East Delhi famous street food | Puri Breakfast, Kachori, Tikki, Gol gappe & more

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In Delhi, shopping & street food at Chandni Chowk is very popular!
But, after seeing this video…
you will definitely think that East Delhi street food
is no less!
Hello friends! I’m Harish Bali from Visa2Explore.
I’m taking you along to explore street food in East Delhi..
We’re kickstarting today from Chota Bazar, Shahdara.
In this lane of Chota Bazar, Shahdara,
there’s this old chhole-bhature shop.
Our timing is 6 to 10 am every morning.
The chana (chickpeas) is very tasty!
The spices are strong…
particularly the garam masala (spice mix) is strong.
kachori (deep friend flat bread), chhole (chickpeas)…
mint chutney, sweet chutney with dry fruits,
I’ve been dishing out for 40 years now.
I really like the sweet chutney here.
Whenever I come here, I do have their kachoris.
Our shop was established in 1912.
Our famous sweet dish is Balushahi & Patisa.
People from far away in Delhi come here for these!
The taste of Balushahi is praiseworthy!
Now, I’m going from Shahdara to Krishna nagar.
Amritsari poori & chholey from Chaudhary is quite famous for breakfast!
Sir, what are your timings? From 6 am upto 11!
Poori for breakfast and then variety of snacks,
we serve this throughout the day.
I’m a local. I come here once or twice a week for poori-chholey!
The chhole (chickpeas) is the best here!
Bedmi poori is made out of thick wheat flour.
And, a stuffing made of black gram is also mixed.
Krishna Nagar market is also called Connaught Place of East Delhi.
There are many garment showrooms here.
Golgappa is a must for street food!
The flavour of mint leaves and cumin is very strong!
This was fun! The best golgappa in East Delhi!
There’s this cart in front of Absolut fitness.
The filling is not of tikki, but of bhaji (vegetables).
Too much butter! But very tasty as well!
You can enjoy this once in a month!
The address of all the places we are visiting,
are given in the video description below.
Krishna Nagar is famous for both food & shopping.
The two nearest metro stations to reach here are…
Preet Vihar and Welcome metro stations.
Bobby Tikki Wala is in front of Preet Vihar metro station
There’s a lot on the menu, but I want to have tikki & bhalla!
The tikki here is quite crispy.
This is our main spice mix.
This is medicated. You can use this in yoghurt, soda,
lime juice, as you want. It’s very good for the stomach.
Our shop is near Nirman Vihar metro station.
The combination of soda and lemon is awesome!
Bobby Tikki Wala, Chhotu Lemon,
and Ganesh Kachori – all three are in the same line on Vikas Marg.
These 3 gravies are vegetarian.
We have given this a non-veg taste. Excellent!
Have you come here for the 1st time?
I keep coming here once or twice a week.
We’ve been roaming around since morning. It’s 9:30pm.
I’m at Kalra Sweets near Jheel crossing.
All kinds of sweets are available here.
But, this shop is famous for it’s rabri-falooda!
I’m enjoying it. And…
In my opinion, the rabri-falooda is great!
There’s Karkarduma community centre near Karkarduma metro station.
There are many restaurants here.
There’s a hidden gem on the backside of these restaurants…
Shiv Tikki Wala!
I’m going there to try some tikki!
It’s 11pm now! I’m at Karkarduma metro station.
I hope you have enjoyed East Delhi street food.
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