the noodles bouncy and firm) Tears In The Rain
and noodles are similar. Noodles? (She doesn’t agree) Isn’t it more like japchae? (She has a unique feeling) (Checking the doneness
of the noodles) If there’s
something white floating, it means they’re not done. You can wash it now. (Wash the noodles
in the cold water) (The noodles are ready) (Mix them with sauce) – Pour sesame oil.
– Pour it? (Pouring sesame oil) (Sugar too) It looks so delicious. I love the smell of sesame oil. This is wonderful that it’s more delicious
made by my mom’s hands. I can’t make the same. Now, it’s the most delicious. Thank you, ma’am. (At the moment
when it’s the most delicious) It’s really delicious. (Solbi too) (This is it) The taste of Kimchi is important and the noodles
are also well done. Ma’am, should I open this? Wow, I’m so curious. (The glossy meat is done) It’s really glossy, right? The fragrance of the bean sprouts
and the onion is so good. – Look at the water.
– It became a lot. The water all goes down. You all eat this lard
if you fry or grill meat. I like the smell
of the bean sprouts. Would you wear it
if it’s a perfume? (Aren’t you a genius?) See? She has bold idea. Bean sprouts perfume. I like it. Solbi, make one in Paris. I think it’ll be popular. (Soft meat) (Put noodles on them,
then it’s done) Can I eat one now? Yes. Wow. I’ve never eaten
this kind of soft boiled pork. I should boil meat with
bean sprouts and onions. It’s really delicious. It is really moisture.


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