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– [Jennifer] Hey guys, Jennifer
here with a “Family Fudge,” and in today’s video I’m sharing four Dump
and Go crock-pot meals, dinners to be exact. These super cozy dinners
are perfect for fall and they’re kid approved, but the best part about
these Dump and Go meals is that they really are
quick and easy to prepare. There’s not a lot of chopping involved, nothing has to be precooked, and these slow cooker meals can be ready in just a few hours. They’re not the kind I
have to cook all day long. (soothing acoustic music) Now before we get started, make sure to hit that red Subscribe button so you don’t miss out on
any of my future videos. I’m going to be sharing a new recipe video every Friday this month, so let me know in the comments down below what kind of recipes you’d like to see. If you’d like to make
these dinners yourself, you can find the full recipes
on thefamilyfudge.com, and without further ado let’s get started. First up I’m gonna be
making a beef stroganoff. So my recipe makes about
six to eight servings, so that’s enough to feed my
family and have some leftovers. In my slow cooker I’m going to add about two and a 1/2
pounds of beef stew meat. This is chuck meat and I love it ’cause
it’s already cut for me, and I can usually find this
meat at my grocery store for a really good price. To my meat I’m also gonna be
adding one chopped up onion. I’m using a purple onion because
that’s what I have on hand, but you really could use
any onion that you’ve got. Just gonna get all of those in there and try not to spill them. And now for the controversial mushrooms. I say that because I know
some people really like them and some people really don’t. So this part is totally up to you. You don’t have to put in the mushrooms if you don’t like them. Now personally I really like mushrooms, but I’m only gonna add
about 1/2 of this container ’cause that’s plenty. Next I’m going to be adding
this cream of chicken and mushroom soup. Now you can use any cream
of soup that you prefer or you could even make your own, but this dish is all
about being quick and easy to throw together, so I’m just
gonna use the canned stuff. Next I’m adding 1/4 cup
of a Worcester sauce, and finally some salt and pepper to taste. So that is everything that I need to put into
the crock-pot for now. Now I’m just gonna give it a big stir until it’s all combined. Cover it with the lid
and then cook it on high for five hours or until the
meat is nice and tender. (bell dinging) Okay, now this is looking
nice and creamy already, but I feel like if
you’re making stroganoff, there’s gotta be some sour
cream involved, right? I’m gonna go ahead and add eight ounces of sour cream directly into the crock-pot, but if you wanted to, you could definitely
swap out the sour cream and use Greek yogurt instead,
totally up to you on that. I’m gonna go ahead and stir that in, and at this point it’s
pretty much ready to go, but I’m gonna go ahead and keep it on warm while I prepare the egg noodles. Egg noodles are definitely my first choice to go along with this, but
you could also use rice, that would be excellent as well. Now I can go ahead and spoon
this over the egg noodles, and it is smelling so good you guys. Look at that creamy sauce. I’m gonna finish it off with a
sprinkling of chopped parsley and a little dollop of sour cream. (soothing acoustic music) Up next I’m going to be making some super creamy
slow cooker mac and cheese. This recipe is completely low maintenance. You don’t have to precook the noodles or make a white sauce. It’s simple but it’s delicious. Now for my mac and cheese, I like to start with one pound
of uncooked elbow noodles. And you guys, these are
the jumbo ridged noodles. I really prefer these when making mac and
cheese in the slow cooker, and that’s because they don’t tend to fall apart as quickly
as smaller noodles do, and that’s probably my number one tip when it comes to making mac
and cheese in the slow cooker. Now before I add anything to my crock-pot, I definitely want to spray
it with some nonstick spray. Of course you could also
use a slow cooker liner if you’d like. So now I’m gonna go ahead
and add this entire box of noodles directly to my crock-pot, and like I said these are uncooked. Next I’m gonna be adding four
tablespoons of salted butter followed by four ounces of cream cheese, and I went ahead and cut this into cubes. Next comes the salt and pepper. Now I’m gonna take it easy
on the salt at this point, I’m just gonna be adding one teaspoon. I can always add more later if it needs it but I don’t wanna go overboard, and then I’m also adding 1/4
teaspoon of black pepper. Next I’m adding three cups of 2% milk, and then I’m adding 1/2 a cup of cream. Now you could go ahead and substitute this for half-and-half, but it won’t be quite as
creamy if you do that. Very last thing I’m going to be adding in at this point is some ground
mustard or powdered mustard. This is totally optional,
you don’t have to have this, but I think that the
mustard powder in there actually makes the cheese taste cheesier, so I always add about one teaspoon. Right now I’m just going
to mix it all together and then pop on the lid. I’m gonna cook this on
low for about two hours or until the pasta is tender,
and I am gonna make sure to stir it halfway
through that cooking time. So now that the two hours are up, I’m gonna go ahead and remove
that lid and give it a stir. And this is looking really good already. The noodles are nice and
soft but they’re not mushy. They’re not quite done cooking yet, and that’s because I still have
to add in all of the cheese. Now I will recommend using at least three cups of cheese for this, you definitely could
use more if you’d like, and what kind of cheese
is totally up to you. I’m just using three cups
of sharp cheddar cheese. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and mix this all together. I’m just using a little bit
of this cheese for topping it. Now I’m gonna pop my lid back on and cook it for about 10 more minutes or until the cheese is completely melted. (bell dinging) This looks so good you guys, and you can see there’s
even some little brown bits along the side. Those are my favorite. I love the little burnt bits. Now like I said, this mac and cheese is
definitely a crowd pleaser. It actually reminds me a lot
of the new mac and cheese they’re selling at Chick-fil-A. It tastes very similar to that. But again you guys, make sure to check those
noodles as you’re cooking this. You do not wanna overcook them. And now I’m moving on to some
delicious cranberry meatballs. These meatballs are seriously good. Even my pickiest eater
asks for seconds of these, and that is saying something. And don’t worry you guys, if you’re not a cranberry
fan you’ll still love these. They’re a lot like a
sweet and sour meatball. I think these are perfect
for an easy dinner or to take to a fall get-together. For this recipe I’m gonna start by making the delicious sauce, and for this I’m going
to need a separate bowl. To this bowl, I’m going to add an entire
can of cranberry sauce, and I really prefer the whole
berry cranberry sauce here, but you could also use
jellied cranberry sauce if that’s what you have. I’m gonna break that up just a bit, and then next comes the chili sauce, and I’m gonna be pouring
in this entire bottle. Now I know that might
sound a little crazy, but I’m gonna be making
a lot of meatballs, and even though this does say chili sauce, it’s really not spicy at all. Like I said, even my pickiest
eater loves these meatballs. She would not eat them
if they were too spicy. I’m gonna be adding one
tablespoon of brown sugar, and then lastly I’m also adding two tablespoons
of orange juice followed by two tablespoons of cornstarch. I am gonna be working with
frozen meatballs for this dish, and I don’t want them to
make my sauce really runny, so this cornstarch will definitely
help thicken it up a bit. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and wisp this all together and then set it to the side. Now before I add anything
to my slow cooker, I definitely want to use
some nonstick spray here. Sometimes that sauce can
get a little bit sticky. Then, to my slow cooker,
I’m gonna go ahead and dump in my entire
bag of frozen meatballs. This is three pounds of meat balls, so like I said, this will feed
a crowd, perfect for parties. You could even turn
this into freezer meals, and you can really use any
meatball that you like. My first choice would be turkey meatballs because they go really
well with cranberry sauce. Next I’m gonna pour all of this sauce directly onto the meatballs, then pop on the lid and
cook on low for three hours. (bell dinging) And check these out you guys, that cornstarch in there really helped to thicken up the sauce. Now you definitely could
serve these just as is if you’re having a party,
maybe put out some toothpicks, but if I’m serving these for dinner I really like to spoon
them over some rice. That way the rice can absorb
some of that yummy sauce. It is such a good combination. And then, even though my
kids aren’t always huge fans, I also like to serve this with
a side of steamed broccoli. These are so good and so easy. Definitely give these ones a try. (upbeat music) (air whooshing) Okay guys, now I think I
might’ve saved the best for last. This tortellini soup is
definitely a favorite of mine, and it really reminds me of a soup that you might find at the Olive Garden. The broth is nice and
creamy, but it’s still light, it’s not all thick and gloppy. This only takes about five
minutes to throw together, so it’s perfect if you’re short on time. Now this recipe is a true Dump and Go. You don’t have to chop anything, you just throw it into the slow cooker and you’re good to go. The first thing I’m going to do is add about 1/2 of this bag
of cheese tortellini. That’s about one pound. Cheese tortellini is
definitely my favorite, but you could also use spinach or chicken or whatever you prefer. I’m just gonna dump
those right into there, and I’m just eyeballing it really. This is gonna be enough
to feed all of my kids, and there might be some leftovers, we’ll have to see about that. Next I’m gonna be adding several
handfuls of fresh spinach. Now, it might look like I’m
adding a lot of spinach, but it’s really gonna cook down. My kids are totally fine
with it so it’s cool. Next I’m going to be
adding a large 28 ounce can of diced tomatoes, and
these ones have basil and garlic and oregano in them, so they’re gonna add a
lot of flavor to our soup, and I’m gonna pour in this
entire can, juice and all. Up next, it’s time to add some broth. Now, normally I would use
chicken broth for this, but since I already have this beef broth, I’m gonna go ahead and use that. Either one’s gonna work just fine, and if you wanted to you
could even use a veggie broth. I’m gonna add in this entire
carton which is four cups. Now since this is a soup, I’m gonna need a little bit
more liquid than just the broth, so I’m also gonna be adding
two cups of water in here. If you wanted your soup
to be on the thicker side, you could probably just leave that out. Now, did I mention that this soup is going
to be extra creamy? Well, it gets its creaminess
from the cream cheese. I’m adding an entire block
of cream cheese into here, and I do wanna go ahead and
chop it into cubes just so that it will melt a lot easier
and faster in the soup. Now because I want the soup
to have lots of flavor, I’m also gonna be adding in two teaspoons of Italian seasoning and one teaspoon of garlic powder. Now I’m gonna go ahead and stir
this all up, add my lid on, then I’m gonna cook this on high for about three to four hours, and that really just depends on what kind of tortellini
you end up using, but basically when the tortellini is done, your soup is done. Now before I serve this, I do
like to stir it up quite a bit just to make sure there aren’t any lumps of cream cheese left in there, then I just add a couple
of ladles to my bowl, and then right before I serve it I like to sprinkle a little bit of Parmesan cheese right on the top. (upbeat music) Now, if you’d like even
more awesome recipes you can click on the video right here, and if you’d like to check
out my fall home tour you can click on the link right there. Thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you in tomorrow’s video.

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