Egg-Spinach Sandwich Recipe | Quick & Easy Breakfast | Green Sandwich

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Welcome to Fusion Cooking Channel!
This Breakfast with Spinach and Eggs will help you go strong all morning!
Pause to take a look at the ingredients list, which is very simple!
This one is to make Strawberry-Banana Smoothie. To make this a meal!
Blend strawberries and Banana along with other ingredients.
Add Cumin seeds. Italian seasonings, if you have, goes really well with this too!
Add cleaned and cut organic baby spinach leave to the seasoning
Let it wilt and de-color a bit. Don’t let it cook hard.
Add Salt, Pepper and a pinch of turmeric leaves, to taste.
Beat the Eggs and mix everything well
From here on, you want to cook on slow fame for a creamy and soft scrambled egg
Take a slightly toasted bread and spread either butter or hummus or any other spread you like!
Enjoy the sandwich and the smoothie as a filling and nutritious breakfast!
Or you can carry smoothie to have it on the go!
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