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Hello everyone, this is khalil from “khalil Vlogs TV” Today guys, we will be making an omelette together Since one of the subscribers asked to show you my diet The omelette is a food that doesn’t exceed 500 calories and it is easy to do Let’s start together First we will need 3 eggs 3 fresh mushrooms 1 tomato 1 green pepper Salt Cinnamon Something to cut the vegetables on it Knife And a glass to put the eggs on it The first thing we will do is to bring these 3 eggs And to put them In the glass First egg Second egg And the third one and we mix them After we finish we return it And we go to the next part I don’t like this knife We cut the green pepper Then we bring the pepper And we cut them Now we bring the glass And we put the green pepper in the glass After we put the pepper, let’s cut the tomato And we put them on top of the green pepper and eggs Now we have the mushroom Of course we remove this part And then we remove a layer from the mushroom Guys I won’t put the 2 mushrooms Because it has already lots of vegetables I will be enough with that Now we bring the cinnamon And we put cinnamon on top of them Guys I discovered that I have putted lots of vegetables I prefer that you put half amount of what I did Guys by that time, we put the frying pan on fire And we add 1 spoon of olive oil 1 spoon only Now the last thing we will do while the frying pan is on fire Is to add salt In this way Okay my sweater became dirty, it is okay I am kidding put it on a normal way And now we put them in the frying pan We mix them a little bit on a low fire And of course guys, we cover them If you like to see me while I am doing it Tell me in the comments what is the food Okay, now after it is ripen from one side We bring a spoon To check on it So guys, it is ripen from one side Guys since I can’t turn the omelette I am obliged to bring another frying pan and turn the omelette on it We put it on this way We put the 2 handles on the same level And now we will it turn over The place became a bit dirty, but it is okay Guys, what I did is that I switched the omelette from this frying pan To this one Because the omelette was ripen from one side And I don’t know what is the mistake I have done Let me show you how it became It is delicious But as I already said You should put half amount of vegetables But keep the same amount of eggs What I should do is to turn over the omelette And I hope that I don’t do the previous mistake Omg It is okay I discovered that it needs more time from the other side So I will leave it on this side and I won’t try to turn it over Since the omelette is damaged When it is done, I will place the pate on top of the omelette and turn it After it is done We remove it And now we bring the plate we put it like this Handle the plate I hope that nothing happen And we turn like this And now let’s try it And I will give you my opinion honestly Nice, really it is delicious But if the amount of vegetables were less, it would be better And as I told you, if you want to do it Don’t put lots of vegetables As I did Write in the comments who will try to do it By the way you can add onion to it The onion gives a good taste And that’s how we do a healthy food that’s doesn’t take lots of time And in the same time you will be full I advice you to try it and then give me your opinion If you like to see me doing a special request Tell me in the comments And by that we reached the end of the video Don’t forget to like and subscribe Bye!!


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