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Guys, ‘Shahi Tudka’ is one such dessert,
which is very delicious
and at the same time has a
very standard method of preparation
You fry the bread, take rabri, use
rabri to pour on the bread and serve it
But, my method is quite different
I will shallow fry bread in ghee & pour milk in the same pan
in which the bread is fried
It is quite interesting!
And the best part is if you have got a good pan,
then you can directly serve in it as well!
We will boil the milk a little,
you don’t have to make rabri, and that’s the best part
And in goes some milk,
we will have to just boil and thicken the milk,
and we will add some grated khoya to it,
Some fennel seeds, again,
fennel seeds are optional,
Some cardamom powder,
saffron threads again, the saffron thread is optional,
some finely chopped pistachios and almonds,
very little kewra water,
And a splash of rose water,
And, then we will let it simmer on
a low flame, for 10 – 15 minutes,
In the meantime,
we will take the bread
and cut it into triangles,
Next, we will heat the pan,
not with oil but with some good
desi ghee, in good amount,
we will heat it on a high flame,
just dust off the bread, so that the crumbs
may not bother you will frying,
We will shallow fry these on high heat,
they are turning nice and golden brown,
we will just take them out on a plate,
in the meantime
the milk that is boiling on the other
flame, we will add some sugar to it,
Now, we will arrange the bread
in a pattern, overlapping each other,
Next, we will again turn on the gas
and pour the boiling mixture on to the bread,
All of it,
we will now boil this on a high flame,
as a result, the bread will soak all the milk
and the milk will become thick, just like rabri
and this saves a lot of time!
you can also add some seasonal fruits to it,
for example, season fruits like mango, since it is readily available in the market,

you may use mango as a garnish, on the side,
As you may see, the milk is getting thicker and thicker,
and the bread will become softer,
it has soaked all the milk,
And, it has become completely thick,
If we are going to let the milk dry completely then
after cooling the mixture will become very thick
Hence, at this stage when
it has almost become very thick,
we will turn off the gas stove,
And, let this cool down,
As soon as it cools down, it will settle
take a little knife or spoon,
and serve it on a plate.
This has cooled off completely,
we will now garnish it,
chopped almonds, pistachios,
chopped mangoes, just a little,
some blueberries,
some red currant,
Add different colors, as much as you can
Fruits go very well with the Shahi Tudka,
they curb the sweetness of the
sugar and the milk as well,
some mint leaves as well, there..
And, our Shahi Tukda is – Done!


  1. chef,thank you for this yummy and beautiful dessert 💜💜.
    but what if khoya is not available?? uske badle kuch aur de sakte??? please let me know.

  2. Sir its my req plz sir pani puri k pani pe b 1 video q nai aj tak i search alot for it but i havnt found plz sir 1 video on pani pari n pani😀😀😀

  3. Plz sir 1 recipe on pani puri n its pani plzzzz sir kon kon chahta h 1 recips on this by kunal kapur 😀🤗😍

  4. Tried this it really came out super yummy and its easy to cook. I have always used the traditional method to cook but this recipe is great hit

  5. Many many congratulations firstly. Secondly, never seen such a simple n easy recipe of shahi tukda.

  6. I am big fan of chef kanal Kapoor bcoz he was very very handsome dashing I love u sir 😘🥰⚘🌹💜

  7. Aap sirf celebrity chef hai. Not actual shelf. How can a talentless person like you ranveer bear n so cald other celebrities becomes a shelf. You people are good business man nothing else.

  8. Color full banane k liye kuch b daldo
    Dish ki watt lagado
    Or sonf nhi dalty Hain
    Test ki wht lagjai masla nhi

  9. I was never been able to follow any recipe because I am terrible at cooking but you made it damn easy for people like me. Even complex recipes seems so easy here and I cooked a few and they turned out well.

  10. Chef….i need to ask u wen people n ofcourse chefs all across d world r going vegan…y its only in India chefs r so ignorant????

  11. Super sir…
    Can you please let us know which company's kadai or pan is good.
    Also let us know types of pan that is available.

  12. Don't know how does your recipe taste But Doesn't match with Hyderabadi Zaaaika(flavor)
    Its Aunthetic after all.
    Nice try anyway.

  13. Hey Kunal, I like fresh Khoya but here in my city can’t get khoya … can we make at home … just let you know full cream milk is 4 fat 🤨🤨 .
    Will wait for your answer ☺️

  14. बहुत ही बढ़िया वीडियो भाई साहब कृपया कर हिंदी भाषा का प्रयोग किया करें

  15. Sabse acchi bat aapke cooking me ye hai ki..aap ghuma fira kar nhi batate..easy method se banate ho..jo hum sab bna sake..👍

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