1. I know my Hubby will love this but I will have to add more salsa and jalapenos! 😁😆😁😆 Thank you April for sharing!!

  2. “I will have some avocado and I will not have to pay extra for it” hahahhaha you have a great sense of humor April. Love you ❤️

  3. Been following you since 2013 in all your channels and i really love how your channel grow so much! I wish i could try this recipe now but unfortunately im not allow to cook in my hostel 😭😭😭 Will definately try it one day! ❤

  4. My favorite couple ever! April your breakfast tacos looked so delicious!
    Can you make peanut butter rolls? 😊

  5. These look amazing April! I was excited to see anyone try to eat that as you stuffed that taco full to the brim. Haha!

  6. Dang, y'all are some fake subscribers!!! No one is gonna tell her that she didn't make salsa? She just made pico de gallo 😂

  7. I can honestly taste that buttery avocado. Wow…Justin you took the words out of my mouth! Jalapeños are life….love the videos….yumdellyious!!!

  8. That “salsa” is called pico de Gallo we usually add jalapeño sliced finely for an extra kick and it’s super yummy!

  9. Hi April!! I would really love to see a video on how you made those pretzel bites with cheese sauce you made in a vlog, it looked so good!!! Please share love you guys!!!

  10. I've seen these with diced potato/red peppers/onions added. It may be more like a burrito than taco. Love your channel!

  11. Thank you so much for blessing us with your amazing cooking and baking skills, Miss April may the good Lord bless you

  12. My pastor and his wife have expressed their desire to come to our house for breakfast and I have been searching for ideas on what to make them since it’s their first time at our house lol. And this is awesome thank you.

  13. Hello April and family. I'm a new subbie and I'm totally enjoying your videos. Those tacos are making my mouth water. I had to laugh while Justin was tasting, the baby was looking at him and the food the entire time. If he could talk, im sure he would have asked for a bite…lol.

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