Easy Chinese Pineapple Fried Rice ~ How to Make Chinese Fried Rice Recipe

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This is an easy, healthy vegetarian
Chinese stir-fry. I’m Tess and I’m going
to show you in this video recipe how to
make pineapple fried rice. (intro music)
In my wok on medium-high heat I’m adding a little oil
and two eggs. Just stirring, chopping and
cooking until fine and done. This is only
gonna take a minute.
Once done I’m removing and setting the
eggs to the side. Just a reminder that
you’ll be able to find this recipe and
the list of ingredients in the show more
section below. Also, this is a stir fry
and you want to have everything prepped
and ready before cooking as this goes
I’m adding a little more oil in my pan
with some finely diced onions, minced
garlic and minced ginger. Stirring and
cooking for a couple of minutes. Next I’m
adding in some finely diced bell pepper
and zucchini. You can add the vegetables
that you like. These are what we like and
what I have on hand. Stirring and cooking
for another two to three minutes. Now
goes in the pineapple. I am using and
highly recommend using fresh pineapple.
You can use canned pineapple but it does
not taste the same. When you cook fresh
pineapple it gives off its natural
sugars and gives this fried rice a
wonderful flavor.
Can’t forget the peas! Giving that a stir
and cooking for a couple more minutes.
In goes the rice. I made this rice yesterday
and refrigerated overnight. It is now at
room temp. Day-old rice makes the best
fried rice as it decreases the moisture
content and prevents sticking and
clumping. The eggs go back into the pan.
Adding some oyster sauce (to keep vegetarian use vegetarian flavored oyster sauce) and light soy
sauce. Giving everything a good toss.
Just take your time and keep stirring and
flipping and chopping until the rice
grains are coated with the sauce and
mixed with the veggies and pineapple.
This is going to take a couple minutes.
And for the final touch I’m adding in
some sesame oil and chopped green onions.
Giving everything another good toss and
we’re done! I really like the texture and
flavor of all the veggies and the
sweetness from the pineapple. This
Chinese pineapple fried rice is easy,
healthy and delicious. I am sure you will
be going in for a second plate full.
I hope you give this Chinese pineapple
fried rice a try and enjoy. If you like
this Chinese pineapple fried rice recipe
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