1. LOL! Way to expose the lies. It's pathetic how the meat and dairy industries try to make their product appear healthy when they are not.

  2. I would like you to find out if organic free range eggs from a proper farm not Asda/Walmart where their idea of free range is a small square about 4 times as big as the chicken is fine.

    I mean a study from people who don't eat eggs and people who do eat eggs from Organic Free Range Farms with decent areas for the chickens to walk round in meaning no disease from been to closely crammed together, where the animals are not pumped full of drugs.

  3. @TheaDragonSpirit –
    It's just I see a lot of bad press from you on eggs and am wondering if it's all eggs or if their is bad eggs. 🙂 I think eggs would be good for b12 if the eggs are organic and free range. I would like you to try prove this wrong.

    Also if the chickens are looked after right the chickens should be 100% healthy, meaning no salmonella.

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