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Hello everyone today I am showing you how
to make the most gorgeous Victoria sandwich
cake, hi everyone it is becky here I hope
you are all well thankyou so much to everyone
that has sent pictures and tweets of all the
cakes you have been making of the recipe I
did it has been really cool to see that I
have done a video and you guys have tried
it out it is really bizarre but I am so happy
that the recipe has worked for you and that
you are all enjoying baking the cakes I am
making. So today I am showing you how to make
a super simple vanilla sponge now my plan
is and hope for the future is we can use this
video and tell you guys to refer back to it
when we make something a bit fancier and it
is just going to save time for future videos
so when I want to make a vanilla sponge and
it has some sort of fancy icing on top we
can focus the video more on the icing than
repeating ourselves with making the cake again
if that makes sense. Huh! Something really
sharp on the edge then cut my finger it was
hanging off there do not know what that is
our first step is to grease and line our Victoria
sandwich cakes they are not cakes these are
tins not made the cakes yet, these are 8inch
or 20cm round wide but they are 8 inch cake
tins, you can help here you go, so I get to
help make sure you grease the edges please
I do not want my cake to stick to the cake
tin have you done all up the sides yes are
you sure yes actually that looks pretty good
right now I am just going to put that oh you
have not finished come back you have to put
the greaseproof paper in the bottom I thought
I was the camera man today well you are, thankyou,
you are welcome. 2 greased tins lets make
our batter, that was really cheesy I could
have gone 2 become 1 but that would not have
made any sense your spatula miss first step
is to cream together the sugar and butter
that has been brought to room temperature
I say that it should be room temperature we
just cream together the butter and sugar.
Just keeping it simple today I am not using
the big stand mixer unfortunately I love that
thing but just using a spatula you guys can
use a wooden spoon or electric hand whisk
if you have one there we go I am happy with
that time for the next step.
We now add in the eggs one at a time, barry
would probably make some funny joke about
straight from the chickens bum at this point
but we are not going to do that today now
we mix the eggs in one at a time, I am doing
quite well today no shell so far. Remember
if you do get any shell in you can just use
the egg shell to scoop it out, it works really
well, oh she is so tired from that big walk,
I took her for a big walk he took them on
a field and now they are pooped. To give it
a nice little kick I have got some vanilla
extract here I am just going to add in a couple
of drops there we go that will be fine.
Just going to mix that through, that is all
the wet ingredients done, it is time to add
in the dry. So we sieve in our self raising
flour, just sieve it through and get it nice
and fine get some air into our cake try not
to get it everywhere like me. You need to
sieve in your baking powder at this point
too, I am using two teaspoons of baking powder,
think our tub is running low I cannot get
two out, there we go, that is a tablespoon
haha you donut that is a tablespoon our cake
is going to be massive tell them what you
did I was looking thinking that is pretty
big I did not even think haha I used a tablespoon
it has not gone in yet we can scoop it out,
my wife ladies and gentlemen we have now gone
from having 6 teaspoons back to the normal
ratio right, yes, sorry.
Now we can sieve in the baking powder and
self raising flour I have a feeling barry
is not going to let me forget I have just
done that and you guys will not either but
hey we are all beginners. Now we just gently
fold the flour and baking powder (we have
plenty of that) into the other ingredients.
Remember all the ingredients and the method
for this recipe are on the my virgin kitchen
website along with one thousand other recipe
videos so head on over and if you are already
there, hello!
I was just thinking it could have been a lot
worse, why, well instead of using too much
baking powder I could have added salt instead
of sugar, yeah that would not be good, that
would have been a disaster. One thing I have
not done is pre heated my oven so I have my
little sidekick here today little what? Maybe
not maybe I am the little chef I am quite
short compared to me you are not so could
you please pre heat I have pre heated the
oven what have you pre heated it to? 160 with
a fan which is 180 gas 4 350f I think, I will
just check it is on the fridge, yes, well
done you have been looking at the fridge a
lot, look at all those air bubbles. Wahoo
bring it closer come on what you doing, you
do not want to over mix this as you may end
up losing all the lovely air bubbles, that
you have got in your mixture. I was just checking
the consistency of the mixture can you keep
the noise down a bit please that is what you
tell me and the girls shhh I am filming, I
am just checking it and it is meant to have
a slight consistency where it falls off the
spoon and that is not falling off the spoon,
that is not a spoon that is a spatula oh my
gosh it is not oh my gosh i am only saying
it as people in the comments will yeah which
is fair enough as it is not a spoon it is
a spatula but if you are using a spoon it
should drop off the spoon or spatula and this
is not dropping off so I will add a tiny bit
of milk to give it that thinner consistency.
That is the consistency we like falling off
the spatula. So here are the cake tins from
earlier, time to get the mixture in. Just
evenly divide the mixture between the two
tins I have let the mixture find its own way
to the tin give it a gentle shake on a flat
surface so it is nice and even or even gently
push it out with a spatula or spoon.
All we do now is put these in the oven for
twenty to twenty five minutes but please keep
an eye on them as you do not want any burnt
Filling wise pimp up the cake how you like
today we go for the classic Victoria sponge
we have got some raspberry or you could use
strawberry jam and we are also going to whip
up some cream, so I am just going to get the
vanilla out of this pod, I have never done
this before so hopefully I am doing this right
barry did show me quickly, oh there we go,
got some.
So in goes the cream, we are going to whip
it now whip it that sounds funny remember
you do not want to over whip it because you
will not get a very nice consistency so keep
an eye on it as you whip it, do not forget
to push in your vanilla seeds or extract if
you prefer to use that in it goes, now lets
whip it together. So this is looking good
I was worried at first it did take a long
time to get this consistency but then all
of a sudden it has gone really thick so do
keep an eye on it, and do not give up keep
If you like at this point you may want to
add a little icing sugar or confectionary
sugar to make it a little sweeter but we are
sticking to vanilla and cream. I think the
pugs can smell the cakes, look at them what
do you want guys, do you want some cake, cake.
Yes they are done.
So now we turn these out onto the wire rack
tada, that looks good and off comes the greaseproof
paper too this is going to be my top one so
I am going to peel this off quick and flip
it over. First sponge is on our stand, it
is nice and cool and ready for our jam, I
am going to dollop the jam in the middle and
get a nice amount, then just gently push it
around, this is going to be one very jammy
cake now I am going to spoon on the cream,
look at this layer, oh my gosh wow, that is
one beast of a cake, now it is time to dust
it with icing sugar covering the top of your
cake. Look at that, yummy.
It is time to taste the cake, well it is time
for you to taste it I have been a bit naughty
there and took another slice for myself and
had some right I am going to try it then,
oh my gosh, wow that is amazing, I am really
proud of that, is it nice, yeah, it is cake
it is cake. There we go then guys we need
to go before barry gets it all and I do not
get any, I hope you give this a go if you
do send us a picture on snapchat, twitter,
Instagram, facebook I have been snap chatting
loads of stuff behind the scenes so if you
do follow us on snapchat a bit like inception
you already know about this and Instagram
stories trying to give that some love too,
we do yeah do not forget to subscribe you
can see the videos first on the myvirginkitchen
website before they go up on youtube do not
forget you enjoying that? Sorry, see you next
time, bye!

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