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Hey guys welcome back to basics with Babish where this week
We’re taking a look at eggs, something that confounds both newcomers to the kitchen and seasoned chefs alike.
But we’re going to explore a couple of different techniques that are gonna make this breakfast mainstay a whole lot easier
Let’s get down to basics
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Alright guys so today. We’re taking a look at some of the more basic egg preparations
Let’s start with a sunny-side up egg, and if you use a biscuit cutter
You can get a perfectly round egg, perfect for sandwiches and really fussy people. This is totally optional either way
We’re cracking an egg into a skillet over medium-high heat
With some butter melted until foaming once you start seeing the whites set up
You can reduce the heat a little but generally we want this to cook pretty fast so the egg yolk stays nice and runny.
This pan the t-fal Professional Series is great for making eggs. I am not sponsored by t-fal
It’s just a really great pan you barely need butter because the eggs slide right off
Now if you cook the egg over higher heat you’ll get a really nice crispy bottom
But this takes a little bit more practice because the yolk will overcook more quickly
so that’s how you make a basic sunny-side up egg
Now as far as scrambling eggs everybody likes theirs a certain way,
I like mine the Gordon Ramsay way
Which is absurdly soft to the point of almost being a custard with goat cheese and chives.
Like most great eggs, this is starting with a lot of butter
I’m doing two tablespoons of butter, 2 to 3 eggs beaten
And we’re gonna drop these in just as the butter starts to foam, we don’t want this to cook too fast
These are gonna cook them absurdly slow, but just stick with it the payoff here is huge
So I’ve added the eggs to the butter and I’m going to keep them moving using a fork or a rubber spatula
We want to keep the eggs moving because we don’t want any large curds to form.
Once the eggs start setting up a little bit
It’s time to add our goat cheese and chives
Keep the heat nice and low and remove it from the heat like this any time you’re not keeping the eggs moving
Season with salt and freshly ground pepper add a few tablespoons of goat cheese and stir until creamy
then it’s time to dump this on top of a slice of our favorite toasted toast
I like a nice thick slice of sourdough.
Garnish with a chive if desired and get ready to turn a one-night stand into a long term relationship
So that covers fussy brunchy eggs
What about a good old-fashioned diner style American omelet?
Now you can obviously pick any fillings you want
I’m going for a sort of mushroom spinach Swiss kind of vibe
Simply sauteing the mushrooms first until they’ve given up all their liquid adding spinach
Sauteing for an additional couple minutes and seasoning to taste with salt and pepper
Set that stuff aside wipe out your pan, and it’s time to get cracking on those eggs
I’m sorry.
Into a tablespoon of filming butter
we are dumping three beaten eggs and immediately moving them around
This creates a smaller curd. The curd of an American omelet is
obviously bigger than the scrambled eggs we were doing earlier
But smaller curds equal more tender eggs
once they just start to set up give them a good shake until they evenly coat the bottom of the pan
Hit them with whatever cheese you’re using, I’m gonna use some Gruyere and
nestle the fillings on one side of the omelette. Now this is all being done over medium-high heat
So we get a little bit of that browning on the exterior of the omelette
I like to plate mine up with a little bit of extra cheese
You’ll notice that I’m shredding my cheese very very finely. This is gonna help
it melt faster and more evenly. Season as necessary with a little bit of freshly ground pepper and dig in.
The texture we’re looking for is a slightly dry almost crispy outside with a creamy but not runny interior
And now let’s look at an entirely different kind of omelet, the French omelette
You’ll notice that I’m using a smaller pan here
This is a 9-inch omelet pan
But I’m still using three eggs because this guy is gonna be quite a lot thicker than the American omelette
We’re melting a tablespoon and a half of butter in the pan before adding our eggs
Over a medium heat because we want these to set up quickly but not brown
And just like the scrambled eggs from before we are keeping these eggs moving.
We want as small a curd as possible before we let it set up
Start saving your plastic cutlery from takeout because you’re gonna want to use a plastic fork on your nonstick pan
Otherwise you are going to scar it up real bad. Once we start seeing the edges of the omelette solidify
We’re going to slowly fold it over onto itself using the fork or a small rubber spatula
We’re essentially trying to roll the egg here into a sort of eggy cigar
We are then inverting the omelette seam side down onto a plate hit it with some salt and pepper
maybe some
Chives if you’re feeling bad and bougie and it’s time to cut this guy open to make sure that we did our job right
We want the exterior to be just set and the interior to be soft and custardy like this,
but again not runny if you’ve got liquid pouring out try again
And don’t get discouraged eggs take some practice
when you’re first starting to learn to make eggs don’t walk away from them
choose relatively easy preparations and try try again
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This has been Eggs part 1 keep an eye out for Eggs part 2
where we’ll be taking a look at some more advanced preparations like Eggs Benedict and Scotch eggs
I will see you guys next week for the live stream on Twitch
all of my past live streams have been re uploaded to YouTube
In case you missed them, and you want to cook along and you know
Have a great day. Go make some breakfast


  1. Bad and bougie from a guy living in New York is kinda lame. You're already living the bougie life if you can afford rent in New York while 90% of your viewers can barely make rent each month.

  2. The best fucking channel I've recently discovered. WTF this is amazing. I cook it the gordon ramsey way and I'm soooo happy he covered that. I saw the french omelet on instagram before and I really want to try that. It just seems like shit ton of butter.

  3. i like scrambled eggs, well, as my brother says, "burnt"
    i cook them until they start popping up and become a fire hazard

  4. i wasn't able to prepare myself some eggs so i came here to watch while i'm waiting for my order xD

  5. my french omlettes are good but never look like that, they usually rip when i try to fold it, any tips?

  6. That french style omelette is about 2 tbsp of soy sauce, a dash of mirin, half a tsp of sugar, and a rectangular pan short of tamagoyaki

  7. Why didn't he make eggs with huge chunks in it? You know, the way mom makes 'em. I feel like he alienated all of america

  8. Gordon Ramsay does not know you probably does not want to know you who wears a glove when cooking eggs idiot

  9. Is it weird that I can crack an egg with one hand but not two like I tell ppl this and they say I’m just weird

  10. Video idea a game show between two of your less culinary savvy friends called babish's basic games where they face off against each other making 3 basic dishes of your choice and you judge

  11. what kind of black magic are you using to get the sunny side egg cooked all the way through? when I make them I have to cover them, add water to make steam, and STILL they're runny on top instead of white and cooked…

  12. I found out recently that I am no longer allergic to egg and it hasn’t sunk in yet that I can eat ANYTHING now. I love this.

  13. I have always thought I was doing eggs the Japanese way, just not as square.

    Turns out I was doing it the French way all along.


  14. I used “the Ramsay way” to cook mine. I didn’t have any chives but I used some garlic and onion powder to spice it. I also didn’t have any goat cheese so I just threw some sharp cheddar in there. I buttered and toasted 2 slices of white bread and dumped the eggs on and I gotta say, best damn egg sandwich I’ve ever eaten

  15. My favorite egg is the fried egg, with onions on the bottom and the yolk has to be between creamy and waxy. And then the egg goes on a toasted slice of bread which I rubbed down a clove of garlic on the side where the egg is going to rest

  16. "Now, if you wanna be a good boy, run upstairs now, and give it to her in bed…

    …the breakfast."
    -Gordon Ramsay (after making these scrambled eggs)

  17. Adding some Seltzer to your eggs are a greatway to get them to be light and airy, even if you're being lazy about them in a scramble or omlette

  18. Gordon ramsay does not beat the eggs before cooking, and turns the heat on only after he puts the eggs and butter in the pan. Sorry babish i love u you but you got it all wrong mate…

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  20. You know it's a great cooking channel when there's millions of views and not many ratings. No one gets halfway through before they stop and go cook. Great channel.

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  22. Why do chefs always make the grossest scrambled eggs? Chefs preparing the eggs the way they do is the reason most people don't like scrambled eggs.

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  24. For the omelets, I have found that long wooden cooking chopsticks work great for mixing the eggs around while they cook in the pan.

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  26. When cooking Sunny side up egg after it’s done take your spatula and gently rub it across the top and pull that last layer of white off the top.

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