Easy Chicken Salad Sandwich: Healthy Recipe with Avocado (Weight loss foods & TIPS)

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hi i am Pachi the Colombian cook and
today I’m going to show you how to make
a super healthy and amazingly delicious
chicken stock okay we are going to start
by cutting the avocado into dice and
adding it to the bowl last part because
we’re going to make chicken salad
sandwich for four so we’re going to
place the avocado and the cilantro in
the bowl we are going to add four
tablespoons or horrible cough yogurt
Greek yogurt to our avocado and cilantro
and just flavor it you can add lime salt
and pepper but I am going to add a
couple of tablespoons of my delicious
italian dressing and this we’re going to
make six chicken and that’s all we need
for our chicken salad sound
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so now all we have to do now is add our
shredded chicken that you have from my
recipe and if you could have had frozen
or today can be a day to be a lot of
shredded chicken you can make shredded
chicken for the month in about one hour
and it makes this this is a delicious
chicken salad sandwich which we can use
we’re going to put it on top of the ends
of bread sometimes we think that the
answer better not good well they are
amazing for something like this because
they hold and they do not break and we
add the chicken salad here we previously
placed it into the oven and we have the
chicken salad and it’s not going to
break in like another piece of bread can
so we don’t make waste with our food and
we prepare a great chicken salad
sandwich that is super healthy and
delicious the same time
let’s cut it in half so you can take a
look at it in the center
look at this isn’t this perfect this is
great for you for the family even if you
have people at home that you’ve invited
you can make it in tiny pieces of bread
or in pita and prepare this in no time
okay so now we’re going to try our
chicken salad sandwich
and you’re using
bread is great

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