EASY DESSERT RECIPES – Coconut Jelly / Coconut Milk Pudding [椰子冻]

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Welcome to souped up recipes.
Guangzhou is getting hotter and hotter these
So i am thinking about making a dessert recipe
to spend the summer.
Coconut jelly or pudding
whatever you call it
It is really easy dim sum recipes.
Let’s get right into it.
First we need to soak the gelatin powder into
1/3 cup of cold water for about 5 minutes.
Do not throw it into the hot water
or else it will clump up and will be really
hard to get it dissolved.
While waiting, let’s get the liquid ready.
in this pot, we gonna pour in 200 ml of milk
400 ml of coconut cream
100 ml of whipping cream
Add some sugarI use about 60 grams
Also i like to put a pinch of salt
it won’t taste salty at all
but it does bring out more flavors
The gelatin should look like this after 5
minutes later
It is hydrated, sticky and became a little
Just dump that in.
It looks like a big piece
but it will disappear quickly when you heat
it up
Now turn the heat to medium
I know some people just add in the gelatin powder directly into the liquid
I don’t do that because there will always be
some small pieces that are not completely dissolved
which will affect the texture
Just a little note that gelatin is made from animal skin
If you are vegetarian, You can try agar-agar
which is made from seaweed
There is an amazon link in the description,
you can check that out!
Now the gelatin is completely dissolved.
And you can see on the side of the pot, it
starts bubbling.
When it comes to a boil, turn off the heat
Transfer it into a container.
I like to let it go through a fine sieve just in case
there are still some gelatin that is not fully combined
Like I mentioned in the beginning
if your gelatin powder clumps up together
this is a good way to get rid of it
There is extra, so i add some into these small cups.
For variety, I added in some mango and dragon
If you got kids, imagine how happy they will
be when they see these jelly cups=)
Let them cool down a little bit then Cover
Let it sit in the refrigerator over night.
it is the Next day, let’s look at this beautiful mango pudding.
I couldn’t wait, i have to eat it first!
It taste amazing with mango.
One thing you should know, once you take it out of the fridge,
they will start getting soft because the temperature.
So you need to finish them in like 30 minutes.
But trust me, usually they will be gone in 5 minutes.
Ok, once i am done with the mango pudding
We got more work to do now.
By the way, if anyone knows a trick to get
this stuff out easily, let me know.
I just use a sharp knife, separate the egde
flip it over with the cutting board.
Hopefully it will come out in one piece.
Ok, that’s good.
Cut it into the shape you like.
Coat it with finely shredded coconut
you can find the amazon link in the description.
My kitchen is too dark, can’t show the beauty
of it
let’s move to the balcony
That’s better
Our delicious Cantonese dessert is done
It is soft, OMG!
My mouth is full of the creaminess of the
Sweet, cool, refreshing.
So perfect for the summer.
And you can be very creative with this, i add mango, dragon fruit.
Taste so good with those fruits.
Invite your friends over and impress them
with this amazing tropical dim sum.
You gonna get a lot of compliments
Check the description for all the ingredient
amounts and the steps.
Give me a thumbs up if you like it.
And i will see you next time


  1. I don't usually eat desserts – but I'm definitely making those cup sized ones with mango in them. They look great ! 🙂

  2. If you set your jelly mold into hot water, just the outside. Don't submerge, it will melt and soften the outside layer of jelly and your dessert should pop right out of your mold. Maybe for a minute. Maybe less. Depends on what you used as a mold and how well it conducts heat. 🙂

  3. There are 2 ways you can remove the jello without ruining the appearance.1) Spray unflavored cooking oil on the vessel, using a paper towel to wipe it clean then pour the lukewarm liquid into the vessel. Gently pull the jello away from the vessel's edges then unmold.
    2) Wrap the vessel with clink wrap (to prevent water spilling into the jello). Fill a larger vessel with warm water at around 70°C or above. I don't put the vessel in boiling water because I am too slow and the jello melts too quickly, but if you are quick then follow Ms. Lilliehook's direction and you will get the same result.Thanks for this simple and delicious recipe!

  4. Nice, but here in America , We measure in

    spoons/Teaspoon/Table Spoon, also in 1/8 /1/4 and 1/2 Teaspon as well.

    Cups- 1/8- 1/4- 1/2- 1/3- and 1 Cup.

    Ounces- usually for liquids, 1 ounce through 16+ ounces.

    Solid's- Like meats are measured in Pounds, 1/8- 1/4- 1/2- 1/3- and 1+ pound/s

    It would be easier for one person "You" to convert it, Then thousands of Viewers to do the conversion. Google has a great conversion system and easy to do.

    I say this to you so you don't loose subscribers, who find it hard to do the conversions, like the older people. and the lazy people as well, LOL.

    So in the future, convert your MM mesurments into the above equations, So both parts of the world can understand it. As doing so would keep many subscribers 😁

    Thanks again for the Video 😁

  5. I have added some Malibu Coconut Rhum and slices of pineapple to your reciepe… the result was stunning.

  6. Thank you for sharing. Your gelatin will not be lumpy if you do this. Put the gelatin into a heat proof jug (preferably pyrex) and add the required amount of Cold water NOT hot water. Now immerse this jug into another bowl that has boiling water and keep stirring and the gelatin will just melt and become watery and not lumpy!

  7. Actually, gelatin is made from skin, bones, and cartilage from prolong boiling.https://www.google.com/search?num=10&site=webhp&tbm=isch&source=hp&ei=M7JeWd30C4SSmwGPg6uoDw&q=what+is+gelatin+made+of&oq=what+is+gelatin+made&gs_l=mobile-gws-img.1.0.0l3j0i30k1j0i8i30k1.6043.15137.0.16087.….0…1.1j4.64.mobile-gws-img..3.20.2393.3..35i39k1.qEUQL-7mQ6E#imgrc=VL4NhogeuRtpPM:

  8. You can line your setting dish with parchment or plastic wrap to make it easier to remove the gelatin. Also helps keep the edges/surfaces smooth.

  9. I tried to make it, I did attempt for the first time. Taste was there. When I let it set overnight and take out of fridge and put the pudding out of container onto a chopping but it seems like the gelatine layer sunk to the bottom (about 20%) of the bottom, and 80% at the top is a more creamy colour (not really white). So the bottom layer (20% of the pudding) is has a clear/transparent looking texture and is more of a 'jelly' texture where as the top 80% is quite 'rough' and not even 'jelly' like texture. What do you think I did wrong? or where I did wrong?

  10. Thanks again for showing us these recipes, I'm an amatuer cook so I've no idea on many things, but gave it a try..cheers ☺

  11. u can tak out the jelly by making it upside down and with the help of blowtorch applying on the class surface u can cake it out nizely

  12. Hi thanks and it's turned out great..anyhow i did use coconut milk(easier to find here) instead of cream and lesser on the sugar..and it suits us well ..great recipe..and immediately a fan..!!

  13. My grandmother (pao pao) use to layer this with various other jello flavors making a rainbow separated by white coconut jelly layers, lots of work but absolutely fantastic.

    Have you tried egg tarts (dan tat)? A video of this would be great. I tried with varying degrees of success.

  14. U can use wax paper only on the bottom of the glass pan so after u cut the sides it will just pop out more easily. They do that with cakes with parchment paper but since urs is a cold dessert u can use wax paper. Just turn the pan upside down and trace the bottom of the pan and then cut it out( wax paper) and it should just cover the bottom of the pan.
    Hope this helps? Or u can put the bottom of the pan in warm water after u take it out if the refrigerator.😁

  15. This looks soooo delicious I am definitely going to make it. What is the exact quantity of gelatin powder used in this recipe? I don't want to ruin it by guessing!

  16. Really delicious and lovely. Thank you so much for your time and your great heart. I'll share this delicious recipe with friends, relatives, and Co-workers. Thank you very much. You are such a wonderful woman.

  17. This video is awesome and its right up my alley! I keep coconut milk in my house and my children love it so this is the perfect recipe! Thank you for sharing!

  18. I made this yesterday, after dinner I said to my wife I made you a dessert, I dished it out she loved it and so did I she still does not believe I made it she thinks I bought it thank so much for showing this we are going to friends house for Boxing Day guess what I will be taking

  19. I am an American and please don't hate us for not using the metric system. We can't help what they teach in school. I think it's retarded to. I have no problem looking measurements up on google. Love your channel and all the wonderful recipes. I will take whatever measurements you give me. Just keep them coming!! I'm addicted.

  20. I would like you teach us how to cook the candied apple or sweet potatoe. The one that later deep on ice water for crunchy caramel. Or at least, if I could know the Chinese name to search for it. Tks!

  21. What do you suggest to do when I didn’t add enough agar agar? Right now my pudding is still quite soupy. I’m afraid it may not fully thicken up.

  22. You can use butter or Ghee to grease the glass container when it will be frozen it will be easier to come out

  23. To get the jelly out easily there's an old timey trick from Ottoman empire. Put some water in your mold. Not hot not cold just normal room temperature water. Swish it around and then pour your jelly onto this very thin layer of water. When the time comes the jelly will set free easily.

  24. I have had good luck getting gelatin out of glass pans by spraying them with cooking oil first. I've also used the hot tap water technique. I dip it in and out a few times till the edges look like they are separating from the sides of the pan and then tip it out onto a plate. Sometimes I will dip a clean wash rag into the water and just run it over the bottom and sides of the pan. I do that if it's really heat sensitive and I don't want it to melt too much…… but usually spraying the pan first with oil works for me and I don't have to use the hot water method 🙂

  25. Use gelatin leaves instead. Just soal them in cold water until soft, squeeze them out of excess water, then stir into the already-heated coconut mixture that has just been taken off heat after bringing to a bare simmer. No granularity, no clumping whatsoever, and crystal clarity one cannot achieve using granulated gelatin.

  26. You're very cute.

    I'm a beginner at cooking, and I've been preparing your recipes. I've made your egg drop soup twice, and now I want to make this dessert.

    Thank you for your service.

  27. If i don't have canned coconut milk anywhere in my area, can i use coconut milk, that i make myself by processing shredded coconut with warm water and then squizing it? If so, what should i do to prevent it from separating into oil and water to make it usable for the recipe? Thank you.

  28. Yesterday I tried it exactly the way it is described on the above video but i never got a solid pudding as seen on the video. I followed the recipe to the letter. Do you know why? I am thinking to re warm it with another gelatin package but I do hesitate to re wash everythying. Pls clarify the reason I did not get one as yours.

  29. To get the gelatin out of the small pan, dip the pan in warm water, it will get loose very fast! LOVE YOUR POSTS!!!

  30. Wow sooooo yummy & Delicious recipe dear big like 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👏👏💗TFS sub done hope u do back

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    (I share ingredients and recommended products there)

  32. Such a great video!!!! Thank you so much for the American measurements in the description!!! I wish everyone did this! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  33. If you coat the container with vegetable oil, the pudding will come out easily snd no, the oil will not affect the taste.

  34. Great recipe! I tried using this recipe using agar-agar (dissolved in hot water) but the batch didn't solidify, any way I can save it or use it in a different recipe?

  35. I just ate this for the first time at a Hot Pot restaurant tonight. It was creamy and soft. I'm making this pudding in the weekend. It's freaking dope.

  36. Just Carefully line the container with plastic so you don’t get too many wrinkles and pour. Use the extra plastic on edges to pull out.

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